Review of B4 Nappi nappy rash cream

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By Swathi



I know of many moms who do not use nappy rash creams or they use nappy rash creams only when the baby gets a rash.

But from the begining I have been very aware of the nappy rash issues and made up my mind to work towards protecting my baby from these horrible rashes.

I change diapers every 3 hours if its wet or no. And 2 times a day I apply a nappy rash cream to prevent the baby from developing a rash. A rash cream is a must even if your baby does not have a rash.

Diapers abosrb all the moisture in your baby’s skin so be sure to use a diaper rash cream. Though Himalaya diaper rash cream is very good for daily use, I found a nice nappy rash cream made by curatiohealthcare.

Im sure your surprised how people here are big fans of curatio products, because its so effective.

The B4 Nappi cream is a chalky thick cream which has to be applied before nappy changes. I use it twice mornings after bath and once in the evening after diaper change.

The cream sticks to the skin hence it does not wash off easily or even with wet wipes. So very little goes a long way.

I find this effective in protecting my baby, but I dont have experience if this cures rashes fast and effectively.

Update: Though this product was effective it tanned my babys nappy area, it darkens the skin.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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8 Responses to Review of B4 Nappi nappy rash cream

  1. Savita says:

    While i see this blog is inactive since a long time but I’ll comment anyway.. The cream is very effective to prevent rashes. It didn’t work out for me to cure rashes. N it made my baby’s bottom completely black.. It darkens the skin colour which is a drawback..

  2. kshipra jaiswal says:

    I completely swear by this product, and have tried many, but nothing like b4 nappy, prevents rash, n just in case you forget to apply n the baby gets a rash, this cream works wonders in a single application.

  3. Angooor says:

    You can also buy B4 Nappi Cream online at

  4. Jaishri says:

    Thanks for the info Kirthi, welcome to the blog.. Do we find Napigard cream anywhere?

  5. kirthi says:

    Hi swathi. I have used this cream on my baby before each n every diaper change. But my baby screamed like anything when I applied this cream on his rash. So I stopped using this one and started with napigard. It s cool on his bum. It cures rashes overnight. A single tube costs only 55 bucks. Economical and effective as well

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