Purchasing The Right Knife Sharpener Needs A Little Research

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Knives do wear out even if they are not used because of rusting and other reasons that might cause chipping of the sharp edges. However, with stainless steel and other materials they last longer only suppressed by improper usage and time. The knives will get misaligned and blunt as time passes by and this might get faster if you use a hard surface like marble or glass underneath while cutting or shopping items. There are certain basic stuff that needs to be kept in mind when using a knife in order to increase its lifetime and efficiency. With a little bit of research you get both save money and time in the long run by purchasing the right sharpener.


Knives need to be stoned or stropped to retain a shiny surface. Its jagged edges need to be broken and the blade needs to be realigned. All these can be done manually, but takes a lot of time and tons of effort in order to ensure proper angles, direction, orientation, etc. There are also various methods that need to be adopted with a stone, a ceramic stick or an electric sharpener. These are the only three kinds available in the market.

  • Stones and ceramic sticks can be used for other items like scissors, razors apart from knives and also they need not be changed in various shapes and size of the equipment. However, you need to be properly trained to be able to use it. You need mineral oil for an oil lubricated stone and water for a water lubricated stone. The angle must be kept at 20 degrees for pocket and jungle knives.



The stone sharpeners are not much to understand and are the cheapest ones available in the market. There are also a few models available that have the proper alignment for the knives and groves. You just need to brush and chip away and then polish it.

  • The electric sharpeners are a little costly. They might also have diamond cut stones rotating inside the belt. You just need to place your knife in the grooves and turn it on. There is not much to do and it saves time and effort. You can purchase one if you need to sharpen knives very often. They also last longer and have fewer chances of damaging your equipment because of mishandling.


Purchasing the right model can be difficult and therefore be sure to visit some sites that list the recommended modes and brands. The highest priced item is not always the best one. Consider the frequency of usage and quality you need before spending your money. It might be wiser to use a stone as you will get acquainted after a while and a regular weekly massage of 15 minutes shall keep your knife healthy. Unless, you need to do a lot of knives very often, buy an electric one to save time.

Overall, these are just a few important steps that will keep you alert while making your purchase.

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