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My son s Annaprashan( first rice eating ceremony) was in Guruvayoor after completing his 5th month as per the Hindu calendar. This was done more as a ritual and we waited for him to complete 6 months to actually start weaning process.
Then he slowly got progressing with trying out all foods, keeping the breastfeeding continued.
I always looked forward to visiting the baby stores just to check out all the cute little toys, clothes and off course check out the latest collection of baby food and accessories.

The once I spotted the Nestle Gerber baby pureed food on the stands and remembered my cousins in the US bringing a whole crate of these mini bottles for their babies during their visits to India. I was tempted to buy a few for my 7month old baby. I went with a couple of different flavours , the most sought after is the applesauce.
My baby seemed to love it as he gobbled it all up. I bought a couple more to keep handy during our outings . I did taste it once and found the flavour mild. It is not very sweet. Whenever there was time ,I made a few fruit and veg purees in the similar texture and bottled them to carry along while stepping out.

The Gerber baby pureed food is a good weaning food option and for all those working mothers who dont have enough time at hand. It is also an ideal packed food option. Just put in a couple of your baby s favorite flavoured Gerber food bottles in your baby bag and step out without having to worry about their next meal.
Gerber baby food has a range of pureed foods, in great flavours and textures(from smooth to chunky) .

It claims to be low on preservatives, but we all know well that home made food is the best and all such options are to make life simple and easier for us. So no harm trying as long as it is occasionaly.
Price : INR 135 for 170g leak proof bottle

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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5 Responses to Product review- Gerber baby food

  1. pooja says:

    At which month we shuld give ceralac to babies…plz inform

  2. Angooor says:

    There is a new variant in the 2nd foods category in easy to carry pouches as opposed to the breakable and fragile glass bottles. You can find them here:

    There are several other Gerber products at

  3. Quite expensive na ?But I feel tempted to buy those cute yummy jars whenever I browse through baby food stores …

  4. reks says:

    yes expensive, but considering the variety they have its worth a try. And its not advised to use this on a regular basis. Ideal for outings and vacations.

  5. Jaishri says:

    Its quite expensive Reks. Imagine paying so much for mashed Bananas, but its convenient to carry. :lol: But these guys know how to make their stuff tasty, I see babies liking most of these imported stuff. Guess they do a lot of testing.
    My Heinz baby food review is coming up :lol:

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