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We recently got the in touch with the Playshifu Team and they were kind enough to send us a gaming box of our choice.Kids are generally first introduced to animals in rhymes and in their day- to-day life.No wonder they know the names of all animals and their sounds by the time they start formal schooling.My daughter is no different, that is the reason why I selected the SHIFU SAFARI Gaming Box for her.


PLAYSHIFU is an educational game box which works on the concept of AR(Augmented Reality).Augmented Reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are supplemented by a computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics.This, in turn, provides a realistic view and makes learning more interactive and fun as well.In this era of technological advancement, where books are equally important, I personally feel that engaging kids in technology are not a bad idea either. As a mother to a toddler, I feel that there should be a healthy mix of both the traditional way of teaching and technology.If kids are given these aids and tools with proper monitoring, there is no harm in using these things.When kids are too young, apart from the books they need something extra to understand things.This is one of the main reasons why play and learn is promoted in schools these days.This is also the prime factor why there are so many educative toys in the market.The PLAYSHIFU gaming box does just that by breaking the monotony of teaching solely from books and making learning more fun, enjoyable and interactive at the same time.


The Playshifu Gaming Box comes with the following things:
1.Cloth Pouch – The cloth pouch comes handy when you want to take the cards out and cannot carry them in the box.Personally, I loved this idea, because many a times families are traveling, and we often look at ways to engage our kids during the journey.This is because many a time we carry toys, different kinds of clays and other such stuff to keep the kid busy during a long flight or so.The Shifu Play Cards are an excellent way to keep those little munchkins.It is this cloth bag only which makes the entire box portable.

2.A Mobile/Tablet Stand – This stand helps in keeping the mobile in a fixed position, so when the flashcards are brought in the play area, the animals/objects come alive.It also relieves the user of holding the mobile, thereby making playtime more easier.

3.A Set of 60 Flash Cards – As I mentioned earlier, my daughter loves animals, and gets excited whenever she sees a bird or any street dog, I decided to get the SHIFU SAFARI box for her.The box contains a set of 60 animal flash cards.Frankly speaking, I was not expecting so many cards.60 is quite a number- right?.Even if one doesn’t intend to use the app all the time, parents can always play and engage kids in flash cards.Yes, these flash cards can be used in numerous ways like reciting a story, pretend play, developing vocabulary and pronunciation.


1.Download the app from
2.Place the device on the stand and launch the app.
3Now as soon as you launch the app, a play area would be visible to you.Bring the flash cards in this play area.When the animal comes in the play area range, the device detects it and it is almost as similar as if the animals have come alive in the play area.This is the USP of the product which my daughter enjoyed to the fullest.
4.Now as the animal comes to life on the device, you can learn about its habitat, sounds it makes.This feature is particularly more suitable for preschoolers as they are still learning and exploring many new things.Touch the animal to see how it moves and the sounds it makes(Animals and their Sounds- I am sure they are a hit with your kids as well!)
5.This is also beneficial for learning spells, as there is another feature of the spell in the app.This feature is very helpful for kids who have started their schools.


As a mother of a toddler, I am always searching for ways to engage.Also because of the fact, that I am a working mother, so double the work. In my quest for different things, as much as I look for uniqueness in a product, I also do not ignore that apart from being a  source of learning, at the same time it should also be fun and innovative.This is what we loved about the Playshifu gaming box.The box concentrates on developing these areas for a kid:


1.EXPLORATION – When the animals come to life in the play area, the kids can explore various things around the animal.For eg, its habitat, the food it eats.This also enables a question/answer cum interactive round between the kids and their parents.
2.VOCABULARY – The spelling feature in the app is a great bonus point which will help in developing the pronunciation and vocabulary at the same time.By using flashcards they are more likely to remember words.
3.IMAGINATION – Kids’  and their imaginations always sore to new levels every time.Kids ask all sorts of questions, all because there is no limit to their imagination.So the Shifu gaming box gives wings to their imaginations when kids get into the story mode with these flash cards.
4.VISUALIZATION/MEMORY – When kids see these animals come into almost life mode, they tend to remember these images, and later on begin visualizing these things.So for example, if my daughter learnt the sound of a dog through the SHIFU app, this will get imprinted and she will visualize what exactly a dog looks like.So next time she actually sees a dog, she knows that it is actually a dog!


We are in love with the PLAYSHIFU gaming box these days.Even if I do not engage my daughter on the app all the times, I just hand over the flash cards to her.These flash cards keep her busy for a good 15-20 minutes.I will not shy away from saying that because kids have a very short attention span, she starts throwing them here and there when she gets bored of them!
The SHIFU gaming box can also serve as a great gifting option owing to its uniqueness.We all know Augmented Reality is a rage throughout the world, and the founders of SHIFU have done a great job by coming up with this wonderful product.
The only thing which is keeping me a bit worried, is I don;t have a tablet yet, so I use it on the phone, and the phone heats up very soon.We also understand that since the size of the app is huge, the phone might not be able to give a best user experience because of the small screen size and heating problems!


The SHIFU box comes on other variants as well which are: Travel, Jobs,Space.You can pick any of these according to the interest and age of your child.All in all, we loved the product, its packaging, and the entire concept.This is definitely which is bound to capture the market in the next few years.We would like to give it a 4.8/5.

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