Recipe of Mixed Fruit Jam

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Hi Moms,

I was so upset with the lead content in Maggi, so I decided to make my own sauces and Jams at home. I want to reduce the intake of processed food. In that attempt I started making my own mixed fruit Jam. This Jam is very similar to the Kissan Mixed fruit jam, your kids will never know the difference. I made lot of Jam which I distributed, so reduce everything by half if you want.

You can add more variety of fruits, but make sure you add apples as they have natural pectin which is used to make Jam. I found grape essence after a little hunting, the Bakers brand makes grape essence, its called Grapovin. Otherwise all other ingredients are very easy to find.


  • Pineapple- 1 full
  • Pomegranate – 1 full
  • Apples- 3
  • Bananas- 4 small
  • Sugar- (same quantity as fruit pulp)
  • Citric Acid- 1 big Tbspn
  • Grape essence 1/2 tsp


Grind pineapple in a blender with no water and strain. Add this to a large bowl.

Blend pomegranates in the same blender and strain, add this juice to the same bowl.

Remove the skin and seeds of apples and bananas.

Now wash your mixer and blend bananas and apples and add this to the same bowl. Now you will have your complete fruit mix.

Tip: No added water in the mixed fruit pulp

Now add this to a pan and add the same quantity of sugar into the pan, you can use the same bowl to measure sugar. Make sure you use a big pan with a lid. Now let it boil on a slow flame and stir after every 3-4 mins and cover with the lid as jam bubbles will burn your hands.

Testing Phase:

Now add droplets of jam to a plate and move it, if its runny the jam is not done. if it stands at one place its done. Tasting is the best way to know, it need not be as thick as the store bought jam as it will thicken as it cools. So it should taste like jelly.

Finally add citric acid and grape essence and stir till it dissolves.

Transfer the jam to a glass bowl when its half cool, as glass will crack if jam is too hot. But make sure you transfer before it completely cools down. If your using a steel vessel, transfer immediately.

Now your healthy, non-processed mixed fruit Jam is ready. I will be posting some more DIY recipes to avoid processed food.

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4 Responses to Recipe of Mixed Fruit Jam

  1. Thenmozhi says:

    Where can I find grape essence?
    Is there any alternative? R it’s a must for the jam?
    By the way I live in usa.

  2. Rikta says:

    Nice one ..thanks a lots.. What’s DIY

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