Parental Tips on How to Discipline Your Child

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By -Sue Anne Reyes


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Enrolling your child in an international school in Manila with tuition or in Best Technical Communication School in Manila that suits your budget might be difficult, but it will be certainly worth your child’s education. International schools offer education that is in line with foreign schools which is favorable to families who plan to settle abroad or for parents who frequently stay in foreign countries. This might cause burden for your children as they face difficulty settling elsewhere or may have personality issues. Here are a few tips on how to discipline your child. 

Pay Attention

Observing your child is a must for every parent by looking after them as many times as you can. If you’re not always there for them, have someone to look after them to know how they behave. It’s important to let your child know that you love and care for them because it enhances their overall personality and character from the nurture of their parents. Always make time for them no matter what, but refrain from over spoiling them. Giving them the right amount of anything is what every child needs and listen to what they want to say, encouraging your child to speak up.

Give Lectures

Lecturing your child doesn’t necessarily mean they are being scolded, it just means you are doing your best to discipline them and give them good advices. It is a common notion that your child did something bad that’s why you’re lecturing them. Prove them wrong otherwise by instilling them how to be better people through one’s actions and words. Remind them to always do well and avoid whatever action that may lead to harm or danger.

Reward And Punishment

This might be the most popular theory for children, rewarding them for good behavior and punishing them for a wrong thing they did. Psychology said that exposing your children to this kind of tradition made them realize that if they did well, they would receive gifts so the children always did what they thought was good but when they did something else that was bad, they were punished. Receiving punishment helps the child refrain from doing the same act or anything related to that kind of action. However, once they were rewarded, they try to keep on doing the same good deed so they would always be rewarded afterwards. Surely, this theory was tried and tested for a lot of years so it is considered as one of the best disciplinary acts for your children.

 Good Example

Last but not least, always do your best to be a good example to your child by showing them how you want them to grow up – a good person. Especially when they see you, refrain from doing something your child wouldn’t want to see and where you wouldn’t want them to be. Another study showed that children get their personality from their environment and from the people they are usually with. So set a good example to your children or expose them to good people.

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Deciding on having your child study in an international school in Manila involves a lot of factors you have to consider. These tips may help your child become a better person and avoid the challenges.

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