Home remedy for cradle cap in babies

cradle cap

Cradle cap occurs due to many reasons; please read wiki for more, I’m not a medical expert so I won’t comment much on this.

But they say it occurs because of some leftover hormones in the baby’s body. I also felt weather was playing a major role in increasing the cradle cap.
Ok let me add some background here. My baby was born with beautiful hair or rather a head full of hair. We hired a massage lady to massage my baby and bathe her.

One thing the lady used to do was, put loads of powder on my baby’s head after bath. She felt that it absorbed all the water and help in drying soon. I would like to tell anyone doing this a big NO. Don’t apply anything on the baby’s head after bath. You can apply oil on the next day. Continue reading

Some people also use turmeric on the soft spots of the head to prevent infection, which is also a myth.
All this blocks the pores in the scalp and worsens cradle cap.

My baby’s scalp started flaking and she lost lots of hair in the process.
Cradle cap is usually not itchy.
So what I did was I applied coconut oil on her hair and would let it soak for a while. Then I used to brush off the flakes and hair that would come off with the flakes.

Later wash her hair and after drying, I would apply Cutisoft ointment. It’s a hydrocortisone acetate cream which costs about 20-30 RS. I stopped using any hair oil during this process. In one week cradle cap vanished.

After cradle cap has gone, do apply oil daily or every alternate days like before else the scalp will dry, this is not necessary during summers.

P.S : Consult your doctor before using the ointment.

Image source: http://www.google.co.in/imgres?um=1&hl=en&biw=1600&bih=694&tbm=isch&tbnid=f45kspOb6k5j6M:&imgrefurl=http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/skin/cradle_cap.html&docid=i_YpZoIKWYZ4HM&imgurl=http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/skin/headers_89023/P_Cradle_Cap_Header1.jpg&w=436&h=158&ei=NkYBUtiIIoTyrQeH7IGgBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=689&vpy=157&dur=10190&hovh=126&hovw=348&tx=89&ty=47&page=1&tbnh=126&tbnw=272&start=0&ndsp=37&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0,i:91

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Review of spoo shampoo


If you have read my previous posts you would have figured out that Im a fan of curatio products.

These products are dermatological tested.

The shampoo is very mild and it does not burn the eyes of my baby. Lathers well and washes off all the oil in one wash. They claim to be a tear free shampoo.


  • It washes off very well.
  • The shampoo itself is of very thin and runny texture hence easy to use
  • Does not burn or sting the eyes.
  • Works very well for cradle cap.


  • Availability can be an issue. You may need to order. Curatio products are making rounds around any dermatologist clinics so you can check in any medical store near them.

Price: I need to check the price as I received a physician sample from a friend. But I can tell you that very little shampoo is enough for every wash.

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Review of TediBar soap

Like I mentioned in my previous post, after a lot of reviews, trial and error sessions, I finalized on tedibar soap for my little one.

This soap made me gain trust on the brand and now I also use their shampoo and nappy rash cream. Ill review these in my future posts.

The soap is made by curatiohealthcare. Continue reading

It has the same pH of normal skin and hence it protects the skin from fungal and bacterial infections.



  • Works like a dream, you can see your baby skin glow in a week.
  • pH is even less than neutral hence same as skin pH.
  • Works in all climate conditions
  • Very mild fragrance
  • Soap lasts for quite a number of washes
  • A very nice soap stand comes with the soap. It prevents soap from sticking to the soapdish


Might be a little expensive for some, costs around 100 Rs for one bar of soap. But lasts for a long time.

Its a must buy soap for babies and best in the market.

Rating: ****

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How to select the right soap for your baby


As you know there are so many baby soaps and soap washes available in India and abroad. Here in India Johnson’s products have become a home name for baby products. Now slowly Himalaya and Chicco are building their brand names.

I stated off with Johnson baby moisture wash (made in US). It was mild, but I noticed my baby tanning a bit. Also, it could not wash off heavy oils such as coconut or sesame oil.

So I next moved to Johnson baby head to toe wash, it was a part of a gift set given to me by a lot of friends and relatives. Again I stopped because of some kind of tanning and complexion changes. Continue reading

Next I moved to Himalaya soap, it worked very well on my baby. As it was summer it was a great soap and I used it for 2 months. Even cost wise it was perfect.

The weather started changing in Bangalore weather, and it started drying my baby’s skin. and the soap did sting the eyes. So next…

I used Johnson baby soap, same effect.. so next..

Tedibar soap. This was suggested by a friend of mine who is a doctor. It has the perfect PH balance, made by Curatiohealthcare. It worked like magic on my baby’s skin. Im going to continue using this soap for a long long time.

Some more suggestions: I heard Cetaphil also makes very good soaps, if your baby has eczema I suggest Cetaphil Moisture wash.

Two other popular brands now are Chicco and Pigeon.

If your not looking at cost Mothercare has excellent soaps and bodywashes.

We tried the besan haldi thing but it dried out my baby skin and my baby is allergic to turmeric.


  • Always buy a small unit and try for a day or two
  • Every baby is different
  • Check for a Ph neutral soap
  • Choose soaps with little or no perfume
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Home remedy for constipation in infants


It’s totally normal for infants below 3 months to poop once in 3-7 days. Breastfed infants don’t face issues with constipation. It happens mostly with formula fed infants. Whatever it is, it’s very common and easily treatable.
My baby was mostly breastfed and used to be formula fed once in 2-3 days. She was a colic baby and colic used to get worse when she does not pass her stools for more than a day.

Home remedy we used was dipping a betel leaf with castor oil and placing it on her stomach. Continue reading

Castor oil is known for its cooling properties and used to relieve stomach pain. You can find it turning black in sometime.
Ok now that’s a remedy just for the stomach pain.

For constipation my doc suggested us to dip the stalk of the betel leaf with castor oil and dipping it into the anus. This was a good remedy and within hours she used to pass out her stools.

You can try Elcarim drops which is completely herbal daily to avoid colic. Elcarim drops is reviewed on the blog.

P.S: Always heat the castor oil and use. Just 30 seconds heating in the microwave will do.

Hope this helps!!!

Image source:

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mommyswall x dresshead sweetheart bodice long lace sleeves slim fit dress

mommyswall x dresshead sweetheart bodice long lace sleeves slim fit dress / embellished neck design / midi dress with embroidery
This mommyswall x www.dresshead.com/c/lace-dresses/ sweetheart bodice long lace sleeves slim fit dress is a stunning creation in terms of embellishment. It is characterized by its lace outer surface as well as the full lining inside. The cut out detail that spans the waist area is also vivid, creating a sharp contrast in a lovely white design. The dress opens at the zipper closure on the back and there is also a net skirt lining, making it a very comfy and easy to function dress all around. The true to size fit makes sure the outfit is breathable even if it is snugly worn. There is also padding in the cups of the outfit, further accentuating a woman’s body for a very sexy yet restrained look. This dress must hand washed, as it is made up of nylon and elastane—more important it has so much embellishment, it simply would not survive in a machine washer/dryer. The lining was made of polyester. This mommyswall x dresshead sweetheart bodice long lace sleeves slim fit dress was constructed for women who were fairly tall, standing five foot nine.

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Pregnancy Experience



I had a hectic nine months which was one of the toughest times in my life due to my past history of miscarriages. Once you have a negative experience it is very difficult to get back and every step becomes a big milestone to cross.

I used to fear every scan till the end and worry every minute. The happiest day in my life was when my baby was born. I was relieved. Till then I used to observe every move of my baby in my womb and safeguard my pregnancy. Only people who have gone through miscarriages will know what a tough phase this can be.

The day I got a confirmation on my pregnancy I was excited and at the same time nervous. I knew it was a big task ahead of me. I had to cross the 13 weeks benchmark. I had my miscarriage at 12 weeks. So every day for me was very difficult and I could not take my mind away from the pregnancy. Continue reading

I was put on heparin injections after my first scan. Heparin treatment review here,

It is very painful to inject your own body but eventually, you get used to it. Also, with that, I was given progesterone.
Once I crossed 13 weeks, I was happy but still nervous and anxious. Next trimester was very smooth sailing. All the nausea was gone. But I had to take another weekly progesterone injection called maintain. Muscular injections are very painful but I used to always tell myself that this too shall pass.

Otherwise, everything was good. Since I had very less activity and was advised rest, I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. During the 8th month, I developed gestational diabetes.
More about gestational diabetes, here:

I ate too much sweets in the 7th month as it was Diwali time. Then added to all my injections, I had insulin to take. I bought a big whiteboard and put down all the injections and medicines that I had to take. My god it was very challenging.
But then believe me it’s all worth it.

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How to administer heparin injections

If you have recurrent pregnancy loses heparin injections are prescribed. Heparins are basically blood thinners.
I was on enoxaparin (enoxarin) once a day. They are prefilled syringes and are quite expensive too.

It can be taken in the legs stomach or love handles.
I injected it daily on my thighs. I used my inner thighs. It needs to be injected in the fat.
Thanks to god that I have a lot of fat in my body. Continue reading

Site on a chair and select a portion of the inner thigh that is loose and hanging.
Just pinch it and poke the injection straight. Then press the injection. You can use surgical spirit before injecting, but I used to inject directly. Most of the time there was no blood discharge.

If a few drops of blood oozes out, wipe it and apply some dettol or antiseptic solution.
Tips: hold the injection straight and poke right in, first the needle then you inject. The needle has to be perpendicular to the surface.

Dont freak out this is temporary.

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Gestational diabetes during pregnancy



I don’t want to write about gestational diabetes here, there is a lot of Wikipedia to read.
I can write about my experience with gestational diabetes.

How to prevent it:
I had a complicated pregnancy and hence was advised bed-rest. For those who can walk, it is the best way to burn sugars. Walk regularly.
Avoid eating refined sugars after 6 months. During the last trimester many families in India would feed you with loads of milk sweets and ghee as the baby grows the maximum during the last trimester. So does gestational diabetes. Continue reading

My experience:
My doctor noticed a little extra amniotic fluid and suspected gestational diabetes. After doing my glucose tolerance test we noticed that my sugars after fast were a little high.

My doctor put me on a 2000 calorie diet and asked me to monitor my sugars. The diet was the usual diabetic diet with half a liter of sugarless milk. I hate milk so had to skip that step, I made up with yogurt.

But then my sugars kept fluctuating, and since mine was a high risk pregnancy. I was put on insulin directly. I was given two insulin guns one for the day and one during the night. Also, I maintained a very strict diet with no sugar or rice.

It’s not very painful to take these shots; I used to take them on my hand. Try to avoid muscles, just pinch the flesh and click the pen.
I would say if your doctor advices you go for it.

My diabetes was gone immediately after my baby was born. So till then yes it will always be behind your head that something is wrong or might go wrong. I can only say be positive and follow the first few points and prevent gestational diabetes if you can if not take it seriously and follow your doctor.

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Lactation classes Cloudnine hospital


I attended a lactation session during my stay at Cloud nine. I had to take my baby with me. The only problem was that it was held only one day after surgery so I was very tired to concentrate.

They told us the importance of breast feeding and how to breastfeed. I am one person who wanted to do everything perfectly and messed up the most. Continue reading

I think it’s better to take it slow and let the baby do its part. Not be too conscious about the 1/3 breast latch etc etc.

The lactation consultant was very helpful in coming to my room to help me again. But the problem is that we don’t have recliner beds at home.

If such classes are provided by the hospital then fine but there is no need to go in search of one.

Sadly we don’t have many qualified lactation consultants here in India. Do contact La leche league leaders for support, you can see our page on Breastfeeding.

Image source: cloudninecare.com

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Baby Sleep patterns

By Jaishri

Baby sleep patterns must be one of the most searches topics on Google. Even I used to search everywhere and wonder how this thing is going to resolve.
But the simple answer to this is “patience”.

Babies have very tiny stomachs and to create a schedule for them so that you can sleep is not correct.

I would agree feeding them every 2-3 hours is essential. But you can’t expect them to sleep at night.
They will stay awake at night for 3-4 months and then things will get better, they will understand the difference between day and night. They will wake up only 1-2 times for feed. Continue reading

Meanwhile you just have to sleep when the baby sleeps; this is your only mantra. I think acceptance is better than trying. During the night they cry due to two reasons, one they want to play and they are craving for your attention. While you’re busy trying to make them sleep.

Second it must be colic, they develop these gas pains. My baby was a colic child and nothing used to help her till I gave her colic drops called “Colicaid”. Few drops and then the gas would pass out. They will feel much better.
Remedies for colic, here.

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Antenatal class Cloudnine hospital Bangalore

By Jaishri


Antenatal class By Cloudnine hospital was held at Taj Residency Bangalore. The place was fully crowded and we could not see the speakers.

There were exercise sessions, Lamaze session, nutrition sessions, talks on stem cells and a nice chit chat with Dr Kini from Cloudnine.
It was a nice session with a lot of positivity. Lunch/snacks were light and nice. It was good to see similar crowd. Just that there were too many people. Try sitting in the front rows. Continue reading

It was a nice day out with my hubby. We had fun.

The class was complimentary with our package, I think they charge for non members.
Image: cloudninecare.com

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