Pampers Active baby diapers

By Jaishri


After doing a lot of trial and error with diapers we chose pampers for our baby. We started with Pampers newborn diapers and now moved to active baby small. Diapers are based on the weight of the baby. It’s very important that the diapers fit well and your baby is not allergic to the material.

We were happy with pampers and it has good absorption capacity. I got a little bigger size as I’m not a fan of tight diapers. When my baby was still a newborn, I got the Active baby small. The only problem is urine leaks from the sides. To avoid leaks, make your baby wear jumpsuits with buttons below so that it can hold the diaper. Continue reading

We change around 6-8 diapers per day. Even if it’s not very wet try not to reduce the number below 6.

During the day we leave my baby for sometime without diapers on a quick dry sheet. She urinates very less during the day. I think leaving them open for a while is very important for air circulation and movement of legs properly.

Important: Use a diaper rash cream at least twice a day. Wipe the nappy area with a wet-wipe every time you change the diaper.

Pros: Good absorption, not harsh on skin, the elastic is not very tight.

Cons: Price, availability, not many discounts on the Small range.

Rating: ****

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Nuby hot safe feeding spoons review

By Jaishri

Nuby spoon 2

Nuby spoon 1

Nuby hot safe feeding spoons heat sensing spoon is a nice fancy product. It can be used for age groups 0-12 months.
The spoon changes color when there is a lot of heat in the food. I always watch out for that before I mix the cereals, hence I could not see the heat changing much. Just for fun I dipped the spoon in a bowl of hot water and yes it worked.

It has a nice blunt edge so it won’t hurt your baby’s mouth.
Overall a nice product, I still prefer my silver spoon. But for outdoors it’s great. Continue reading

I wouldn’t say it’s a much have product as we are quite aware of how hot the food is with our senses, but since its almost the same price as regular spoons, why not get it.
I think I paid Rs 175 for 2 spoons, not sure about exact prices.

I bought this from

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Munchkin food grinder

By Jaishri

munchkin food grindermunchkin food grinder 2

My baby is now 4 and half months and my doctor suggested me to start her off with fruits such as apple, banana and avocado. It all should be cooked or steamed before mashing.
Also mashed carrots and sweet potatoes can be given.

I was very attracted to Gerber fruit purees, so she suggested me to get a munchkin food grinder.
She said it makes very good purees similar to Gerber.

Youtube videos here:
Continue reading

My experience: It works well with softer fruits such as bananas and avocados. The apple mash had little harder bits. I’m am not very happy with the product. The lid also falls off very often.

Maybe it is good for bigger babies.

P.S I bought it from

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Mom and me feeding pillow

By Jaishri


Everyone around me knew how I felt breastfeeding was touger than rocket science. I suffered a lot with my C section belly and found it very difficult to feed my baby on a pillow. I tried everything sitting, sleeping etc etc.
Continue reading

For some people things just work and its very easy for them to be in sync with their baby, especially if she is born after the due date. With a premie babies they don’t know how to feed and latch on properly which makes it worse.

So my friend who is a doctor suggested me the mom and me feeding pillow. It has to be strapped around the waist and you can place your baby on it and feed. It really made breastfeeding easy.

Only after I got this one, I realzied that there are so many many brands which make these pillows and there is one that has a nice cover in front. Its better to get that one.

This one is a must for people who are finding breastfeeding very difficult and want to give up..


Comes in bright colors so it wont get dirty easily

The cloth on top can be removed and washed

Quite light but large, you can make it travel friendly

Was very useful for me and it kept my baby in place


Not very useful after 4 months baby just jumps off

Quite expensive its around 2000 I guess

The strap broke once and I had to stitch it up

Rating: ***

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Review of Elcarim Drops

By Jaishri

Elcarim drops

If you talk to anyone down south they would swear by some herbs which they burn and make a paste and later apply on baby’s tongue. It is done daily to improve digestions and prevent colic. My mother swears by it. But I was not ready to use these burnt herbs as I was not able to find a lot of details on the internet.

After a lot of arguing back and fourth we finally spoke to our doctor who luckily was a south Indian. He told me the benefits of these herbs and told me about drops that contains this composition.

He said that it is hygienically prepared and is very safe. Continue reading

My take: my baby was already 3 months by the time I started these drops. She did not like the taste at all and started spitting. Though I found it helping a lot, I did not want to force her.

I think you should start off well in advance but always consult your pediatrician before you start off with this medicine.

Elcarim Drops
Each ml contains:
Total water soluble extracts derived from
 • Phyllanthus emblica 90 mg
 • Terminalia chebula 4 mg
 • Embelia ribes 8 mg
 • Zingiber officinale 4 mg
 • Acorus calamus 3 mg
 • Improves digestive function and thereby regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
 • Offers carminative action that provides relief from G.I. colic in infants and children
 • Enhances appetite and promotes weight gain in patients with non-specific anorexia
 • Prevents flatulence and colic disorders
 • As directed by the Physician




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Review of ColicAid

By Jaishri

ColicAid was our only relief during the first 3 months of my babys birth. She was a colicky child, she would just start crying and crying non stop during the evenings and night.

The only thing which came to our rescue was these drops.

Manufactured by Meyer Organics PVt limited

Effective, safe & trusted aid for infant colic Continue reading

Colicaid Drops is most trusted brand for infantile colic by doctors and parents. Colicaid Drops has been in market for more than 15 years and market leader in its category.

Colicaid Drops offers powerful trio of

  • Simethicone – Reduces flatulence and expels trapped gas
  • Dill Oil + Fennel Oil – Reduces spasm & increases intestinal motility

Colicaid Drops is formulated with only 100% natural colors & flavors.

Pack – 15ml

After 2-5 mins she would pass out gas and then stop crying. Thse drops have to be taken only by pediatric recommendation.


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Review of Cloud Nine Hospital Bangalore

By Jaishri


After spending 7months at a small hospital we finally deserved some luxury and care, so we chose Cloud nine hospital on old airport road Bangalore for the delivery of our child.

We chose the luxury package which costed us around 85000 and Dr Praveena Shenoy as our gynac after reading reviews on the internet. The hospital itself looked so amazing with excellent décor.

They have an au bon pain café at the entrance; a mom and me store to buy essential stuff and a photo studio. The ambiance of the place made us feel good.

During delivery we enjoyed all the luxuries offered to us by cloud nine. The rooms made us feel at home. The nurses were courteous. The lactation, physiotherapy and nutrition session were good. Even the food provided was good; it’s unbelievable that diet food can be made tasty.
I will write a separate article on my c section delivery and the hospital. Continue reading

Overall a good experience with cloud nine and they were very kind to call us the next day after we reached home and find out if we were fine.

Cons: They don’t have a good canteen for people accompanying the patient. They need to go out or eat at a place which is for the staff, and the place is not that great. Au bon pain won’t cater to the Indian taste buds. So people like my mom had to wait for someone to bring something from outside.
It’s very difficult to get an appointment with Dr Praveena Shenoy and once we are there we need to wait for half a day, but it’s still worth it.

Rating: ****and half

Image source and link to the hospital:


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Review Cerelac Rice and Milk

By Jaishri
baby food at 4 months

I started off with cerelac rice for my baby when she was 4 and half months. Initially I mixed a lot of water in it and made it runny, a little thicker than formula milk. Later on made it thicker and now its similar to dosa or pancake batter consistency.

She seems to like it and did not like it with sugar as suggested by many people. Im sure it also must be my influence as I love rice and can eat rice at any time of the day.

It’s a great food to start off for young babies, though mothers milk is the best till 6 months. I wanted to get my baby used to cerelac if I had to return to work. Continue reading

I don’t want to start off with wheat till she is 6 months as it will be difficult to digest.

From Nestle website:
-Cerelac is a complementary food for babies after 6 months when breast milk alone can no longer cover the baby’s growing nutritional requirements.

Cereals & Milk:
-Cerelac provides the combined benefit of cereal and milk. It is free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Cerelac Rice:
-Each serve of cerelac provides the goodness of cereals with 18 important nutrients.
-The Z line process in Cerelac breaks the carbohydrates into smaller and easier to digest components.
-Each serve is nutrient dense and suitable for the baby’s small tummy.


Price: 135 (I buy the refill and store it in a Tupperware box)

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Review of BACC/ Santhana

As a Bangalorean everyone would have heard of DR Kamini Rao. She is well known and is known to handle the most complex pregnancies and is a specialist in assisted conception.

She runs a hospital called BACC and now a branch called Santhana very close to BACC. After race course, you will find Shivananda circle. Once you reach the next signal you can find BACC on your left.

They first register you and provide a round of counseling. Then you are made to meet DR Kamini and your treatment will be finalized.
They run you through a series of tests to determine what your problem is. Once your problem is detected they start of your treatment. As I was suffering from high homocysteine, I was put on high dosage of folic acid, that’s all  for 2-3 months. Continue reading

During the entire pregnancy they take utmost care of you. You might be frustrated with the number of times they make you repeat tests. But they understand how precious your pregnancy is and are really serious about it.

Even the doctors who come there for scanning are very good.
If you follow them to the T, they will really help you out.

I did not choose to deliver there as I wanted better facilities for delivery. I was not happy that they have just 3 rooms which they call suite and an OT.
Their pricing is equal to Cloud nine but they need to improve the quality of their rooms.

Overall I don’t want to highlight negatives; they are a great place to go to help you with all your problems. Dr Revathi Rajan is simply superb, she is confident, very well educated and takes you very seriously. I would like to thank them over and over again for making it possible for me.


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Review of Philips Avent feeding bottle

By Jaishri

Philips Avent bottle

I was hunting for a colic free BPA free feeding bottle, finally my cousin gifted me this one. My baby used to drink formula milk only in the feeding bottle with spoon. The hospital guys started out with that. But most of the milk used to spill out. So we had to use feeding bottles.

Advantages Continue reading

  • It has a nice lid to carry the bottle
  • Readings in both ml and ounce
  • It’s a sturdy bottle and will fit into everyones bag
  • Colic free, BPA free
  • One of the best bottles you can find in India
  • Easily available (both bottle and nipple)
  • Had a very nice cap which prevents any leak.


  • The bottle does not release the milk till your babies mouth locks the nipple
  • Can be a little hard for very small babies
  • You need to add extra holes based on months.

Price: Between 250-350
Rating: **** and half

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Baby Colic home remedies

By Jaishri

Stone for grinding herbs 

My baby had severe colic issues and touchwood it all settled down when she turned 4 months.

Colic is uncontrollable crying in babies mostly due to gas in their bodies. Try to avoid gassy foods like cabbage, cauliflower, lots of onions in your diet. Though many researches deny that there is no connection between breast milk and colic, from my experience there is definitely a connection. Continue reading

Write down all that you ate when your baby cries. You will surely find out the culprit.

Here are some remedies that might help, please consult your pediatrician before you try out any of this:

  • Gripe water 2 times a day, follow instructions on bottle. Review here
  • Immediate relief in colic drops such as Colic aid, review here.
  • My mother suggested age old herbs such as jadikai, masikai. Not sure what it’s called in other languages, they burn these herbs in the flame of a lamp and make a paste by rubbing it on a stone with some water. They place it on the baby’s tongue every day.  My mother swears by this remedy. You get these herbs easily in some ayurvedic stores.
  • My doctor suggested elcarim drops which has the above herbs, as it is hygienically prepared and is herbal with no side effects.. Review here. But then my baby disliked the taste.
  • Take you baby out for a drive on a bumpy road, here in India we are blessed with bumpy roads. The gas just releases you will be surprised.
  • Take your baby near a tap and show him or her running water. The sound just stops them from crying.
  • Hair dryer is another useful remedy. Just run the dryer (not on your baby), just the sound  will stop the crying.
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Review of LifeCell International

By Jaishri

Image source

Image source

Stem cell preservation was discussed during my antenatal class conducted by Cloudnine hospital.

You can see their website here.

After their presentation and a little research we decided to bank our baby’s stem cell. They have different schemes where they bank the cord blood cell, cord blood tissues, or both please read for more details. Continue reading

I thought it is a good way to secure out baby’s future. It’s just like you deposit money in the bank for a rainy day.
It costed us around 75000 for 20 years of banking both cell and tissue. They have different options and different payment methods.

We were impressed with their efficient services and well read Marketing Reps. Thanks Pratheek for answering all our questions so patiently. I was very happy. They keep calling us to confirm our details and even after the banking is done we got all the paperwork on time.

You need to bank the stem cells only for one baby the siblings can use the same.

The representatives are very prompt and just in case you want to keep the kit with you they help you with that. Also, they gave me a nice gift hamper from Kaya and a mothers beauty kit from Forest Essentials.

I would say that this is important, we can’t hunt for matching stem cells in a public bank when there is a necessity. They store the cells in two locations in case of natural calamities.
Overall a good experience with lifecell.

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