Review of LifeCell International

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By Jaishri

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Stem cell preservation was discussed during my antenatal class conducted by Cloudnine hospital.

You can see their website here.

After their presentation and a little research we decided to bank our baby’s stem cell. They have different schemes where they bank the cord blood cell, cord blood tissues, or both please read for more details.

I thought it is a good way to secure out baby’s future. It’s just like you deposit money in the bank for a rainy day.
It costed us around 75000 for 20 years of banking both cell and tissue. They have different options and different payment methods.

We were impressed with their efficient services and well read Marketing Reps. Thanks Pratheek for answering all our questions so patiently. I was very happy. They keep calling us to confirm our details and even after the banking is done we got all the paperwork on time.

You need to bank the stem cells only for one baby the siblings can use the same.

The representatives are very prompt and just in case you want to keep the kit with you they help you with that. Also, they gave me a nice gift hamper from Kaya and a mothers beauty kit from Forest Essentials.

I would say that this is important, we can’t hunt for matching stem cells in a public bank when there is a necessity. They store the cells in two locations in case of natural calamities.
Overall a good experience with lifecell.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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56 Responses to Review of LifeCell International

  1. S Kumar says:

    Well…!! Being a Biotech background and in same industry I’ve thorough knowledge on stem cells. Coming to LifeCell internationals are the fraudest company among all cord blood preservation companies. Their agreement and commitments are open lies just we need to see what actually written in it. Their 2017concept which says community banking of cord blood only solution and 2.5 lacs parents not samples first thing to remember and second thing 50 transplant they claiming but have data of only 1 video which was done in 2009 when they have tie up with life force a US cord blood bank is an another drama. Even they don’t have any approved tissue bank in India or else where giving false commitment to client they can provide guaranteed (no of live cells) cells with in 7 working day what if not they not mentioned in agreement. Guaranteed cell where they get they don’t even have any idea as it is not approved therapies with tissue cell. Insurance policies again big game just like an insurance companies. Still they are still doing private banking that make no sense.

  2. Vpin Vijayan says:

    I am planning to got for stem cell preservation as my wife is due for delivery in 2 months. :)
    One of my colleagues suggested me Life Cell. But after reading the comments here i am literally scared to move forward with Life Cell. :roll:
    Moreover as Mr Sudip Barman has asked some very important questions here. I would as k the same

    1. Is it really possible about mixture of blood group & what is about A+ / B+ ?
    2. What is the time limit to send the kit to desire address. If not reached within that time what is the action?
    3. After successful collection of stem cell. what are the updates we will get (by sms/mail/call) and which interval. ?
    4. What are the steps or action have to take as an end user except calling paramedic (prior to delivery) that we have to take. Please provide the steps if any.
    5. After 21 years if I need to continue preserving the stem cell then what is the procedure and approx charges (know cost can vary just for an idea) ?

    This are the question I can ask by call also. I ask in this forum as lots of other people will get benefited and come out from confusion like me.

    Please answer here only.

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  4. manoj says:

    would you please share the statistics ? how many clients use the stem cells and to cure which diseases. Are those successful ?

  5. Surya says:

    Following link talks about LifeCell company ethics:

    Hope Admin allow publishing message in forum without filters? Writing because my last message is not yet published.


    • Parent says:

      To all,
      Would like to make aware of new born parents to avoid enrolling with lifecell. Facing huge setback and frustated with their setvice. In short, they just made my sample degraded during transportation. Took 7 days to reach lab instead of max 3 days. No customer service, no ethics after enrollment.
      My CRM no with lifecell is 180002800155.

  6. Surya says:

    Dear Admin,

    Do not understand your views – its contradicting. At once, you have mentioned having good experience with lifecell and on the other mentioning – you have no idea about their customer care. What experience are you talking about?
    The discussion is about a tissue/blood preservation and not a holiday experience – lol!!
    And finally, are you marketing for lifecell / cloudnine?


    • admin says:

      Hello Sir, its very easy to come on social media and throw allegations. We do paid posts but I can ensure you that I dont support Lifecell or cloudnine nor have they paid me anything, its my experience as a mother which I have penned here, which can help someone and maynot help someone else. And we are bloggers all mothers and we write from the heart, I totally condemn the way you have spoken about a holiday and stuff, sir this shows how much you a women’s emotions (going through all the trauma these small things made a difference to me). rest here are all comments some positive and some negative, I have retained both for my viewers to benefit.

  7. I have opted Lifecell in the year of 2015. First They informed me the initial amount is Rs. 11,999 for dual storage. Later at time of enrollment, They again changed the amount to pay some extra like Rs 3000 for hospital and Rs 3000 for Doctor. So I have end up paying Rs. 17999/- and their executive committed me that I have all right choose the plan like 1 year/ 21 year / Lifetime storage plan with 1 year of baby.

    Even after paid Rs. 6000 for Hospital and Doctor, Lifecell have not done any kind of prior arrangement for sample collection. I have faced a lot issues to collect sample from hospital.

    After 1 year, I have opted for Lifetime storage, Now according to their website, It is only 44,000 But as I am exiting customer They are charging me Rs. 58000. When I discussed with customer care They are just Saying one thing “I have to pay Rs. 40,000 “. When I ask for Escalation Email / Phone no. They are telling There is no Escalation Team and No Grievance Cell in Lifecell.

    Now I am really worried for future support and trapped with them.

    Final verdict: Don’t go with Lifecell Brand value and Movie star Endorsement as That is only to attract and trap the customer for sales.

    • Parent says:

      Hi Santosh,
      Agree with you. I faced even worst services from them. There is no customer service. I suggest parents to avoid subscribing with lifecell. I am ready to share the proof of their recently heightened services, if any one needed. I bet you guys will not think of them ever.
      180002800155 Is my CRM with lifecell.

  8. Sandheep says:

    CRM NO : 150000500076
    My issue with LIFECELL was that after enrolling with them I had paid them for a lifetime scheme, but they failed to credit the money into their system. Inspite of repeated reminders they did not issue me a receipt for the same. On the day they collected the money they had told me that updation of computers were going on, and that I will get a electronically generated receipt soon….. Which I did not receive. They initiated the sample collection after my baby was born. Now they tell me that there is no proof that I had paid the money and that I have to repay the same amount or else the contract is deemed invalid. I feel cheated and helpless.

    Please read through several other reviews about the company in the consumer forum blog.

    There is no proper monitoring system over these people and the state level teams are completely inefficient.
    One of the state heads told me to settle the issue with the representative who had come to my house ( who is apparently an ex employee to the company now )…. I told him my contract is with your COMPANY, not with any INDIVIDUAL. ( see with what audacity he is trying to push off the blame ).

    These people come to our homes with so many promises during the plush period of pre-delivery; when we all are prone to do anything to secure our child’s life. Later when the smoke settles we realise we made bad decisions in happy hours.

    I feel this money driven industry is not to serve but only to extract.

    I am not a person who likes to tarnish other people’s reputations but this is SAD…. insanely SAD.

    • Vpin Vijayan says:

      Thanks a lot for you review Sandeep. I myself an planning enroll with Life Cell. But now i am on a step back and rethinking my decision. We all care for our new born and rightly said, would do anything to protect them. But its our hard earned money which is misused by these companies.

    • subhrajyoti seal says:

      Pls go the court consumer….have u paid it via cheque or card or cash?

  9. Alpa says:

    Hi. Had registered for my kids cordblood storge with Lifecell in Dec 2010. This year in May they contacted me with a missed payment issue of July 2011. I had done an EMI payment option on credit card. They have send me two different statements showing different dates & payments. Can anyone help me on this issue? Has anyone faced a similar issue?

  10. Aravind Babu says:

    Hi, My CRM number is 16000200928. I had opted for Lifecell to preserve the umblical cord for my baby. I am very dissappointed with the services of lifecell as i experienced false promises and poor service.

    First of all, i was promised some gifts (maternity gown and feeding pillow) by the representative, but after the payment is made, got to know that they would send me the coupons and not the product itself. Further, the coupons they sent me was for just INR500 of Mom ‘n’ me where the minimum price on their website is over 1000. When i called reprentative, he said he would send me revised coupon worth INR2000/- but have not recived it yet (after 1 month).

    The paramedical staff collected the sample after 6 to 7 hours after repeated followups. Though i recieved an email confirming the reciept of sample, no update from there on (no certificate etc recieved..)

    Post delivery and sample collected, representative has stopped answering my calls.
    I feel that, If the company cannot keep up its promise in delivering such a small etiquittes such as delivering goodies as promised, i am scared how will it keep up its committment to preserve the cord sample for 21 years.

    I think i made a mistake by chosing Lifecell and would definitely restrain my friends to subscribe to Lifecell.

    Very disspointed with their service.

    • Sujna says:

      Dear Aravind,
      Request you to share the correct CRM no./contact details so that we can resolve your query at the earliest.

      With Regards,
      Sujna S
      Life Cell International

  11. Kavitha says:

    Pls don’t belive life cell I lost my money.. aware guys..

    • Milan Das says:

      Hi Kavita,

      Can you please let me know the incident happened with you? I am planning to go with life cell, but reading the reviews – my gut feeling is stopping me to go with life cell.

      Best Regards,

  12. Kavitha says:

    A cheating company life cell the money I paid to life cell is waste….

  13. Premang Bhuta says:

    Below are emails sent to LifeCell International with no response received from them

    My Email dated 15-06-2016


    My CRM nos is 150006900330.

    With regards to LIFECELL BABY SHIELD, Its been two months even after making payment & the urine sample collected (about 1 month ago) you have not submitted any urine reports for my child, now I I don’t require any reports request you please give me my funds back.

    This is really irresponsible service you guys give us & to provide a simple urine reports you take 1 month even a local Diagnostic centre takes max 1 day to provide reports.

    @Shirley – since you are my Account manager I need to know how could get my money back, I have referred many of the couples about the LifeCell but will now have to say never to go for your service. Let me know what should I do now ?

    I was told by your customer executive named Priya that urine & blood sample both would be collected on the cost of Rs 3490, but the para medical person never came up to my place to collect the blood sample of my child.

    Hence after experiencing your negligent services I don’t want any reports, just need by funds back of Rs 3490/-, if this issue isn’t resolved in this week, will have no option to go to consumer court.

    Hope for your favorable reply.


    My Email dated 24-05-2016
    to enrollments, periyasamy.s, care, lims, Shirley

    I had sent u a mail last week abt the Lifecell baby shield reports not yet received even after 2 months what kind of pity and irresponsible services you guys have provided…will wait fr this week fr ur reply, after no reply will have drag the Lifecell to Court.

    to Lifecell, enrollments, periyasamy.s, care, lims

    My CRM nos is 150006900330.

    You guys are taking making & not delivering any reports, your employees Ameya Digaskar & Ashwini who works at Liefecell Center in Vasai are very irresponsible persons who have taken my baby’s urine samples two weeks but are not ready to deliver any reports to me.


  14. Ankit says:

    Can’t trust lifecell at all.My wife delivery is in July.Today I received email and SMS from lifecell stating sample has been collected. I called them to inquire on the same; they told me delivery was done on May 29th. Wow; they assigned someone else sample against our records. How will they manage the sample for 21yrs or lifetime; when they can not even assign right sample against right contact. I can’t trust them for anything now.pathetic.

  15. Roshan Z says:

    Dear all,

    From the posts above it has got a negative impact of feelings for me about lifecell.
    my wife is going to deliver next week so I am really worried about my decision to go for lifecell.

    I saw many replies from lifecell also, but nearlly all of them are about the apologies.
    That means custmoers are really facing problems with lifecell.

    All I want is a guaranteed thing for stemcell preservation.

    can someone suggest me any good options.
    waiting for response ….

  16. Hello people,
    I did some research on lifeCell and here is my opinion:
    1) First of all, what i find as the silliest thing they have done is in choosing Chennai and Gurgaon as storage sites , both the cities touch a good 40 deg. cel. in summers . And provided that the samples have to be kept under sub -60 deg. cel. , the maintenance costs involved in sustaining good quality samples ought to be really very high. Now, how do they provide us the service for a small sum of 50-60K rupees(storage cost for a life time in two sites) , is something to be thought about very seriously, yes very seriously , because only a very small percentage of people are going to face the heat ( god forbid, how many among us are going to need it ? ) .

    2) The terms and conditions : the agreement that the company makes with you is positively inclined towards them. Here is the essence of it : if the sample is found to be useless while you avail them , the company takes all efforts to find a replacement unit from india or abroad within 14 days, failing to get which, it will provide you with a sum of 20L (again, within 14 days) .

    Now people, that is a very dangerous clause – because what you want is the stem cells and not the insurance amount , how on earth do you think can somebody find a donor within 14 days ? If it was that easy, why would we ever store the stem cells ?

    Considering that the business (yes, it is a business too, not just a service after all ) which gets little support from the government , is still in its nascent stage , there are not enough laws to protect the consumer interests yet.

    3) Now the biggest losers are going to be the ones who opt for life time storage. Because , it is the same clause that is applicable for 21 years, that is applicable for life time storage as well ( according to the terms and conditions as of 01-March-2016 ). The same 20L of consolatory compensation applies there as well . But after 21 years, what is the value of 20L going to be ? ( considering the inflation at even 6-7% year on year ). Now after 21 years, if the sample is found to be unusable, what will i do with 20L ( i cant leave it all to fate !), and as per the contract that you sign with the company, you are not entitled to a good usable sample of cord blood which you have paid for . The entire legal conditions favours LifeCell . Now here is the worst possible situation : after 40 years, god forbid, you need to use the sample, but find that it is foul, the company cant find a donor for you within 14 days, and you get 20L ,which is equivalent to say, a few lacs then which does not add much to the medical costs associated.

    I talked to LifeCell’s executive regarding this ,and as per the information that i received , the insurance expires in 21 years, and after that you can renew it . This is additional to the cost you spend initially for life time storage. I am not saying that the cost of taking the right kind of insurance is going to be a big amount , but what struck me was that there was no mention of it in the agreement .

    To put it plainly, the company says that it will try its best to protect your sample, but if it does not, you cant move a tiny finger against it to protect your rights as a user. The company washes its hands off in 14 days (where they try to provide you with a donor, which is an impossible scenario) and you have to accept the money of 20L and sever ties with them , and no consumer court can help you there. ( not to forget the mental state you would be in if you happen to be a prospective user. )

    Now, every business needs to have terms and conditions and them writing it in a way to safeguard themselves is no crime, but we should take an informed decision while going for it, better to be safe than sorry.

    Moreover, instead of following the herd , if only the really needy people store the stem cells( like those who are genetically predisposed to get a critical illness ), we can save this from being another multi-million scam run only for money.

    4) And, I presume that, what some parents said about getting a poor response from the LifeCell team is partially true too , after I posed the question of ‘no-mention-of-insurance-renewal-after-21 years’ clause in the agreement, the person never called back ( He gave me the most popular alibi of ‘having-food-now-shall-call-back-soon’, and it has been a week since then ) . But i have picked up the hint : ‘some-questions-are-better-left-unanswered”

    5)Storing stem cells is indeed a godsend in case your offspring ever meets with a need to redeem it, but how effectively are these stem cell banks doing it : that is the million dollar question

    I am going to deliver in another few weeks and is also in a dilemma whether to go for it or not . What made me put this hour long lecture into words is the dearth of quality reviews or research on the matter . And , one final word would be that, LifeCell is the only one that i have done some research on , the rest of them i already screened out after reading about the experience of some parents. But it is less likely that i would store my stem cells with them, if at all i do , i will opt for 21 years and then renew it again .

    • Hi Sreerekha,

      Greetings from LifeCell!

      Kindly find the answer to your queries.

      1) Choosing Chennai and Gurgaon – The samples are preserved in our laboratories in a nitrogen container under -198 C. Environment surrounding the actual storage place are well air conditioned and the room temperature at any point of time will not be more than 28 C. The storage terms and the cost that we incur for the continued storage are well within the price at which the service is offered to our client.

      2) Agreement terms: Our client agreement is mutually acceptable to the company and its clients. As per clause 9.4 if a sample (cord blood or cord tissue) is found to be unfit for preservation, LifeCell inform the client about the status at the earliest. The point that you have mentioned is pertaining to our quality guarantee. We bring to your kind information that, no sample retrieved from LifeCell till date was found to be unfit during transplantation and the company has not received any issue so far in this regard.

      If any of our client requires an additional unit, then LifeCell will honor the agreement clause within the time limit mentioned there. In India, there are many other stem cell banks where we can search for a suitable unit and therefore we deny your statement that a donor cannot be found within 14 days from the date of request.

      We also deny your statement “there are not enough laws to protect the consumer interests yet”. Even consumer courts can be approached by an aggrieved client for resolving the issue that he/she has with LifeCell or its services.

      3) At the outset, we would like to inform you that, LifeCell does not provide any insurance services. We are offering our client benefit programs and that in no way refers to an insurance cover. The medical benefit program is applicable for first twenty one years from the date of birth of child if the client chooses lifetime plan too. However, disaster relief and quality guarantee programs are applicable for the entire agreement term. The company is committing a sum that it can offer as on date as people choose their own insurance packages (here the insurance example is used for better understanding purpose only). Please refer to our above reply on the point for providing with a suitable stem cell unit from other service providers. LifeCell in its normal course of business is already providing additional units based on our client’s written request during transplantations. The medical assistance program (which you have mentioned as insurance cover) may or may not be renewable after 21 years of continued storage.

      Our clients can approach the Court of law for claiming compensation if there is an unresolved dispute with LifeCell regarding its services and the Courts has power to entertain such claims. As per our prevailing agreement term, the medical assistance program is limited to first 21 years of our service to our clients and this option for child’s lifetime may be provided to our clients over a period.

      At LifeCell, we consider our clients queries seriously and work for providing the best in class service to our clients.

      Please let us know about your further queries by reaching us on toll free number 1800-419-5555 or by writing to us at

  17. shruthi says:

    having a wrost experience with lifecell people… as my delivery date is near.none is responding to my problem and the representative provided to me is still not come with kit..

    • Dear Shruthi,
      We came across your comment and deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will see to it that the issue gets resolved and your queries are properly addressed. Kindly provide your CRM number or contact number to track the issue as soon as possible and solve it on time.
      If you need any further assistance, you can also reach us at / Toll Free No:1800 419 5555
      Thanks for your patience.

      LifeCell Customer Service Team.

  18. to guide u says:

    This article is to guide you
    Follow these Steps 1.Understand 2.Think 3. Enroll

    a. Why it is most trusted brand -Trusted by over 1.5 lakh’s of people almost 4times greater than any other Stemcell bank in India.
    b. Technology -Worlds first private umbilical cord stem cell bank and more than 60 to 70% stem cell banks use the same technology for processing and preserving Stem cell and Tissues
    c. Service – Call and confirm.
    d. Trained – Well Trained Staff members and Paramedic Support.
    e. Future Data – Provides you with unique USERNAME and PASSWORD to keep your data safe and to update your contact details.

    2. THINK
    a. PROFESSIONAL – LifeCell Executive will never use bad word, target or Talk about any other stem cell bank.
    b. HOW IT WORKS – Enrollment – Collection – Transportation – Testing and Processing – Preservation.
    c. License and Accreditation -Most accreditation, Registrations and Certification.
    d. Leader – 2 Plants, 200 Centers all over India, tie up with 5000 Hospitals and more than 10000 gynecologist.
    e. Agreement – You must go through it before enrollment to understand the everything about the company and to get clear with each and every norms mentioned.

    3. Enroll
    After confirming everything then only be a part of LifeCell Family

    People who have provided negative reviews please provide your CRM No and NAME then write reviews about the company

    I am requesting you to all people, Reviews are useful to guide next generation and people to make aware about this concept but we have seen that some competitors misguiding people by providing fake information about LifeCell.
    so, Only believe in those reviews where CRM NO and NAME is Provided.

  19. Sandesh b says:

    Negative review people giving on lifecell, i would like to tell them, if you are custmer of lifecell please provide your CRM no and name then write the queries or problem.then only customer will understand this is actually real customer else you are fake person from competitors

    • Bhavani Sankar Raju says:

      I have taken dual storage life time policy 3 months back but now I got an email stating that stem cells are not grown we will refund the money(10% of the paid amount). I have felt unsafe during the collection time only. The one who came for collecting the sample is not experienced and not even professional. And now they were ready to store blood which is collected during pregnancy but not the cord. This is cheating. Isn’t it Sandeep. Call me @ 9959659424 I will let you know my CRM number. Cryo viva guys already told me the same that you illiterate Lifecell people don’t have APAC technology through which stem cells growing chances are very less. Do one thing Sandeep get out of that A** h*** company

  20. hirachand khade says:

    Hie guys
    As a genetic engineering student I wanna to tell all the parents please dont belive on ppt
    You have great master like google, belive on technology, I thing the sepax technology for blood stem cell extraction, and explant technology better yeild for msc cells, cryobanks using these both technology for stem cells…
    Finally technology is must important…..

  21. smita says:

    I hade my baby’s cord blood preserved on 18th april 2015 and received my preservation certificate recently. To my utter amazmemt i saw that their certificate had mentioned cord blood group as B +. And as per my hospital report my baby’s blood group is A+. i got a call from their chennai ofc and they told me its mixture of blood group thats why there is a mismatch. How lame. i wanted to know what mixture, whose mixture To wich she was unable to answer and assured a call back.

    I am still waiting for their call.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your inputs Smita, im sure it will help a lot of parents decide on Lifecell. This is utter carelessness.

    • Yashoodha Rajkumar says:

      Never imagined this would happen from Lifecell :-? . I am Yashoodha Rajkumar, a first time mother and we made the decision of choosing Life Cell for preserving our baby’s stem cell. In my case I am fully satisfied with the response and timely service of the Life Cell team during my delivery.
      My son was born on April 4th and it was an emergency c-section but the paramedic from Life Cell team was prompt for the collection. Due to emergency pain, my husband informed the team 1 hour before the surgery, however the team has arrived 30 minutes ahead of the surgery. We had some problem in trying to reach the paramedic but they made it and our baby’s stem cells were collected with utmost care. He also provided all the required details to our family members after the collection on how to proceed forward for any queries. However, we are waiting for the baby’s certificate at the earliest from the Life Cell Company. I sincerely Hope all details are filled correctly!

      I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Rajshekar and Mr. Harish for their regular follow-ups before the delivery. I am really happy with the service that I have received.

    • Hi Smita,
      We came across your comment and deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will see to it that the issue gets resolved and your queries are properly addressed. Kindly provide your CRM number or contact number to track the issue as soon as possible and solve it on time.
      If you need any further assistance, you can also reach us at / Toll Free No:1800 419 5555
      Thanks for your patience.

      LifeCell Customer Service Team.

      • Ameya says:

        At least read the comment before saying sorry and apologizing for the inconvenience. She is appreciating the service and complimenting your services. Are you so used to saying sorry?

    • shital says:

      hi smita
      i m thiniking to do life cell preservation for my baby.
      still confusing for what to do.

      what was life cell reply about mixture of blood group & what is about A+ / B+.

      • Dear Shital,

        Please pass on your contact details and we will give you a call to discuss about lifecell and stemcell banking in detail. Also, please visit for any other information

        LifeCell Customer Service Team.

        • Sudip Barman says:

          Hello Shital,

          I know LifeCell is the best now in India. I am doing some research on Google after seeing lots comments most of them are create obstacle towards the decision.

          Can you please answer the following
          1. Is it really possible about mixture of blood group & what is about A+ / B+ ?
          2. What is the time limit to send the kit to desire address. If not reached within that time what is the action?
          3. After successful collection of stem cell. what are the updates we will get (by sms/mail/call) and which interval. ?
          4. What are the steps or action have to take as an end user except calling paramedic (prior to delivery) that we have to take. Please provide the steps if any.
          5. After 21 years if I need to continue preserving the stem cell then what is the procedure and approx charges (know cost can vary just for an idea) ?

          This are the question I can ask by call also. I ask in this forum as lots of other people will get benefited and come out from confusion like me.

          Please answer here only.

          Sudip Barman

  22. vedantjh says:

    I went with lifecell since its well marketed an. But do Not Trust this company anymore. They marketed the benefits well. But when it came to deliver on the promise, there is no answer. Its been 15 days since my son was born and I have received no update on whether the sample was received at their facility.

    What I have been hearing is that they are having some technical difficulty and someone will contact me in 2 days time. Its been going on for over 7 days. Whenever you call them their systems are always down.

    If they cannot resolve or workaround a “technical” issue, how do I even trust them with my son’s stemcell? He does not get a second chance.

  23. Arun Kumar says:

    Hi Friends I am Arun Kumar from Bhubaneswar,I would like to say you onething Lifecell and cryobank International both of them are good organisation and many of the people are spreading rumors on both organisations so please never listen anybody its your babies life and not others so please think positive and be wise upon your decisions.
    Arun Kumar :lol:

  24. Saurabh says:

    This is Saurabh. I came to know about life cell through a hard copy advertisement. As it is very emerging technology I went to their site and messaged. I received a call in next 15 min. Then one of their representative arranged a telephonic presentation for the next day.

    I have spoken to them today (31/10/2014) and it is true that they are not consistent with pricing.
    They have told me that today and tomorrow are last day of Diwali offer and we will take 55k (life time charges to preserve)+8k (sample collection charges) later price can be different. Then I asked if there is an offer it should be displayed on your web site but she was not able to answer. It is really funny is it a Diwali sale on flipkart or what even flipkart display it on their web site. At one point I felt whether she was trying to sale some m-way product or what!!!!!!!!!!

    Moreover I am not at all convince with the way they are going to collect the sample. After reading all the above reviews I feel I will not be going with life cell. I believe the way technology is getting advanced there will be other alternatives available in future.

  25. Trushar Panchal says:

    I am planing to buy a stem cell banking service from market and as per my review and search I found two banks (i) Lifecell International (ii) cryobank International. However, i have website who present the feedback for lifecell (, also the person who present the Lifecell they gave me brochure of the product and services information but the article which they want to present it is so similar as cryobank was shown me on presentation date with proof.
    Not able to take decision about which one is true and which is fake.. ?????

    • admin says:

      Hi Trushar, really I have no idea about cryobank. I had a good experience with lifecell but many people have different opinions. Sorry wont be able to help.

  26. Anshita says:

    I have read a number of reviews on lifecell and each one of them is too far from positive except this one. I wonder how the experience can be so rosy for just one person, There are people for whom these guys dint even bother to collect the baby’s cord blood at the hospital even after selling them the package and taking money from them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anshita, Im a little shocked when you say that Im the only person in the whole of India who has positive reviews on Lifecell. A friend of mine from Chennai suggested them and also it was a tie up with my hospital. Both of us had a decent experience. We also got a certificate from them on time and a call to ensure that we have collected it. Another person called telling us that the sample has reached. I have no tie up with them nor is this post sponsored. I have just published my experience. Most patients at cloudnine Bangalore have done banking with them. Now that you have raised this, Im going to call them once and ensure its all fine. Anyways I just wanted to ensure everyone banks their kids stem cells, if not lifecell any other better provider. Do share with us names of better companies than lifecell, I will be happy to let me viewers know. Thanks……………..Jaishri

  27. Mukul Thakur says:

    This must be a paid review as I have been trying to get one query answered for lat 10 days invcluindg 3 calls and two e mails. All I get to hear is that the relevant departmen will be asked to reply !! Very poor service …….. if not a big scam !!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mukul how I wish this was a paid article :) I have no idea about their customer care and Im glad you brought this up. We contacted the representatives at Cloud Nine hospital Bangalore and they were quiet prompt. I will look for his number I have it somewhere and mail you if that helps. …….Jaishri

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