Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

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2013-11-15 18.15.08

My baby has forgotten to drink out of a feeding bottle, so I had to try some other means to feed her liquids. When I browsed online Sipper or Spout cups was a great option I found. The handle makes it easy for the baby to hold and learn to drink from the bottle on her own.

Since I was using Philips Avent bottles and was satisfied with the quality, the same brand was my first choice. I always prefer BPA free Bottles.

Whats BPA?

Refers to materials and plastics that do not contain Bisphenol A.

The 250 ml bottle costed me 375.

Im not doing Pros and Cons for this product as Im not at all satisfied. Let me tell you why.

  • My daughter is still fed solids on my lap so when she drank water in between, the flap just fell on her nose and hurt her. How can such a reputed company not think of this.

2013-11-15 18.15.27

  • The Lid is very lose and needs to be held when the baby drinks from it.
  • The bottle is bulky and short, its difficult to hold, and with the handle makes holding even worse.

  • They claim it’s a no leak no spill bottle, but the bottle leaks badly when kept in horizontal position and the portion in between the straw and lid gets filled with liquid. You can expect a splash once you open the lid.

Its sad that a company as reputed as Philips can make such products, Im never going to select product based on brands next time.

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