Pregnancy Experience

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I had a hectic nine months which was one of the toughest times in my life due to my past history of miscarriages. Once you have a negative experience it is very difficult to get back and every step becomes a big milestone to cross.

I used to fear every scan till the end and worry every minute. The happiest day in my life was when my baby was born. I was relieved. Till then I used to observe every move of my baby in my womb and safeguard my pregnancy. Only people who have gone through miscarriages will know what a tough phase this can be.

The day I got a confirmation on my pregnancy I was excited and at the same time nervous. I knew it was a big task ahead of me. I had to cross the 13 weeks benchmark. I had my miscarriage at 12 weeks. So every day for me was very difficult and I could not take my mind away from the pregnancy.
I was put on heparin injections after my first scan. Heparin treatment review here,

It is very painful to inject your own body but eventually, you get used to it. Also, with that, I was given progesterone.
Once I crossed 13 weeks, I was happy but still nervous and anxious. Next trimester was very smooth sailing. All the nausea was gone. But I had to take another weekly progesterone injection called maintain. Muscular injections are very painful but I used to always tell myself that this too shall pass.

Otherwise, everything was good. Since I had very less activity and was advised rest, I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. During the 8th month, I developed gestational diabetes.
More about gestational diabetes, here:

I ate too much sweets in the 7th month as it was Diwali time. Then added to all my injections, I had insulin to take. I bought a big whiteboard and put down all the injections and medicines that I had to take. My god it was very challenging.
But then believe me it’s all worth it.

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10 Responses to Pregnancy Experience

  1. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience with its own share of bumps and rides….but the end result is always amazing :)

  2. Jaishri says:

    Hi Shwetha, I never knew it was you. I will write a post for you tomorrow with some expert advice. Thanks for being a part of this blog.

  3. Shwetha K B says:

    The biggest fear all through my pregnancy was labour pain and how would i deal with it… But after reading about your experience it seems like pregnancy is much more than those few/long hours of pain and surely it is a booster to all those mothers to be , clearing most of their fears.

  4. Megha says:

    My mom says jaish… To be a mother is an experience which can never be be explained or justified in words.. Untill you be a mother to one.. U ll neva understand the feelings.. Uaa story revealed the lovely love of a mother for her child even when he or she is in the womb..

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