Become a supermom: manage work & family together


It’s been 6 years since Sarita stepped out of the organization where she had worked for 5 years as an HR professional. She was quite satisfied with the idea of quitting her job because she was about to enter a whole new world called ‘motherhood’. It’s been 6 years now and she is still happy as she sends her daughter to school. However, sometimes when she looks down her balcony to find young Radhika go to office in her formal attire, her smile fades a little, and she gets caught in a nostalgic thought. She dismisses it and goes back to her daily chores but late at night, when everyone is asleep, she silently recalls the memories when she, just like Radhika, used to work in a corporate workplace.

Just like Sarita, there are many women in India who quit their jobs because of maternity, marriage, and various other reasons. Data suggests that ~20 million women in India quit working from 2004-05 to 2011-12. A major chunk of these women take this decision during maternity as they look forward to playing an even more important role of a mother. A woman owns the responsibility of taking utmost care of her newborn and raising him/her in the best possible way. And as she does this, the joy of raising her child keeps her from regretting leaving the professional life that she once aspired for.

However, once the child is old enough to not require much of her time like before, she encounters a lack of meaning in devoting all her time at home. It’s then that she looks back to her professional life and her aspirations of becoming financially independent and chasing bigger goals and dreams. These aspirations now ignite in her the desire to go back to work and resume her journey on the professional front. But she is unable to. She is held back either by her low confidence or the inability to go out to work. Even if she breaks these barriers and attempts to go for a job hunt, the employers shut their doors for her stating that her career gap has resulted in an outdated skillset, which the industry doesn’t require anymore. Helplessness then resides in, and she accepts her fate of not being able to work anymore. Thus, in India, ~65% women who quit work due to maternity fail to return to the workforce. Continue reading

Internshala, a leading internships and trainings platform, has come up with a solution to this problem via its initiative “Internships for Women”. This initiative brings internships for all those women who are looking to either start or restart their careers at any stage of their lives. These internships can benefit women in two ways. First, as these are short-term employment opportunities, they provide them a chance to test for themselves whether they would be able to manage the responsibilities of home and work simultaneously. Second, they provide flexible work options like work from home. So, even if a  woman is unable to go out to work, she can keep in touch with the industry, work, and develop her skills.

Under “Internships for Women”, Internshala has 5000+ work from home as well as in-office internship jobs for women at any given time, across different profiles like content writing, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, management, etc. This initiative has helped ~700 women in (re)starting their careers in the past 6 months. Ruchita Jain is one of them. She is a mother who quit her job after giving birth to her soon and started experiencing lack of confidence after that. To overcome the same, she started doing work from home internships to be able to take care of her family and still remain in touch with the industry.

Internshala aims to help a total of 4000 women in transitioning from their domestic life to professional life by March 2018. If you too are looking to spare some time from family life and live your long-desired dream of working as a professional, you may checkout all the available internships by clicking here and apply to as many internships as you like. It’s absolutely free of cost. Another good news is that most of these internships come with a cool stipend. So, don’t let any hesitation reside within and take a step ahead to once again chase your dreams.

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Bohemian Chic Style For Moms

By Sally Writes,

Image Source

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends as a mom can feel frustrating at times. But the good news is that style is entirely personal and it is easy to incorporate seasonal trends without trying too hard. Enter Bohemian fashion: this is a trend that continuously shows up every so often characterized by floral designs, baggy outfits, bold jewelry, and hippie looks. Popularized in the 70s, the Boho chic style is loved by young people which makes it interesting as you can coordinate outfits with your children. Shopping with your kids is a great opportunity to bond.

Prints and patterns

Bohemian fashion is simply earthy, baggy, and hippie. Choosing the perfect bohemian outfit significantly relies on nailing the right patterns, colors, and fabrics. As such floral patterns and animalistic prints are critical especially for the maxi skirts and bottoms. The maxi skirts should be free-flowing instead of baggy, and having a monochrome color is advisable for starters. A nice idea would be to buy a floral maxi, a monochrome color, and an animalistic print one. For the tops select kimonos and knitted sweaters. Denim jackets add some chic to the outfit. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics such as nylon and opt for linen, cotton, silk, and suede as the idea is to look earthy, and natural. Continue reading


This is probably the make or breaking point of the bohemian style. When shopping you will want to look for bloom bracelets, lotus necklaces, and hoop earrings. Bold accessories such as silver Buddhist earrings on a dull maxi skirt and a brown knitted sweater is a completely chic outfit. Paisley or floral headscarves should always be toned down such as with a white lace dress. Alternatively, you can select dull headscarves to wear with floral dresses. Indian tapestries, banjara prints, and Kutchi embroidery also work just fine. Finish off the look with flat strappy footwear.


Natural makeup is on the popular again with nude lipsticks flooding the Indian market. Boho fashion is earthy and minimal natural makeup is encouraged. A touch of lip balm, semi-matte nude lipsticks and peachy hues compliment the other pieces which work just fine with earthy colors, bold accessories and natural fabrics.

Unlike other styles, Boho is very particular and even though experimentation and individuality is permissible, you really have to consider the whole outfit before putting it on. Avoid too many patterns and colors in one outfit. Leaving out the jewelry, headscarves, and bag when you have more than three items is advisable especially if the outfit is for your child or for a formal function.

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The Most Common Dengue Symptoms

India and monsoons have a very beautiful relationship. From farmers, shopkeepers and even the common man – everyone waits for monsoons with baited breath. It is all because the long summer spell finally comes to an end and paves the way for lush green water filled fields. Kids aren’t further behind in this, as water is their best friend. Kids and their love for monsoons can very well be attributed to the cosmic connection between kids and water. I guess that is the very reason they don’t want to come out of their water tubs post their bath routines!

While the enjoyment levels of kids soar during monsoons, it should also to be kept in mind that there are whole lot of mosquito-borne diseases on the rise. Monsoons are all about overflowing puddles, which means that there are high chances that water will get accumulated in certain nooks and corners of your locality. This results in standing water, which in turn becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Malaria, chikungunya and dengue are some of the most common diseases caused by mosquito bites worldwide. Quite recently it has been observed that people are getting affected by dengue fever at an alarming rate. dengue is caused by the virus spread by the Aedes mosquito. The mosquito breeds very quickly in wet and humid conditions. The tropical weather of India is also a very favourable condition for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

Following are the most common symptoms of dengue:

1. High Fever – High fever up to 104 degrees Celsius is one of the first signs of dengue. While high fever can be a symptom of another disease as well, it is best to go for a blood test to confirm the presence of dengue.


2. Appearance of rashes – The appearance of rashes along with high fever is one of the confirmed signs and symptoms of dengue.


3. Frequent head aches and chills – If your kid is not his usual self and is complaining about sudden chills, you might as well get him checked for dengue.

4. Vomiting – Vomiting is another common symptom when your kid might have the virus. Because vomiting can also be a sign of food poisoning, it is best to consult your paediatrician, to be double sure.

A kid is more susceptible to dengue because the immune system is not well developed if we compare it to that of an adult. Therefore, it is always best to adopt some safeguarding tips which will help to protect them from those nasty mosquito bites:

1. Make sure that there is no standing water around your home and local neighbourhood.

2. It is next to impossible to ask our little ones to stay back at home when it’s their evening play time. Always apply Goodknight’s Fabric Roll-On to their clothes before they step out of home. This product is 100% natural and protects them for 8 hours.

3. While you are indoors, you can use Goodknight Fast Card and get instant relief from mosquitoes which could have sneaked into your home. It leaves a very pleasant fragrance and is pretty affordable – at one rupee per card.


4. One can also switch on Goodknight’s Activ+ System which comes in dual mode and provides protection in all corners of the room.


We are sure all these tips will help you in keeping your little ones protected from nasty mosquitoes and if you are getting paranoid – don’t be! Just be aware and informed of the various symptoms of dengue.



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Drug use in pregnancy: How to avoid problems?!

By Erica,

Image Source

In a particular age, you will find every person on medication, one kind or another. Women need to be aware of the fact that while these drugs may be beneficial for them as an individual but they can cause specific issues during pregnancy. You should look up any medicine that you are using if you have even the slightest chance of conceiving. If not a hindrance in the process of your tries it can affect the fetus in its stages of development.

In a study it was conclusive that 2 to 3 % of congenital disabilities are a cause of these drugs. Whether they are prescribed or not it is better to go through the internet and clear your doubts, for example, a drug used for controlling blood sugar, Invokana proved to be harmful to the baby. You never know when you might conceive so you should avoid consuming drugs as much as you can.

If the medication is recommended, the use can be consulted with the doctor. In case the drug is self-advised such as heroin, cocaine, etc. it can prove to be fatal in the worst case scenario, but it can also lead to miscarriage, small size, premature birth, etc. This, however, depends on what type of drug is used, and when was it used during the pregnancy. Your drug use can lead to the child weighing less than a healthy baby. This can weaken the baby’s immunity system and cause intellectual disability and may even prove to be fatal. Drugs can induce premature birth which can cause lung, eye, and learning problems. Here are a few ways to avoid drugs: Continue reading


Although this is hard so is bringing a new life into the world, and if you’re ready to do that, you should be prepared enough to say bye to your party lifestyle and get a move on. If you don’t this can even let the baby be dependent on those drugs at the time of birth, and you wouldn’t want to raise a child into a drug addict now would you.

New friends

Although your old friends are sure to mind, still you need to let a few people go in life if not for yourself for the new life that you’re going to bring in this world .are your drug addicted friends who you want to be role models for your child?

Avoid parties

Although you’re used to very party lifestyles, stick to parties that don’t offer alcohol. If you have the slightest feeling that there might be booze involved that is a no-show. Even though your social circle might take a hit, it will be for the better and people who don’t understand that how important it is to cut back they don’t deserve to be in your life.


Try to spend times doing stuff that doesn’t involve alcohol. Refresh your old talents, try to do something that you always wanted to and just couldn’t get to it. Anything artistic that can calm down the baby and can get your nerves to calm down too.


About the Author:

Erica is a researcher and an expert of the modern pharmacy. She is very concerned about defective drug management and is currently running her own defective drug and personal injury management firm. She regularly posts at


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How To Teach Your Child To Make Good Fashion Choices

By Sally Writes,

Parents take the lead when it comes to choosing their children’s clothes. Some pick clothes that are practical and made to last for a long time, while others go for fashionable finds to ensure that their kids look their best at all times. In India, growing fashion consciousness has resulted in the rise of spending on branded kids’ wear products. One particular designer brand whose average transactions are at around Rs 15,000 grew by 15-19% over the last fiscal in the country. However, making good fashion choices doesn’t necessarily mean going for branded or designer items all the time. When we teach our children how to choose their own clothes with cost, versatility, and durability in mind, they learn how to look beyond brands and develop their personal style as they age. Here’s how to teach your child to make good fashion choices.

Allow your child to be herself

Due to the influence of popular culture, kids today get a lot of ideas when it comes to making fashion choices. Eventually, they develop their own style and begin to dress a certain way. It’s important to support your children once they discover who they are and how they express themselves through clothing. Allowing your child to be herself makes her feel comfortable and she develops a sense of style. This unique fashion sense will serve her well and helps her look trendy in later life too. With that being said, it’s also imperative to guide them accordingly especially when it comes to what’s appropriate to wear on certain occasions.

Reserve the right to say no to certain clothing items

Even if you want your child to express herself freely with her clothing choices, let her know that you have the right to say no to certain items. You may want to discuss this with your partner so you’re on the same page. For instance, you can come to an agreement on whether you should allow your child to wear a short skirt, offensive message t-shirts, and the like. Doing so lets your child know that there is a time and place to wear particular clothes and that some clothing choices are simply inappropriate no matter what occasion.

Shop for outfits together

Before going to the department store, it’s important to let your child know what you’re buying ahead of time. If you’re buying back to school outfits, make a list of the things that he needs (jacket, a new pair of jeans, t-shirts, etc.) before leaving and let him know that the two of you will be sticking to the list. This teaches your child money lessons such as the importance of sticking to a budget and buying only what he needs. As he grows, he’ll remember to be prudent and sensible when shopping for clothes. Continue reading

Teaching your child to choose clothes wisely can serve him well in his adult years. Follow these tips to teach your child to make good fashion choices and avoid conflict over clothing in the future.

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5 best exercises for Working Mothers

By Jim Roose,

Image Source

Managing two jobs at a time is extremely demanding especially when of those jobs is raising a baby. Finding time to do to the gym can be impossible. Here are some exercises that are perfect for working moms as they require a minimal amount of time and produce impressive results.


In a recent study, squats were said to be one of the best exercises for the strengthening of abdominal and leg muscles. Squats also help lose weight, and the best thing about them is that they don’t require any equipment or a gym membership. They can be done at home within ten to fifteen minutes. This makes squats the perfect exercise for busy working moms. To do a proper squat Place your feet hip-width apart. Hinge your waist while keeping your hands and arms forward and slowly lower your waist keeping your knees behind your toes. Go as deep as you can and try to get your thighs parallel to the ground. Now stand back up by pushing on your heels.


Push-ups are a very common and easy exercise, and they require a minimal amount of time to do. Push-ups are multipurpose and work on a large varies of muscle groups. Push-ups can strengthen your chest, abs, and arms. Push-ups can also help you to lose weight and don’t require you to go to the gym. All you need to do is take ten minutes out of your busy schedule and focus on your health. To do a proper push-up start on your hands and toes while keeping your body straight and lifted off the ground. Now lower your hips and chest at the same time by bending your elbows to a 90-degree angle. And finally, push on your hands and lift your body back to the starting position. Continue reading


Like the exercise mentioned above lunges also are a very effective exercise for working moms. Lunges can strengthen your leg muscles and improve your flexibility and balance. All you have to do is start from a standing position while keeping your body straight and chin raised. Now take a large step forward and lower your hips until both your knees are at 90 degrees. Now stand up and repeat with the alternate leg.


Crunches are believed to be the best exercise for abdominal muscles. As crunches can be done at home without equipment and don’t take too much time they are very useful for busy working moms. To execute a proper crunch lie down with your knees flat on the ground and your knees raised. Place your hands behind your head now lift your upper body up and touch tour knee with the alternate elbow. Now drop back down slowly to the starting position.

Baby dancing

Baby Dancing is one of the best exercises for moms with babies. This exercise can be enjoyable for you and the baby and can also help with your cardiovascular health. This exercise can be done while holding your baby in front of you or holding him or her in a baby carrier in front of you. Just put on your favorite music and start dancing slowly while keeping your abs drawn in. Dancing can elevate your heart rate and make your heart healthier. Don’t get too excited try not to spin a lot and avoid bumping.

Jim Roose

Author Bio:

Jim Roose is a former competitive power lifter and gym owner. He is obsessed with physical fitness and healthy eating. He regularly writes about fitness secrets and much more at Garagegymbuilder


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5 Healthy Activities to Do with Your Family This Weekend

By John and Sophie,

John and Sophie

Weekend is the perfect time to connect with your children and share a good laugh with them. You can only get kids talking when it is about doing something exciting. So, make it worthwhile by teaching them to stay healthy and fit while the whole family has fun together.

You might be wondering how you can possibly do that as kids do not find healthy activities much fun. Well, here are some of the healthy activities listed down below that you can try out with your kids this weekend. So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

Cycling Holiday

Start your weekend morning with a cycling tour. Find a proper location such as a beach or a cycling trail to carry out this activity. If you cannot find one, you can simply use the road outside your house and mark the boundaries that you will be staying in. Ask your kids to get changed into a tracksuit and you change as well. Get your travel-size water bottles and get the fun started.


Gardening is yet another healthy activity for the kids. Kids love getting their clothes stained with dirt and that is exactly what gardening would do. Make them wear some worn-out clothes and help you sow some seeds. Make them grow their favorite veggies which will also get them motivated to eat what they grow. This way you will be having fun while teaching them about healthy eating alongside. Continue reading

Go to a Trampoline Park

Trust me; nothing is more fun than the whole family bouncing on the same great trampoline. Therefore, take your kids to a trampoline park for some real fun. Jumping on a trampoline is not only fun but a great exercise as well which means you are keeping yourself and the kids fit amidst all the fun. Amazing, isn’t it?

Prepare a Meal Together

During the week days, you cook all by yourself and run after the kids to finish their plate. Therefore, try and bring a change on the weekend by engaging the kids in giving you a hand in preparing a healthy meal. This will get them excited to eat what they have prepared and you can teach them about healthy eating too. Plus, you will be able to get some relaxation too. Then, you can all sit and enjoy the family meal with a good laugh.

Go on a Hiking Trip

Hiking is a very healthy and refreshing outdoor sport for the whole family and taking your kids on a hike is definitely a great idea. They may find it a little tough but make sure you choose a trail that has a beautiful view and smoother track.

Ask the kids to prepare their backpack with some healthy snacks in there, something that they can munch on and some juice and water to keep them hydrated as well. Plus, make sure the whole family gets appropriate dressed up with proper hiking boots to get in the right mood.

Author Bio:

John and Sophie are happily married couple with 2 kids. They enjoy outdoor activities together and healthy eating. Their love for trampolines is eternal and they believe that they are both fun and a healthy exercise. They ritually write on Trampolines Co.


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6 Amazing Pregnancy Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier

By Scarlet Watson,


Nobody said pregnancy was simple, however, some phone applications are actually great to make everything more tolerable for expecting mothers.
In spite of the fact that when you think of apps, a thought that you need to download facetime for laptop and stay connected to your mother or relatives through your pregnancy is what strikes your head. There are some specific apps that can help you make your pregnancy experience fun and safe. I have made a list of some amazing apps that will make you feel more educated, enabled and prepared to deliver a baby.

Here’s the list of the best six pregnancy mobile applications to enable you to experience the nine months of pregnancy like a master.

My Pregnancy Today

What natural product helps your developing infant more today? BabyCenter’s exemplary pregnancy tracker and child advancement logbook application is a step by step, week-by-week manageable app through your pregnancy. Expect fun, supportive features like an infant name discover-er, kick counter, constriction clock, and bumpy photograph journal. Investigate articles and recordings from BabyCenter specialists, nutrition and diet tips, exercise advice, and substantially more. This application is free. Continue reading

50,000 Baby Names

This amazing app is also free. Finding the ideal name can be extremely difficult, yet this application will enable you to limit things down. With amazing search choices, you can find out origins, suggestions, popularity of names and substantially more. Store your top choices on the application. You can even welcome companions to add names for a mutual rundown. This application is likewise free. Regardless of whether you need something well known or one of a kind, there are 50,000 names in this application to get you there.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

This app is a standout amongst the most far reaching pregnancy applications out there. It gives day by day and week by week insights about your developing infant, due date notifications, weight and tummy estimation trackers, pregnancy information, and baby names. All these helpful highlights and more are bundled in a smooth plan. It’s nothing unexpected this application is so established and popular. Want to know the best part? Well, it’s free.

I’m Expecting

This application offers week after week pregnancy recordings and day by day refreshes in a basic however powerful configuration. It’s intended to share what’s occurring to your developing baby and your body. Different highlights incorporate tips for easing pregnancy signs like nausea, fatigue, leg issues, and cravings. Read articles and advices from specialists. You can set updates and warnings and make a baby knock photograph journal, as well. You’ll likewise approach pregnancy groups for help and inspiration in this application. There is no cost for this application too.

Kegel Trainer – Pelvic floor works out

It’s most likely that you get fed up of everybody revealing to you how imperative pelvic floor practices are as you’re pregnant; however in this case that you have a tendency to manage these crucial exercises, the Kegel mentor will send you sensible updates consistently. With ten diverse exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes in length, this is one application to enable you to prepare your body.

Pregnancy ++

Cost for this application is $2.99. This is a delightfully composed application. It includes an individual dashboard with every day pregnancy data, shading and output pictures, an individual journal, logs for weight pick up and specialist’s visits, a kick counter, withdrawal clock, infant shopping list, infant names, and substantially more. It can likewise be customized for use by fathers, grandparents, and other relatives.

Author Bio:

Scarlett is a tech blogger who loves to write about latest gadgets, mobile apps and windows hacks. She is a coffee lover and in her free time she likes being with her family and friends. Read her latest posts on

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5 Awesome Porch and Patio Activities for Kids

By Chloe Smith,


Image Source

Carefree, fun-filled days as a kid in the family yard make for some most blissful memories. As a parent, you can use the full potential of your home and enjoy watching your kids play, learn and grow – and you can get in on the fun also! With a little bit of imagination, creativity and organization, you can transform your porch or patio into a „base“ that will station numerous activities, so you can invite relatives or the neighbours’ kids and create a magical environment that you will all admire.

1. Theater stage

The denivelation of the porch provides a great setting for stage performances, with the audience comfortably seated below, and the entrance of the house used as the backstage if necessary. The children can improvise, make their own plays with your help, or act out certain children’s plays from books – what matters most is that the atmosphere is charged with creativity and freedom. Help them get organized so that everybody gets a turn to be on stage as well as to be in the audience. It’s a great setting for story-telling time also. Additionally, for the ultimate theater feel, you can hang a string between two posts of your porch on which you will clip improvised red curtains.

2. Make bird feeders

This is a fun and simple way for everyone to get crafty, and once the feathered friends start coming over to eat, your kids will be happy to observe them, listen to their chirps, and learn about which birds are native to your area (you might want to prepare some information and find a colourful book about the birds you will encounter). You can make a bird feeder easily, without any special tools or materials required:
- Get a paper plate and something to put underneath to hold it so it doesn’t topple over from the weight of the seeds and birds (for example, a wicker plate holder that you can find at any dollar store)
- Punch 3 evenly-spaced holes around the edges of the paper plate
- Get 3 pieces of thick string, thread one through each hole on the plate and tie the plate to the plate holder on one end
- On the other end, tie the three pieces of string into a strong knot and hang it on your porch or wherever available on the patio
- Fill the plate with seeds and bread crumbs and get ready for some feathery visitors! Continue reading

3. Give the space a makeover

Use the floor, whether it’s wooden planks or patio stones, as a canvas for drawing with chalk, or if you don’t mind a more permanent intervention, for etching into wood or painting. This is a great activity because the children have a lot of space to spread out and be creative, to use it as a decorating project on which everybody is working together or to try some active games, and plus it’s neat for children to have a different perspective when drawing (aside from the usual paper on table). If you’re using the patio, it’s good to have some kind of a retractable awning or pergola (you can consult Oztech to help you research this option), because children easily get lost in these kinds of activities and forget time, so you need to ensure there will be enough shade from the sun at a certain point in the afternoon. That actually stands pretty much for any other patio activity, because chances are, the kids won’t be eager to go inside even once it gets too hot.

4. Make a hideout

The porch/patio area will be used as a base for all backyard activities – something like a fortress. Set up a tent or make a little hideout nook out of fabric, which can serve as a station for playing hide-and-seek, a castle, or anything else the imagination suggests.

5. Have an outdoor movie night

If you can get your hands on a movie projector, you’re halfway there. Get white blackout fabric and attach it to the posts of your porch, with the audience facing it from the yard, or attach it to the wall of your house, with the audience comfortably seated on the patio. It will be a fun experience and a good excuse for everyone to stay outside after dark!


Image source

Enjoy the little playground you have created in your own yard with the kids! It’s a great way to spend the whole day in fresh air, with the convenience of your house right there. And the best part is – you don’t have to drag the kids inside for lunch. You can make a little picnic in the yard, a full family dinner on the patio, or a patio tea party for snacks, just like in Alice

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Top Pregnancy Tips for New Mothers to Get a Healthy Baby

By Kate Elizabeth,

Image Source

For women who are already expecting mothers, or plan on getting pregnant, the essential tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy period to ensure that the baby is perfectly healthy include refraining from smoking, drinking, getting sufficient rest.

However, those above alone are not enough, some of the tips mentioned below, for example, are also among the key components that should be followed to guarantee a safe as well as a healthy pregnancy. Before I go on with the tips, one thing I would like to recommend here is that you must make sure you take your pregnancy test accurately. You can always use digital pregnancy tests for more accuracy. So, here some great tips for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal Vitamins are advised not only for those who are already expecting but also for women trying to conceive. The neural cord of a baby, responsible for the creation of the spinal cord as well as the brain develops in the initial most months of pregnancy; therefore, maintaining a healthy diet which includes prenatal Vitamins is essential to fulfilling the requirements of essential nutrients by the body.

Staying Active via Exercise

For not only controlling the baby weight being put on but also for boosting the overall mood, aid with better sleep as well as enhanced blood circulation; regular exercise should be of primary importance.

Yoga, walking, utilizing a stationary bike, Pilates are all excellent choices in trying to stay active as well as fit during the pregnancy timeline. It is of the utmost importance; however, to make sure that consultation with the doctor is done before beginning any exercise program. Continue reading

Educate Yourself on the Essentials of Pre and Post-delivery

Regardless of whether it is your first child you may be expecting or your fourth, it is always highly advisable to attend prenatal, or childbirth classes for making sure that you are in the correct physical as well as psychological state of mind as the delivery date approaches.

Such classes are a great way of addressing any concerns or a specific question you may have regarding the pre as well as the post-delivery process. Issues such as any past congenital disabilities or family history incidences can efficiently be discussed with professionals in the field.

Altering Chores

Daily chores such as climbing up ladders, cleaning up the cat’s litter, being exposed to harsh chemicals incorporated within cleaning products, lifting objects that may be relatively heavy or taxing upon the Vertebrae or even standing for long periods such as over the stove should be boycotted strictly when expecting a baby.

Keep track of Weight Gain

When eating for two, it is inevitable to gain weight if an active lifestyle or regular exercise is not adopted.

Gaining too many pounds may lead to difficulty when trying to shed them off post-pregnancy; however, at the very same time, not eating enough or gaining enough weight can place the baby itself at risk of issues such as low-weight birth or even in severe cases, cause issues with the baby’s body development.

Lastly, but not the least it is always important to carry out regular checks with your doctor to check up not only on your health but also that of the baby to adequately ensure a healthy as well as a pleasant pregnancy experience.

Author Bio:

Kate Elizabeth is mother of 3 kids. She likes working with new moms and women that are expecting babies. She has been blogging about pregnancy and gives great advice to the women that are expecting or struggling get a baby. She likes going to the beach on weekends and playing volleyball with her family. Read her latest posts on


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How to Teach Your Child to Love Sports

By Diana Smith,

image 1 (10)

Discipline, motivation, commitment and cooperation are just some of the important life skills sports will teach your child. Sport is also one of the best ways to make your child physically active, which will benefit their health in the long run. Be it soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis or any other sport, it’s essential that you use the right approach when you decide to point your little one at the right direction, so they can enjoy the sport every step of the way.

image 2 (10)

Introduce them to the sport

Taking your child to sports matches or letting them watch a game with you on TV is the first step you should take before making them play any sports. Once they see what the sport is all about, how the players on the field are working together and how they are all enjoying the game, it’ll be easier for your child to decide whether they want to start playing it or not. Make sure you’re there to answer all their questions and clear the possible uncertainties they may have while they think about starting to play the sport in question.

image 3 (10)

Teach them about commitment

It’s vital that you explain to them that once they decide they want to play a certain sport, even if they don’t think it is the sport for them, they should try to do it for at least one season. Everyone has their good and bad days, and we learn everything in the process, so just because their first and second practice didn’t go well, it doesn’t mean the next one will be bad as well. This will also teach them to be persistent, and to work on themselves, rather than to give up the first time they hit a bump on the road.

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Go through the basics together

Teaching your kids the basic principles of the sport is as important as teaching them more advanced techniques later. Show them the right way to play, and don’t rush going through the fundamentals with them, because they need to understand everything well before they can proceed with more advanced strategies. Try to make the sport as fun as possible to them, so they can learn the rules but stay entertained at the same time. Continue reading

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Get the equipment

If you’ve noticed that your child is leaning towards soccer, for example, feel free to get all the necessary equipment, so you can enjoy some sports at home first. Invest in a quality jersey, a comfortable pair of shoes, and don’t forget to buy soccer goals so they can practice all the moves right in the backyard. Once they are fully equipped, they will be able to train any time they want and discover whether they want to continue with the sport or not.

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Don’t push them too far

Parents always want the best for their child, but sometimes the desire to encourage them can become overwhelming and turn into unnecessary pressure. It’s good to support your child and reassure them when they need it, but don’t overdo it. Furthermore, you may feel the need to enroll your child into multiple activities at the same time, so they can discover which fits them best, but that will only be stressful for them. Too much variety can confuse them and prevent them from loving or becoming outstanding in one specific sport.

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Playing soccer, football, handball, baseball, or any other sport is vital for the healthy development of a child. However, before you enroll your kid into a specific sport, make sure you introduce them to it properly, go through the basics with them, help them practice at home, and always try to be a healthy support for them. Don’t try to force them into something they don’t like, but be their companion in finding the sport they’ll enjoy.

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Top 5 Signs That Your Child Might Need Braces

By Diana Smith,

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Every parent wants to be assured that their kid is perfectly healthy. And even if there is a problem with their kid’s health, they will always feel more at peace knowing that there is a solution to the problem. But something that many kids will need when they get slightly older is braces. It’s nothing to be scared of or worried about: millions of kids around the world wear braces for both aesthetic and medical reasons and if a dentist recommends braces, you would do well to take their advice. But, if you are not sure whether your kid needs braces or not, look for these signs:

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1. Speech difficulty

If your child is having trouble pronouncing certain words or letters, it might be because their teeth are not growing correctly. Overcrowding of the teeth or an irregular setup can interrupt their tongue while they are trying to speak. Likewise, if they have a speech impediment, like a lisp, they might be simultaneously be pushing their teeth forward with their tongue, which can displace them or make them crooked. Continue reading

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2. Thumb sucking

Many children suck their thumb. It is completely normal and something most kids do, but if it continues past the age of four, it can cause problems, because it can push their upper teeth forward, resulting in an overbite, or cause their lower jaw to develop abnormally. It is best to start getting them out of the habit when they turn three, to prevent potential harm.

3. Difficulty biting

Watch your kid when they are eating. Do they chew normally? If you see that they are straining their face in a strange way or always pushing their food to one side, it might be a sign of an imbalanced jaw, which prevents their teeth from comfortably meeting. A similar symptom can be mouth breathing, and they are all signs that there is something wrong with your kid’s teeth, and you should see a dentist to see if there is something that can be done with braces.

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4. Biting the inside of their mouth

If your child complains about wounds in the inner part of their mouth, or if you notice that they often bite or scrape the inside of their cheek, it is most likely because their teeth are not aligned correctly or they are growing out very sharp. Your child might be hiding this from you, so make sure you pay attention to details such as them chewing food with their front teeth instead of on the side, or avoiding hot foods.

5. Overbite or underbite

If you notice that your child has an overbite (top jaw and teeth protruding over the bottom ones) or an underbite (bottom jaw protruding), it is a sign that your child’s jaws are not properly aligned, and if not taken care of, it can cause problems down the line, like the inability to restore fractured teeth, bigger risk of trauma to the teeth and even accelerated face aging. If you notice this abnormality in your child, talk to a dentist about the possibility of kids’ braces.

If your child doesn’t want to wear braces out of fear of being teased, in pain or uncomfortable, explain to them why it’s important to wear them now, and explain the benefits of it in the future. Braces are rarely recommended for children under the age of seven, but every situation is different and your dentist will know best. The sooner your child is fitted with braces and their teeth start healing, the less time it will take for their teeth to get fixed and the sooner the braces will come off.


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