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Moms, today I’m going to review an awesome collection of books written for kids. We all know how kids are into fiction these days, they love their superheros, and Indian mythology is a treasure house of superheros. So I found a series of books written by Bhakti Mathur, which is a beautiful collection of mythological stories with a page on slokas and beautiful illustrations by Maulshree Somani.

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The books were first published in May 2011 and have a loyal fan following among children and parents of Indian origin around the world. I’m sure when your browsing through a bookstore, you are not going to miss the series. My daughter who is a toddler just loves them. The books are colorful, simple and has so many good values. It really helps with building the inner strength of a child.

It will take you back to your childhood where we had grandparents to tell us these fascinating stories. I am a believer of old wisdom, and would not like my daughter to miss out on all the great stories that we heard. I remember every Diwali and I would run up to my mom asking her why we celebrate Diwali, and the funny part is that I would do it every year. The victory of good over evil gave me strength and enlightenment through the year. Interestingly my daughter too loves the “Amma Tell Me ” books and asks me to repeat the stories every night.

About the author:

Bhakti Mathur is a private banker from Hong Kong and mother of Shiv and Veer. She is an avid mythological story teller. Her first  book was”Amma tell me about Holi”. Over the next few years she wrote books on Diwali, Ramayana, Krishna and Ganesha. She believes in teaching values to her children in a non preachy way. “There are so many different gods in so many different forms and so many lessons to be learnt” says Ms Mathur.

A special mention about Maulshree Somani, her illustrations are simply out of the world. She worked at Walt Disney and set up her own graphics design company.

Why should you buy the books?

  • Your kids are going to love the simple yet meaningful insights.
  • The wonderful illustrations are self explanatory so even little kids who cannot read will be glued to the books.
  • Moms are going to love these books as putting your kids to sleep with great life lessons is a plus.
  • Builds the inner strength in kids, builds faith and trust.
  • You can gift your kids these books on festivals so that they understand our cultural values.
  • The book does not promote any form on Hinduism so it can be read by kids of all religions.
  • Takes your kids to another world just like watching a superhero movie.For example, Hanuman is playful, naughty, lifts mountains, flies across seas and does so much more.
  • Finally bringing kids back to their roots.

Book Release:

“Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman”, the first of a trilogy and the 8th title in the series will be launched at popular bookstore, Bookazine in Hong Kong on October 5, 2014.  Beautifully illustrated with vibrant and contemporary graphics and meaningful verse, “Amma Tell Me About Hanuman”, introduces young kids to the adventures of beloved Indian monkey-god, Hanuman- an iconic figure in Indian mythology.

Where to purchase:


Also available on, Bookazine in Hong Kong, Amazon US, Amazon India, Flipkart and in the major bookstores in India and Singapore.

Here are the other books from the series which are great buys:

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photo 2(1)

photo 3(1)

photo 4(1)

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