Review of Johnson’s Baby Cologne-Summer Swing

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By Megha
summer swing

Hello gorgeous ladies. Today I would like to admit one thing; I am huge huge fan of baby products and till date I use Johnson baby soap J  though I know it is very childish and my mother keeps on saying what will happen to this girl, who does at the age of 23 applies a baby soap. And recently while exploring these favorite products of mine, I discovered a new cologne with the brand name of Johnson’s.

I was so excited to buy it, that I couldn’t even complete my shopping list and got it billed quickly. In my neighborhood I have a cute little baby who had access to all such baby products and he smelled awesome whenever his mother use to bring him home. I use to actually envy his fragrance. ;) So I added up to his list of colognes, one more from the Johnson’s family. I gifted him this bottle of cologne

Coming to the product here are few details:

This baby cologne when applied on to the skin gives a mild cooling effect in addition to the fragrance. It is a clear liquid and can be applied with ease by pouring a little amount in the hands.

Packaging: it comes in cute light green coloured transparent plastic bottle in which the cologne can be seen.

cologne 1

Quantity: 125ml

Price: 120 INR

Ingredients: alcohol, denat, water and fragrance.

My take on the product:

Perfumes and fragrances are the inevitable part of our daily routine. You have always loved using them in either form of perfume to deodorants to colognes. Now most of them come with a pump in the bottle, this product came only with the small opening in the cap of the bottle. It can be applied in the right amount by taking the required amount and rubbing it off.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne Summer Swing is almost a body splash. It is very light and fresh smelling, sort of citrusy with very faint floral. For anyone who loves the smell like summer fresh and grassy fields-like, this is wonderful for your baby. it gives your baby that great, cooling, after-bath feeling. It’s not powdery at all. Jut clean, fresh and playful scent that is non-greasy and fast drying.

Another thing I would like to mention is that, it also moisturizes the skin to some extent too. It makes it soft and subtle. Moreover it not an assault to your nose since its fragrance is very calm and I personally prefer applying it just before I leave from my place. All in all it can be used for babies to give them a refreshing smell.

cologne 2

cologne 3


• Fragrance of course, it’s worth giving a try

• Handy bottle which can be carried very easily

• It can also be transferred into a spray bottle and can be used as per requirements

• Its costs is cheaper as compared to the other perfumes available which actually make a big hole in your pocket

Few disappointments:

Usually I hate writing this part for a product but I must admit the following faults seen which are

• Fragrance does not last longer than 2 hrs.

• No matter how many times you apply it to the baby skin, the moment you wash their hands, fragrance is gone.

• It is said alcohol based products are not good for babies, so this adds one more negative point to it.

Recommendation to friends who have babies:

Definitely I would recommend its use to my elders who have babies, even if they keep it on trial basis. I am sure they would not mind keeping it in their bags.

Buying again: yes I would surely buy it again as I am in love with its fragrance while equally accepting the fact that it does not stay longer.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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12 Responses to Review of Johnson’s Baby Cologne-Summer Swing

  1. Sanjana says:

    LOL.. the smell of the cologne last for 24 hrs.
    First of all, the way of you applying it is completely wrong. You are not supposed to apply on the skin. But supposed to apply it on the clothes. I used this and pigeon for my baby it lasts good. And ya you are not supposed to apply it on to the skin of babies.

  2. firdoas says:

    Hey…I jus wanna know it contains alcohol so I hope it dun harm baby’s skin in any manner. As elders babies also hv different type of skin types.

  3. purnima says:

    can you please let me know where you bought the cologne from in bangalore. I have been searching for the johnson baby colognes.

  4. reks says:

    Megha- Since u love baby products, i can very well imagine what will happen to all the gifts your baby will receive. ;)

    • Megha says:

      Thanks reks.. My mum dad also wonder about it.. Lols.. Your baby’s love for the fragrance shows that he would love to collect perfumes when hell grow up.. Kissi to baby.. :-*

  5. reks says:

    Hey Megha, since i just read this post, let me add that my son uses this cologne, just that its a blue bottle named Johnsons baby cologne- Heaven. Since he loves to imitate his dad, he uses this before stepping out just as his dad and feels he is a big boy now.
    All that I love about this is its fragrance and the look on my little one s face. :)

  6. Anjjali says:

    Meghu Jaishri is so right after reading ur this article i really wish to try this as perfume/deo whatever it works ;-)…will buy on sat and let u know how i find it :-)

    Meghu where r u located???

  7. Jaishri says:

    Nice article Meg.. I wont be surprised if I find people around using this as a deo after reading your article :) You love baby products??? So cute.. Im busy finishing up all the Johnsons products which I got as a gift.. How I wish you lived in Bangalore..

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