Pesticides in Fruits and Veggies, What’s Safe?

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I somehow hate to read the papers these days, but this one article (Times of India) caught my attention. It was about the fruits and veggies we eat and how they have been grown with pesticides. Farmers are forced to mix sewage water with pesticides to grow veggies. Sadly this country needs to feed so many people and the demand is always more than supply.

My dad once saw a farmer spraying a lot of leaves with pesticides, he assumed it was the leaves of underground veggies, but it was our very own herbs and spinach. We force our kids to eat them but now I would even dread to do it.

And as I always say we really don’t have the time to raise an alarm or do something about it. At least, Ill do my part by creating some awareness amongst all you lovely mommies so that we can protect our kids and also spread the word.


  • Banned Pesticides (1000 times more than allowed limit) have been found in most fruits and veggies.
    Brinjal has the maximum followed by cabbage, cauliflower, Okras, bananas, oranges and apples.
  • Wheat and rice too has these dangerous chemicals.
  • Pesticides are basically neurotoxins which can affect organs like the kidney, liver and the endocrine
    system. As a starter it causes food poisoning or allergy.
  • Pregnant women need to be very cautious as it can pass through your placenta and reach the baby.
  • There is nothing called crop rotation anymore.


Disclaimer: These are my opinions use my points based on your discretion.

  • Avoid Brinjal, Cabbage and Cauliflower (they have been dipped in pesticides) as much as you can.
  • Remove the skin of all fruits especially wax coated apples.
  • Buy from small vendors than big supermarkets.
  • Vegetables and fruits that are smaller and ugly looking are much more organic than the flashy stuff you get in supermarkets.
  • Wash wash and wash. I know we are scared if these veggies will loose their nutrients, its better than the harm they cause right? You can soak them in salt water for a while before using.
  • Try to grow your own herbs.
  • Dont trust every label that reads “organic”, question.


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