How To Reduce A Fever In Babies – 6 Effective Ways

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By, Hang Pham,

A fever is considered a high temperature and in the case of babies, this is usually over 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit). When your baby has a fever, maybe you will be very worried but as you know, it is very common for babies to have fevers. In many cases, this will clear up without using any treatment or medicine. After confirming your baby’s condition with a thermometer, you can take a look at some of the natural treatments to reduce a fever.

1. Cold Compresses

After your baby gets a fever, you should put a cool and wet towel on the forehead of your baby. When the water from this wet towel evaporates from your baby’s skin, it draws the fever out and then the temperature comes down fast.
• Firstly, put cool water in a clean bowl.
• Then, soak a clean towel in the water.
• Next, wring the excessive water out of this towel and then put this wet towel on the forehead of your baby.
• When the cloth warms, take it out and repeat again.
• Repeat this way until the fever has disappeared.
In addition, you may also use this damp towel to sponge some areas such as your baby’s armpits, hands, feet, and groin to lower the temperature.
Note: Avoid using ice water or very cold water because it can cause an increased body temperature.

2. Drink Right & Eat Right
When your baby has a fever, it is very important for you to give him/her plenty of fluids. Avoid giving him/her too much apple juice and other fruit juices. However, if you want to give fruit juices to your baby, dilute them in the same amount of clean water. In addition, you may also give your child popsicles or gelatin for hydration, especially when your baby is vomiting.
Although your child with a fever may still eat, you should not force him to eat. You should focus on bland foods, which are not very spicy and low in fiber. The best choices are crackers, pasta, and breads that are produced from refined hot cereals and refined white flour.

3. Breast Milk
For children younger than six months old who are having a fever, breast milk may be very important. It provides a balance of nutrients that helps to strengthen the weak immune system of your baby and is tailored to combat a baby’s illness.
In fact, breast milk is easily and fast digested. It will aid in staying a sick baby hydrated properly, which is essential for a quicker recovery.
• Breastfeed your baby frequently. If he/she refuses to nurse when having a fever, try changing different nursing positions. You may keep your baby upright when breastfeeding to make him/her more comfortable during feeding time.
• If he/she regularly refuses nursing, try to pump out your breast milk and then use a spoon or bottle to feed it to him/her.

4. Avoid Bundling Up
Avoid bundling up your baby with extra blankets or clothing when he/she has a fever or even chills. This may prevent the fever from lowering or even worsen it. Instead, you should dress your baby in a layer of lightweight clothing and use only a lightweight blanket in the evening. Also, remember to keep his/her bedroom at a proper temperature and use a fan for hot or stuffy rooms.

5. Foot Massage
One of the effective remedies to calm down your fussy baby is to rub the soles of the baby’s feet with a little warm oil. In addition to relaxation, it will also promote a better sleep, which is very necessary for a quick recovery. Also, foot massage helps to regulate body temperature. However, when talking about foot massage, remember not to practice too much.
• Rub a little warm olive oil on your baby’s feet.
• Apply use your thumb to gently pressure on the soles.
• Finally, massage the whole foot.
• Repeat this process for a few minutes and use it when needed.

6. Bathe Him/Her
This is one of other ways on how to reduce a fever in babies quickly. You may try reducing a fever in your baby by giving him/her a warm bath in a tub. After the water evaporates off his/her skin, it will quickly cool him/her down and then reduce fever. Do not use cold water because it may result in shivering that will worsen the fever. In addition, you should also remember not to use rubbing alcohol because it may cause an alcohol poisoning or temperature spike.
Here are a few of natural ways on how to reduce a fever in babies that you should be aware of!

Guest Post by Hang Pham
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This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the effective remedies for skin care and health problems.

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