Product Review – Philips Avent teats /nipples

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Transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is quite a challenge as babies get used to the comfort of being held close and fed by the mother. The Avent brand bottles and teats/nipples are quite a popular name amongst most mothers . I was also recommended to try this and my son took to it quite easily.

But he would accept the bottle from anyone else at home but me. If I would try to bottle feed him, he simply would move his head trying to breastfeed.
I had tried a few other teats , but they would wear out on frequent use and sterilising. I found Avent very good. The Avent silicone teats are of superior quality and is designed to increase the flexibility and stretch for a smooth and uninterrupted milk flow. Its built in valves prevents leaks and helps reduce colic.
It is developed and designed using advanced techniques, but all that we mothers need to know is that it is
EASY to use and clean,
SAFE and a
TRUSTed brand.

*It is suggested to use these teats with the Avent BPA free bottles
Price: 255INR for a pack of 2
Available in most baby stores and a few medical stores

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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2 Responses to Product Review – Philips Avent teats /nipples

  1. Hamna Labeeb says:

    True, I had bought an avent bottle of 9oz and a Breastpump from Morisons baby dreams to pump and feed when I go to work. My duty is just for 2-3 hrs, so if I feed and put my 4 mo baby to sleep, she wakes up later for one feed, unless she is sleeping extra. So initially I used the bottle with the pump to feed her, as all I could pump was 150 ml in the morning if she skipped night feeds and woke up late. Or all I can get is 75 ml. My husband said she drinks it hungrily but plays a bit too. Then I started using the avent bottle though only a little milk filled the large 9 oz bottle. When I left that bottle with hubby the next day, he texted me this bottle was better, it’s easier for her to take and she is not fussing with it and spitting milk out. But babies are clever. She will never take it from me. Same problem. I tried to feed her some milk that i had pumped thinking we would go next day but had cancelled the journey,but she will not a cept it. Screamed at me. Today she woke up late, after i returned from duty, and when hubby tried to feed her from the bottle, she won’t settle for it because I was in the house. Gosh… She looked at me and waited till I took her. No fuss, nothing. She just knows I have what she wants. These little things are just so wonderful… :)

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