Our Pediasure Journey- onto the 3rd month now!

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We have been using PediaSure for a little over three months now. I can happily say that I am fully satisfied with PediaSure. After three months’ usage of PediaSure, I can now claim that my son has better immunity to infections and has passed picky eater issues. Like I said in my first two blog posts, that the results aren’t drastic and will take some time. That is the reason why I continued PediaSure for a little over three months and then decided to pen my experiences with this wonderful product.


As highlighted in my second month blog post for PediaSure journey, my son was having picky eater issues. This phase had started to slow down when we had just hopped onto the 2nd month of PediaSure usage. Now with PediaSure becoming our daily breakfast companion, either in the form of Milk, or in Suji Ka Halwa, I can surely say that the picky eater phase has also faded out of our eating routines.



My son has shown remarkable health improvements as far as his immunity is concerned. July is the month of rains and it is one month when I am at my mummying best. I try all sorts of recipes to keep his immunity strong and take all precautionary measures in monsoons. But even after doing so much when he would fall sick, I would wonder what was I doing wrong, or rather what was I missing onto? Well the answer is PediaSure. These monsoons, I can say both me and my son have enjoyed to the hilt, as I could see an increased resistance in his immunity. That is all thanks to PediaSure. Now that PediaSure has found a place of permanence in my kitchen, I need not worry about monsoons and the infections it brings along. My child can now enjoy and play outdoors in this weather as much as he wants to because he does not fall sick that often.

monsoon kid

With monsoons, we have always had a love-hate relation, all because we used to enjoy and get wet in rain, but then it made my son fall sick as well. But with 3rd month of continued usage of PediaSure powder, I am happy that we have managed to kick infections down the drain. Also, visits to the doctor in monsoons had become an integral part of our lives after the baby. That is not the case anymore. I can conclude by saying my or rather my kid’s Monsoon Miseries (which came in the form of decreased immunity, cold) have found a solution in the form of PediaSure Powder.



Yes, you read it right! I can now claim that my son has adapted well to all sorts of food. There are still things to which he hasn’t yet adapted. But like I said, I need not fear as we are already having PediaSure powder in our daily glass of milk. I can also see a slight increase in son’s weight, after continuous usage of PediaSure for a good three months. I am happy to buy him new set of clothes, given that he has outgrown his old ones now.



kid school
My son was to start his playschool in the month of July. Like all mothers, I too was apprehensive of the new environment among other such things. One thing which constantly bothered me was that children fall sick and catch infections at double the rate if they are at school. Student gatherings in school is one of the main reasons of infections among kids. But since my kid was already on PediaSure, we didn’t face any such issues. All in all, our journey in the play school is going all fine! THANK YOU PEDIASURE

As I told, in my previous blog, that I was too scared to experiment with PediaSure’s other flavours, as my son had picked a liking for the chocolate one. But now I am all up for experimentation with different flavours and I even plan to invest my thoughts into incorporating PediaSure into some new recipes or drinks for my kid.

PediaSure powder can be purchased from your local chemist or from http://pediasure.in/ or http://www.amazon.in/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_1350384031?ie=UTF8&node=1350384031&field-brandtextbin=Pediasure

I should mention that although PediaSure approached me to review their product as part of their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all views and opinions expressed in my writing are my own.


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