Review for Belly bandit, a must have in your postpartum list!

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By Neelam

Hello beautiful ladies, today am here to share my reviews for belly bandit, which I used extensively after I delivered my baby girl. Well, while I was pregnant I did tons of reasearch on getting back in shape after pregnancy, I stumbled across using belly belts that help in shrinking your tummy. Having said that, I ordered my Belly Bandit post pregnancy tummy wrap from, this was the original one in nude shade.

Now, this product absolutely helped me in bringing my stomach back to its normal size. I started using belly bandit after one week of my cesarean delivery and it wore till 2.5 months. Belly bandit also helps in maintaining a straight and upright posture while breast feeding and it is a good support for back as well; I never had any kind of back pain while I was using it. It is very necessary that belly bandit is worn as tight as possible; the more it’s fitted the smaller your tummy will get. I must admit here that first few days with belly bandit were not comfortable; as days passed I got into the habit of wearing it daily and trust me it will give you result worth waiting for.

Likewise, it is recommended to wear belly bandit as long as possible (I never used it during the night). While using it almost all day I never found any kind of allergy, irritation or any other issue on the skin. This is good for C-section deliveries as well; however, before using belly bandit it is advisable to have your doctor’s approval first.  The size for my belly bandit was XS; while ordering you can get check out their sizing videos, usually it goes with your waistline size. I got the one with my pre-pregnancy size, initially I had a hard time wearing it but within couple of days it got more fitted.

To be honest, investing on a belly bandit is quite huge and wearing it daily can be like an extra baggage; but at the end of the day it is certainly rewarding. Am not saying using this belt will alone do the magic of losing weight, it has to be followed with balance diet and exercise as well. One thing that belly bandit definitely does is build up your confidence, lets you feel great and more enthusiastic; which is definitely required above all, isn’t it?




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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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5 Responses to Review for Belly bandit, a must have in your postpartum list!

  1. Jayashree Bahadur says:

    The belt seems great but I could not find it online atleast for Indian Market.. They have a International website.

    At the same time, I did order this belt a day back (yet to receive) from clickoncare which seems same as belly bandit. Can you help verify if this would be the same please?

    here is the link to it :

    I am actually looking for something post my caesarian.

  2. Hannah says:

    One reason I wasn’t sure the belly bandit wasn’t a good idea was I thought it might help with my core but I was concerned about my pelvic floor. I felt that putting pressure on my core meant that pressure had to go somewhere and it would naturally push into my weakened pelvic floor. I was more interested in strengthening both and chose to do that through a postpartum exercise specifically designed for strengthening the core and pelvic floor.

  3. Jaishri says:

    Hi Sangeetha, this review is by Neelam, thanks for the comment, will update author :roll:

  4. Heyy jayashree,

    This is amazing.

    So happy to know that the belly bandit worked for you. I remember cloth binding used on me for the initial days post delivery. I was so bugged up that I stopped within the next week :P

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