Review of Biowhitening Freshly Extracted Oils

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By Varda Agrawal

2016-02-06 13.32.52

There is Impact of Ayurveda in each and every aspect of our life & wellbeing, be it Beauty regimen, medicinal therapy, health, Food, Baby Care or Postnatal Mother Care. We Indians somehow or other rely on natural therapy to each and everything possible. And as one of them, I try to find out the solution for everything in the most natural way, as much as possible.

When I conceived & motherhood knocked the doors of my life I was on cloud Nine, enjoying my Pregnancy & obviously pregnancy glow & things. Thereafter like other to be mommies, I started coming across the most common problems of pregnancy & motherhood. i.e. Hair loss, Fatigue, Uneven skin tone, stretch marks, dry skin. And the other question which was bugging me was what type of oil to use for my baby’s massage and things.

Being a Mother, I wanted something which was natural & pure, especially for my baby. But in today’s world, it is hard to find something 100% pure, free from adulterations, toxic chemicals & preservatives.

In my quest to for such a product, I came across Biowhitening Freshly Extracted Oils. And today am reviewing the same for you.


  • Fresh Oil is extracted through cold process Expellers on the same day when the order is received. Oil extracted is kept 1 day for the natural sediments to settle down and then packed in a clean glass bottle.
  • Oils are fresh, 100% Pure with 0% Adulteration, chemicals, solvents.
  • Product’s Maximum Shelf Life is 5-6 months before it starts getting Rancid.
  • These are Virgin Oils or Extra Virgin Oils
  • These products are of multiple uses as these can be used for adults as well as babies safely.


2016-02-06 13.33.15

Jojoba Oil is also known as Gold of Desert extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant, a woody shrub. It contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair: vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine etc. It is similar to sebum secreted by our skin. It serves many benefits in both adults & babies.

In adults it serves as Anti-inflammatory agent, Anti Fungal agent, Anti Wrinkle Agent, Moisturizer, Body Oil, scalp cleanser, and also prevents stretchmarks.

In babies it is used in treatment of cradle cap & diaper rash. It moisturizes & protects baby’s skin, giving calming & relaxing effect. It can be also used for soothing in case of sun burn.


2016-02-06 13.33.27

Almond oil is rich in Fatty acids, vitamin A, B and E, which repairs dry skin. It   doesn’t clog the pores of skin, hence acts as a moisturizer. Almond Oil is rich in Oleic acid & Linoleic acid which softens & nourishes the skin hence acts as Natural emollient. Ursolic acid & oleic acid decreases skin inflammation hence used in treatment of eczema & psoriasis. It gives longer, stronger, shinier hair.

In babies it helps in development of lush eye lashes. It is also used in the treatment of cradle cap in babies. It strengthens the muscles, improves blood circulation, bone development. It nourishes brain and nervous system.


2016-02-06 13.33.39

It is very common oil of regular use in many households for long, healthy, thick & shiny hair.

It contains lauric acid which acts an anti bacterial agent; hence it is also used in the treatment of cradle cap & baby acne. It has cooling effect so it is also used for soothing sun burn in babies. It decreases itchiness hence it is used in the treatment of chickenpox. It hardens baby’s soft fontanels bone area.

In pregnant women, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and itchiness caused during pregnancy.

My Personal Experience

I used these products for body and hair massage. (PS I also tried it on my stretch marks)

These oils proved to be a good choice. It gave strength to my body, reduced fatigue, soothed & relaxed me. My hair felt fuller and thicker with reduced dryness.

Also, I noticed a reduction in my stretch marks.

Being impressed by the effects of these products I started using it for my Kiddo, and I can say I am very satisfied with the results. In the cold environment, where I live, soft, supple, well nourished skin of my baby is the result of these products.

I also use these products for treating diaper rash, sun burn.

For my son, I used these oils separately, as well as in combination.

Physical Features

  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Thick Consistency & doesn’t look refined which proves its purity.
  • Light on Application
  • Little amount is sufficient
  • Packed in easy to use bottles with nozzle.


  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • For external use only
  • If using for the first time, do a patch test.

Why I Recommend These Products

These Unique, Freshly Extracted oils, having 100 % purity & 0% adulterations, chemicals, with so many benefits are must haves for all the ladies especially Moms, because when it comes to your baby, you want everything to be the best. And here it is… Products as Pure as Mother’s Love.

Where To Buy These Products

To get more information & for purchasing the product you can check out the link below :-


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