Review of Elcarim Drops

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By Jaishri

Elcarim drops

If you talk to anyone down south they would swear by some herbs which they burn and make a paste and later apply on baby’s tongue. It is done daily to improve digestions and prevent colic. My mother swears by it. But I was not ready to use these burnt herbs as I was not able to find a lot of details on the internet.

After a lot of arguing back and fourth we finally spoke to our doctor who luckily was a south Indian. He told me the benefits of these herbs and told me about drops that contains this composition.

He said that it is hygienically prepared and is very safe.

My take: my baby was already 3 months by the time I started these drops. She did not like the taste at all and started spitting. Though I found it helping a lot, I did not want to force her.

I think you should start off well in advance but always consult your pediatrician before you start off with this medicine.

Elcarim Drops
Each ml contains:
Total water soluble extracts derived from
 • Phyllanthus emblica 90 mg
 • Terminalia chebula 4 mg
 • Embelia ribes 8 mg
 • Zingiber officinale 4 mg
 • Acorus calamus 3 mg
 • Improves digestive function and thereby regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
 • Offers carminative action that provides relief from G.I. colic in infants and children
 • Enhances appetite and promotes weight gain in patients with non-specific anorexia
 • Prevents flatulence and colic disorders
 • As directed by the Physician




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9 Responses to Review of Elcarim Drops

  1. Poornima says:

    I used this medicine I got good result

  2. jothi says:

    Hi all moms , please advise . When it’s advisable to give elcarim drops – before or after food .

    • admin says:

      You can give it during evenings as they develop colic during that time. There is no limitations on when to give the drops.

  3. Ranganathan says:

    Thanks every one. Can anyone tell me if I can buy Elcarim in USA.i need it for my grand daughter.she has lot of digestion probs.In Chennai, we used to give my daughters & son . It is good for infants

  4. dr laxmi says:

    Ayurvedic medicines hav got wonderful effects love ayurveda go natural be healthy

  5. Sharda Jha says:

    My mother used this Elcarim for all of us and today I am using for my son from the day he was born. I can swear by this product it gives a very good immunity against indigestion, bloated stomach and promotes healthy weight gain. All I do is give my son a dose of 1 ml followed by a little warm water after every feed. I also keeps the baby free of constipation. It is one of the oldest syrup for babies.

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