Ways To Combat Mosquitoes – Indoors

Spring is finally here in major parts of India, and slowly as days are getting warmer, it also means an increase in mosquitoes.  In our previous blogs, we highlighted how to protect your kids from mosquitoes while they are outdoors. This blog is all about indoors and various ways to keep them safe.

There are tonnes of options available which can be used to keep the mosquitoes away. One of the most common things people use these days are mosquito coils. No matter how hard we try, some mosquitoes do sneak in our home during evening when they are at their peaking best. Including mosquito coils, there are many ways by which you can prevent the nasty mosquitoes.

The various places where I have seen the need for coils and other methods being used effectively are as follows:


nursery-school-345518_1280ost playschools have a mix of both open and closed areas. Therefore, it is required to incorporate ways which will keep bugs and mosquitoes away. A very effective way which I have observed in most playschools is using Goodknight’s mosquito coils. There are always nooks and corners, where mosquitoes could be hiding and might pose a risk to the kids. Hence, it is always a good idea to use mosquito repellent coils.



A doctor’s clinic is always thronged with patients every now and then. That is one reason, you might have observed some plants at your doc’s clinic to ward off those mosquitoes. We don’t want to fall sick by getting a bite from the mosquito at the doctor’s clinic! Do we?



Often there are certain things which still require us to go to a government institute or office for doing certain tasks or getting something booked. Since these places often involve people going in and out of the office, it also means mosquitoes sneaking in and out. Mosquito coils are a very good option which can be used in such places and will prevent infestation of mosquitoes.


Goodknight has two very famous products which provide up to 12 hours of indoor protection from mosquitoes. These are:

1.      Goodknight Activ+ Low Smoke Coil


The Goodknight Activ+ Low Smoke Coil ensures 12-hour protection. It comes with an active filter technology, which in turn ensures lesser smoke. The Activ+ Low Smoke Coil has 25% extra actives as compared to any ordinary Prallethrin 0.04% coils which mean better efficacy and faster repellency.

2. Goodknight Maha Jumbo Coil


Just like the low smoke coil, the maha jumbo coil also provides a 12-hour protection. Jumbo power formula is effective against mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and filariasis. This leaves a long lasting and soothing fragrance.

2.      Goodknight Activ+ System


The time-tested way to drive away the mosquitoes is making sure you have the Goodknight Activ+ System switched on at all times. The double power Activ+ mode ensures mosquitoes don’t interrupt your family time.

Apart from these, you can also incorporate some DIYs at home to prevent mosquitoes from entering inside your house:


Lavender oil can be applied as such or can be used in the form of diffusers. The fragrance of lavender oil is such that it is very pleasing to a human’s nose, but at the same time extremely irritating for a mosquito. They just can’t stand its smell. So, jazz up your room quotient with lavender oil diffusers to keep away the mosquitoes.


Basil plant has a very religious purpose in many South-Asian homes. But do you know that it is also one of the most natural and safe mosquito repellent? It helps in driving mosquitoes away and has a pleasant aroma. It is also easily available these days.

As much as we think that we are safe indoors, but that is not the case most of the times. Even in the smallest of corners, mosquitoes can lay eggs and thrive. We are sure, just by following these simple tips you can be safe at your home as well.




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Review of Nutrazee Multivitamin Gummies


In this fast paced life, having a good healthy life has become utmost important. However due to the work load, stress, multitasking … we fail to keep healthy eating habits.

We  know at the back of our mind that we need to consume well balanced healthy diet which includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals. But do we actually consume them on daily basis? We don’t.

Getting kids to eat a well balanced diet is next to impossible. They are such a picky eater.. they don’t wish to eat the proper food. The only thing they love to do is munch on some snacks & grab handful of candies.

What if you only need to take one or two fruity flavored gummies and you are done with recommended daily dose of vitamins… Continue reading

Yes, I have come across yummy multivitamin chew-able gummies that offer a wide range of nutrients Nutrazee Multivitamin Gummies. And today I will review the same for you.

 Nutraazee Multivitamin Gummies

These are Orange flavored chew able bear shaped  gummies. These are excellent source of nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D3, E, B3, B6, B12, biotin and folic acid.

Company Claims:-


  • Packet contains 45 Bear shaped Multivitamin Gummies.
  • These Gummies are 100% Vegetarian.
  • Non GMO.
  • Contains Natural Color and Natural Flavor.
  • Free of high fructose corn syrup, Gluten free.No gelatin, No dairy products, No eggs, No peanuts, No preservatives, No soy, No wheat, No yeast.


Adults:- 2 Gummies /Day

Kids:- 1 Gummy/Day

Do not exceed the dosage.


Before consuming any multivitamin on daily basis, you should first try for 1 or 2 days and look for any side effects.

The packaging is in a sleek plastic light weight bottle. The lid is  childproof hence children cant open the container.

My Experience:-


I am mother to two little boys, ages 4 & 1. You can tell my life is totally a roller coaster ride. My elder one is a picky eater and I also tend to miss on healthy well balanced diet every now & then. This is the very reason, I decided to give Nutrazee Multivitamin Gummies a try. This is what I liked about it so far…

  • The  gummies are orange flavored . They are not too sweet.
  • The gummies are in cute teddy bear shape, my son liked the shape a lot.
  • They are great for filling in the nutritional gaps.
  • The bottle has childproof lid so that the kids cant have overdose of the gummies.
  • Each gummy is separately packed in plastic wrapper, because of which the gummies don’t stick to one another. If you are a working person, you can grab few & stock in your bag.

So if you have a picky eater like mine & you fill like filling in the nutritional gap… you should surely give Nutrazee Multivitamin gummies a try. It is totally worth it.

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Do You Believe In These Outdoor Myths?

Parenting brings with itself a unique set of emotions and tasks. No wonder parenting is considered a different life altogether from your bachelor or couple days. This is one reason why couples want to be extremely sure if they really want to take a plunge into parenting or not.

The life of a parent has many moments of joy and happiness, but is also riddled with some common myths. These myths have been prevalent in our society for years and revolve around the child, its parents and even sometimes the extended family members. To think in the age of science we still put our trust in them- hilarious, isn’t it?

While many families debunk these myths in today’s time, thus proving that they are not true, there is still a portion of Indian society who believes in them. As a country, India has so many values and traditions, that sometimes it is quite easy to mix a tradition with a myth. This in turn leads to blind following of these myths by the masses.

As soon as a couple is blessed with their little one, they are bombarded with advice in all spheres of life; these majorly revolve around the new baby. The first year is particularly tough when parents must abide by certain kind of rules laid down by the family, even though scientifically they just might turn out to be another myth.

This is why I have listed out some of the most common outdoor myths you might have come across, especially if you are a parent:



Of course, as we have moved into an age of global warming, temperatures are only rising. The Earth is getting hotter by the day but that does not mean that we should shut our kids from the outside world. As much as protection is required, it is equally important to see if our kids are getting their daily dose of sunshine. Something as simple as walking to the bus stop with your kids is one of the ways your kids can absorb the much needed Vitamin D.  It is important to note here that as much as 90 % Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.




Whosoever said that dirt is bad for kids, never played out in the open! Yes, you heard it right! In our opinion ‘It Takes Dirt to Embrace Dirt’. Well, how do you plan to teach your child the concept of getting dirty if you want to see them clean all the time? Until they go outside and play in dirt or sand, how can we expect them to differentiate between being dirty and being clean? Also, sand is not harmful for your child. It helps in gross motor skills development. When they hold sand in their hand, they develop a sense of touch, through which they learn how to hold and manipulate objects.



This is by far one of the most common myths we have heard of while growing up. However, it is false that cold weather or the cold air causes flu like symptoms. Cold and cough is caused due to the virus which is present in the air that surrounds us. Irrespective of the temperature, if the virus is present it will cause flu. The same applies to the myth that ice creams can cause a cold. Doctors advise against going out because of a larger chance of encountering the virus, which might be prevalent in the air as compared to the protected environment of your home.



We often see children falling sick the first time they go out to play at the park of for a play date with other children. I am sure you must have thought what a bad decision it was to take your little one out in the open! But trust us, nothing builds or makes immunity stronger than taking a kid to newer environments. Of course, you shouldn’t take them out when they are sick or not well. That won’t be a good decision in any case.

So, mommies don’t fear and embrace outdoor play as much as we give importance to indoor quality time with our children. Presenting some products by which you can make outdoor play even safer for your kids while they enjoy:


This product is made using 100% natural ingredients and comes in two fragrances – citrus and bubblegum. All you have to do is apply just 4 dots on clothes that provide protection from those nasty mosquitoes for a good 8 hours.



good knight patch

100% natural, these Patches are certified as baby safe by paediatricians, these can be easily stuck onto your child’s clothes or the stroller to provide 8 hours of protection. These also come in attractive Chhota Bheem designs that your little one would love!


Now that we have debunked the outdoor myths, make sure you step out with your kid more often and spend some quality time together!



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Look out for these signs and symptoms of Malaria to take timely action

Kids are always bustling with energy and it is a joyous moment for any parent to watch them play and make merry. As parents, we take every measure to keep our kids away from even the smallest of ills like cold and cough. But even a slight increase in our child’s body temperature makes us worried and we run to the doctor immediately. After all, it’s not a pleasant sight to see our child who was bustling with volcanic energy just a while ago, under the weather and stuck in bed, was!


Unfortunately, Since India is a tropical country and most part of the year is warm, there are high chances that your kid might get affected by malaria. Mosquitoes thrive in warm weather and multiply at a very high rate during the rainy season.

Contrary to the popular belief (that malaria is caused due to the bite of a mosquito), malaria fever is actually spread by the female Anopheles mosquito that has been infected with the Plasmodium Parasite. So one can get malaria not just through a mosquito bite, but through blood transfusion from an infected person as well. Malaria can also be transferred from an infected woman to her foetus during pregnancy.

Mother_measuring_sick_sons_temperature_Rido_Fotolia_mediumIMG SRC

The parasite enters the human bloodstream and targets the liver first. Mostly it remains dormant for some time and then starts multiplying. From here on, the parasite enters the bloodstream and goes on to damage the red blood cells. This is the time when the first few symptoms of malaria begin to appear.

While fever is the primary symptom of malaria, there are other signs as well which you don’t want to miss. These are:

While fever is very common in infants and children, it is a best not to ignore it. Closely observe your child and get him tested if needed to be doubly sure. . It should be noted that if fever is accompanied with chills, there are high chances that your kid might be affected by malaria.

544d01ad7dfed.imageIMG SRC

Malaria also causes vomiting in children and mothers often mistake it for food poisoning or unhealthy food intake.

Headache is one thing which is not very common in kids unlike adults. So if your preschooler complains of a headache along with other symptoms, then it might be because of malaria.

Since the parasite first affects the liver, many kids complain of stomach ache – do not ignore it; it is one of the many signs of malaria.

This is one symptom that you need to monitor closely as you can go wrong with your observations. Almost 90% of moms feel that their little ones have less or hardly any appetite. But if lack of appetite is showing up along with other symptoms, then it’s time to get your kid checked for malaria.

If your child has suddenly developed insomnia, then malaria might be one of the underlying causes for it.

Although there are high chances of kids getting malaria in monsoons (as that is the time when mosquitoes thrive) malaria is not a seasonal disease. It can occur at any time during any month of the year. Some of the tips which you can adopt to keep mosquitoes at bay are:



As soothing and pleasing lavender fragrance is to humans, it has the opposite effect on mosquitoes; mosquitoes detest the smell of lavender and stay away at all costs. So it’s a good idea to apply lavender oil on your kids’ body in moderate proportion to keep those nasty mosquitoes away. For indoors, use lavender oil in diffusers to keep the atmosphere calm and mosquito free! You can even use the Goodknight Activ+ in Lavender Refill. Depending on the number of mosquitoes, you switch between the Normal & Activ modes.


It is difficult to ask your kids to stay at home in the evenings when it’s time for some outdoor fun. Don’t stop your kids from playing out; all you must do is apply four dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and let them enjoy to their heart’s content! It provides 8-hour protection and is made using natural ingredients.


good knight patch
Goodknight Patches can also be used when kids are rushing for their play time. Just one patch is enough to keep the mosquitoes away for up to 8 hours while you’re outdoors. So just in case you see these symptoms in parallel with one another, go to your doctor immediately. He will suggest a blood test post which your kid will have to undergo regular medication. The best thing to do is take the necessary precautions and stay one step ahead of disease-causing mosquitoes. Use mosquito repellents like Goodknight to keep yourself and your family safe!





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6 Modern Ways to Redecorate the Study Room for Your Child

By Hannah, 

kids study 1

Building a great study room for your child is equivalent to providing him/her the opportunity with making the best out of their focus and concentrations. It is a fact that our environment plays an important role in determining our progress rate. Therefore, you have to set up your kids’ study room carefully, and purposefully. Those of you who are doing this for the first time might feel like it is a hard task but worry not. I will provide you some excellent tips for renovating your children’s’ study room.

kids study 2

 The Walls

It’s true that children are drawn to environments that are colorful and bright but it is important to realize that too bright walls can sometimes prove to be a distraction. Therefore, you should choose a much less bright color, such as pastels. Avoiding hanging too many posters, instead, mount a periodic table. It would look good and serve a purpose as well when it comes to your child’s education.

The Lights

When renovating the room for your kids, you have to make sure that you enlighten the space up enough. It is always encouraged that you have natural lights in the room however if for some reason you cannot manage that, don’t choose to mount fluorescents on the ceiling. Optimum light for studying is yellow light. I also suggest that you have some table lamps placed on the table so they can be used while concentrated on the finely printed text.

The Flooring

Flooring is another part of the study room décor. You can have it tiled, but I prefer wooden flooring. It looks more natural, and though it does take time to manage and polish it the look, it gives to the entire room is quite stylish. Wooden flooring is not very expensive either; you need to look for it in the right places. I’m sure you will find many dealers who would provide you wooden ceiling in good pricing.

The Windows

Another focal point of the room will be windows. Windows can also serve as a source of light so you should pay special attention to the windows of the room. You can put some blinds on them for summery weather or add cute curtains; the margin of decorating this space is ample. You can ever set up a small reading nook near the window sill. It depends on your creativity and the window’s structure, but this space can be utilized in many ways. Continue reading

kids study 3


You should also choose the furniture quite carefully. Opt for ergonomic design desks and chairs, your child’s comfort should be your top priority. You can add a cute bean chair in the room as well; it will make your kid happy. You should ask your child about their choice of furniture before you decide to buy it for their study room.


I’d say that you should splurge on the accessories. Remember to buy a top quality monitor mount for your child’s desktop computer; it will save his neck from getting strained.

Author Bio:



Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home décor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Check this link right here to know more about standing desks Singapore.

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PostNatal Care For New Moms and Babies

Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! Finally, the much-awaited time is here, when you can hold your squishy little baby in your arms. While motherhood is by far the best feeling and experience for a woman, one should also keep postnatal care of both the baby and the new mom in mind.

Both mom and the baby are at a high risk after the delivery of the little one and one really needs to take care even of the minutest things. Women stand at a high risk, because of loss of blood due to the removal of placenta during delivery. Also, a lot of women go through tense moments just before delivery or when they go into labor. This is a new change which the human body might not have experienced before. Hence critical support at this time is important. A new born might take time to adjust to new surroundings and the environment and his body might not react well to these changes.

So, if you’ve been thinking that once you have the tiny one in your arms, the work stops here -think again! Postnatal care is equally important as neo-natal care. Presenting some tips which will help you sail through the initial few weeks post-delivery:


mom sleeping

It is truly said that post-delivery, it is the rebirth of a mom. Yes, you heard it right, a woman is born again after delivery – and we can say that quite literally. This is because there are high chances of risk to both, mom and baby during delivery. Once you are transferred to your private room at the hospital or better still at home, try to take as much rest as you can. This means staying away from gadgets, books and doing any sort of physical work. Soon after delivery, a woman’s body is very fragile, hence these steps need to be taken. This is the prime reason why women should not be discharged too soon after giving birth.


baby check ups
While the tests for hearing, skin color and heart beat screenings happen soon after your little one arrives, there are still some follow up checks which are made within seven days after the birth to confirm if the new born is doing fine.

Bleeding or lochia as it is popularly termed is normal after delivery and lasts for a good 8-10 days. Just keep a tab of how often and how much you are bleeding. If you are feeling the need to change the sanitary pad after every hour, then you should see your gynecologist at once. Blood clots are also very common post-delivery.


A new mom’s room should be well lit and have ample sunlight. It should have windows which will enable cross ventilation. Same applies to the baby’s room. You can also co-sleep with your baby, if you’re comfortable with it. Check for bed bugs, insects or any such troubling elements which might hamper you or your infant’s wellbeing. Everyone from a kid to an aged person knows how nasty those mosquito bites can be. The following two Goodknight products can keep you and your little one safe from mosquitoes: Continue reading


Loaded with the goodness of 100% natural oils, the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On can prove to be a super boon for new moms particularly those who had their little ones in the monsoon season, as it is during this season that there are sudden spurts in the number of mosquitoes. Just apply 4 dots on your clothes, which will ensure an 8-hour protection. The Roll-On is available in two variants – Bubblegum & Citrus. This product is paediatrician certified and hence recommended for regular use.


good knight patch
For your little one you can use Goodknight Patches which can be put on their clothes. These patches are certified by pediatrician as baby safe and provide an 8-hour protection to keep those nasty mosquitoes away.



A new mom needs to take proper care of her diet post-delivery. Due to normal blood loss during delivery, it is important to continue the intake of iron and folic acid capsules. One should also include green leafy vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Since you will be breastfeeding, it is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Taking care of one’s own self is equally important. Moms often tend to ignore themselves post-delivery and immerse themselves in the new child’s upbringing. It is possible to keep yourself in the pink of health while you take care of your new born.



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Walking the Camino de Santiago with your Kids

By Kevin,

Image Source

The Camino de Santiago, a network of pilgrim trails, attracts more and more people every year. But, have you ever considered walking it with your family? Children can also enjoy the trip if you take some practical steps to ensure everybody has a fun time.

Walking the Camino de Santiago with your family can be a unique and bonding experience. There is no minimum required age to walk, and there are a lot of paths suitable for all ages. A family with toddlers and young kids are a minority on the Camino. However, this is not an impossible voyage. As with any activity combining travel and children, planning is essential.

Baby carriers will be a great choice for infants and hiking-specific backpacks for toddlers. If you are carrying your child, consider paying for the luggage transfer service. Your backpack will be delivered to the next albergue for 3 to 7 euros.

You can also choose to push your child in off-road strollers or carts. Protect your child from the weather elements and plan ahead for the best sections of the trail. The route used by the pilgrims who ride a bike is a good choice for parents using strollers or carts.

What to Bring

On some sections of the Camino, there is little shelter from the sun. Ensure your children wear hats and strong sun-block. Pack lots of water and make sure your kids drink it at regular intervals. Just to be sure, avoid the Camino during the height of summer, walk it in spring or autumn when the weather is more pleasant.

Make sure your family has comfortable footwear that has been broken in. It’s not fun to deal with blisters along the way. Leave your fashionable clothes at home and bring clothing appropriate for hiking.

The Camino Frances can be easily broken into sections which makes it perfect for families with children. This route has more services and accommodation especially in the last 100 kilometres, which can come in handy if your children get tired of walking. Maybe the section from Arzua to Santiago de Compostela would be the best choice. Walking 37 kilometres over four days shouldn’t be too hard for the kids. Continue reading

Children can enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes of Galicia, the eucalyptus woodlands as well as the urban environments such as Santiago de Compostela. It is important to motivate them along the way. Set reasonable targets for the day, so frequent stops are required. You can also bring a pack of cards, some other games or a book or two, to improve their mood when they are feeling down. Having a variety of snacks will be useful, too.

While teenagers should be able to overcome the exertion, some parts of the Camino can be hard for younger children. If it is possible, prepare them for the trip by practicing sports. Bring a first-aid kit for blisters and wound care, as well as a pain reliever for you and your children.

Most albergues don’t supply sheets and towels. Consider bringing them along with a pillowcase, or bring a lightweight one-season sleeping bag. You won’t be needing this if you plan to stay in hotels.

Some pilgrims believe you need to leave all electronics behind, so you can fully experience the Camino. Only you can decide whether to carry the devices or not. Avoid things you won’t be using. Pack as light as possible, bringing only essential items. There will be plenty of opportunities to purchase anything you have forgotten or ran out of.

A Rewarding and Affordable Trip

Depending on the route and accommodation, the Camino de Santiago can be rather affordable. Most pilgrim budgets fall within the 25-50 euro per day range. The cost to walk the Camino Frances is about 35 euros per person, per day. That includes staying at pilgrim hostels or albergues (10 euros on average) and eating in restaurants.

You can save money by staying at albergues with kitchen facilities. That will give you the opportunity to make your own meals and coffee, instead of eating out. Since a pilgrim spends about 20 to 25 euros for food and drinks, that can significantly lower the cost.

Have in mind your children’s temperament, when deciding where to stay. Sleeping in hostels or albergues can be an amazing experience for them. However, some albergues do not allow children. If you decide to stay in this type of accommodation, make sure they are not disturbing other pilgrims. Many private accommodation options offer family rooms with three or four beds. You can consider boutique hotels, hostels and camping as other options.

It can be quite rewarding spending your holiday camping with your kids on the Camino. You’ll get to spend some quality time with them, without the distraction of technology. Take it as an adventure, and enjoy the landscapes, history and culture along the way. It is the perfect way to discover new things with them.


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Benefits of Skin Tightening Without Surgery


Image Source 

Surgery has been a common skin tightening method for many years. However, it is also a time consuming, expensive, and potentially hazardous one. If you want tighter skin without surgery you are in luck. Modern technological advancements have supplied you with many alternative treatment methods. Below is more information about some of those methods and how they can be more helpful than surgery in some instances. Continue reading

When Surgery is Required for Skin Tightening

Sometimes surgery is the only skincare option. However, that is usually only the case if your skin is severely sagging, such as after dramatic weight loss. If all you have is some moderate sagging or a few wrinkles you want to remove surgery should be avoided. There is no reason to put yourself through such mental, physical, and financial strain. Many easier, safer and less costly clinical skincare methods are at your disposal.

Trading Surgery for Laser Skin Tightening

If you do not have severe enough skin problems to warrant surgery you can investigate other treatment methods instead. One such category of treatments is laser therapy. Clinicians have used laser devices to treat a variety of skin problems over the years. Among them are unsightly wrinkles and skin sags. But they are best used for mild and moderate conditions only.

When choosing a form of laser therapy to try you should know that they come in different varieties. For example, some use infrared light. Also, some are designed to provide surface treatments. Others can revitalize your skin from the inside over time by treating lower layers of skin tissue. Some lasers, such as ablative devices, strip away surface imperfections and give quick results, but they can also cause more temporary side effects. So those risks must be considered carefully as well.

Using Ultrasound Treatments in the Place of Laser Devices

Laser devices can treat many mild to severe wrinkles and easily tighten your skin. However, if you have other skin issues they may do more harm than good. For example, lasers present burn risks for those with excessively oily skin. If you do not qualify for laser treatment or would prefer to start out by trying to tighten your skin with a milder treatment ultrasound therapy may benefit you. Ultrasound uses particular sound waves to get down deep into skin cells and trigger additional collagen production. As collagen levels improve your skin should regain some of its elasticity.

Radio Frequency Procedures as an Alternative to Ultrasound

Radio frequency is another form of sound wave treatment. It is also sometimes called Thermage treatment in the skincare industry. If you have a radio frequency treatment you can expect very little pain, but you should also expect only minor skin improvement. That is why it is best to use radio frequency procedures to treat minor skin loosening. They can also be used in a somewhat preventative capacity to keep skin problems from worsening over time. Radio frequency treatments work by pulling skin cells closer together. They do so by causing collagen molecules to become more attracted to each other, tightening the bonds between the cells.

Choosing Between Your Skin Tightening Options

In general, milder skin tightening cases should be treated with sound wave therapy, moderate with laser therapy, and severe with surgery. However, there are exceptions to every rule. There are also many other types of skincare treatments that can factor into your final choice. The best way to choose the right one is to ask a professional skincare clinician for advice. He or she can evaluate your skin and suggest the right treatment choice.





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What is Chikungunya and how to Prevent it?

As mothers, we tend to put our family’s health and priority over and above everything else. Yes, you heard it right ‘being selfless’ can be related to being a mommy.  Despite doing all this and taking the best care of our family, sometimes they do fall sick.
Seeing our little ones sick and falling prey to the many viruses and bugs which comes along with season change is the worst experience. The winter months are far behind, and the spring season is officially here. Since there is an increase in temperatures, this also means the sudden appearance of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes bring along with them a host of life-threatening diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.



Today in the blog we will talk about chikungunya. While malaria and dengue are still the commonly occurring diseases, chikungunya is a disease of the similar family but less fatal if compared to dengue.


One of the most common myths of chikungunya is that it is caused due to a mosquito bite. Of course, it starts from there, but an important point to note here is that its caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. The mosquito is affected by the Chikungunya virus. That means the mosquito is basically the carrier of the virus from one place to another.
The virus can be in the air at any specific time, but it becomes predominant when there is a sudden increase in the population of mosquitoes as summers approach. It is mostly in the tropical hot weather and during the monsoon when mosquitoes are at their dangerous best.

The incubation period of this virus is about 3-10 days. The first symptom or sign of chikungunya generally appears after two days of coming in contact with the virus. The most common signs are fever and joint pain.




1.The first and foremost sign of chikungunya is fever. So, the most common questions doctors get asked is how to differentiate between normal fever and a fever from the chikungunya virus. It is to be noted here that if fever is accompanied by acute joint pain, then it’s most likely to be a case of chikungunya.

chik3IMG SRC3

2.About 40 % of people who suffer from chikungunya also develop rash like symptoms. These are basically red patchy spots which typically appear on the face and the limbs.


Chikungunya spreads when anyone’s blood gets infected with the virus and so, the whole point boils down to how does the virus enter the blood? The number one answer for that is an infected Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes can bite at any time of the day. So, presenting some tips by which you can keep these nasty mosquitoes away from your kids and family.

1. Since it is spring and mosquitoes are at their worst best, it’s always better to dress up your kids in full-sleeved clothes during their play time. For more protection, you can use outdoor repellent such as the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. Just four dots on clothes can provide a much-needed protection for 8 hours. For toddlers, the Goodknight Patches can help in keeping those mosquitoes away. These products are made with the goodness of 100 % natural ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus oils and are also pediatrician certified.

good knight patch

2. Apart from this, keep citronella and lemon grass plants at your house. The main repelling characteristic of these plants is their fragrance.


3. Using mosquito net for your baby’s cot is also another very feasible idea to keep mosquitoes away. Just make sure there are no open or loose ends from which the mosquitoes might sneak in. I would also recommend using an electric repeller such as the Goodknight Activ+ that provides in-home protection by allowing you to choose between the normal and activ modes, depending on the mosquito-infestation around you.



We are sure by following these simple tips you can keep chikungunya at bay. Like it is always said ‘Prevention is better than cure’.



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What is Considered Healthy Skin?

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It’s not difficult to determine if your skin is healthy. Not only will it look good, it’ll feel good, too. However, you’d still like to know what it is that makes your skin look and feel this way. If you have healthy skin, it’s likely you’re already doing what you need to be doing. Here are a few more ideas you can make use of to ensure that you continue getting favorable results.

What Clear Skin Means

You rarely encounter acne or inflammation. You don’t have any signs of scarring from past, skincare issues. Your face and body aren’t covered in excess oil, and your hands aren’t dry, cracked, and bleeding. Each one of these examples indicates that you have clear skin, and this is a major sign of healthy skin.

Chances are you’ve acquired skin like this because you’ve been paying special attention to your diet. As a matter of fact, what you eat and don’t eat can have a huge impact on its overall condition. An excessive amount of sugar consumed too quickly, for example, can undo your lovely appearance in a heartbeat. If you wish to continue to possess good skin, you’ll need to lay off the desserts a bit.

Some people are extremely sensitive and will get covered in acne simply by snacking on a candy bar or two. In most cases, though, it’ll take a lot more than that. If you go out of your way to limit your sugar intake, you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s a matter of knowing how much of it you can eat without it negatively affecting your skin.

 Why you should aim for a Smooth Texture

There are a few routes you can take to obtain a smooth texture. First, you should consider eating a couple of oranges a day. How will this benefit your skin? Oranges will help you produce more collagen. As a result, your skin will become exceptionally smooth and have a firmer and tighter look to it. These are all telltale signs of good health.

Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at your normal skincare routine. There’s the possibility you’ve developed and overlooked some harmful habits over the years. Do you often find yourself taking hot showers, for example? Do you rub your face a little too aggressively with the washcloth you use? These are both habits you’ll want to try your best to break because they’ll only serve to aggravate and damage your skin. Instead of a nice, smooth appearance, you’ll be left with dry, patchy, and rough skin. Continue reading

You should strive to take cooler showers. The temperature of the water will be gentle, and it won’t cause irritation of any kind. Your cool shower will effectively rid your body of dirt and oils that serve as a hindrance to smooth skin. Before long, you’ll begin to notice that small changes here and there can make a huge difference.

You should also watch out for how much sun you’re getting. It can speed up the aging process a great deal and give you unwanted skin issues. Wrinkles, for instance, won’t help you achieve the smooth texture your skin desperately needs.

How to get Firm and Glowing Skin

There are a couple of ways you can go about getting a firmer look. You should start by incorporating more vitamin C and vitamin E into your diet. On top of that, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough water. Proper hydration will inevitably lead to firmer skin. Moisturizers are known to hydrate the skin, as well. For this reason, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality one. That way, you can be confident in knowing that your skin’s getting all the help it can get.

Have you ever been told you have legs that glow? If you’ve heard it more than a few times, there’s a good chance it’s actually true. Consequently, you can assume that your body is getting exactly what it needs. Exercise is one way you can obtain and maintain glowing skin. Diet plays a major role in this, too. You should consider adding foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, eggs, and salmon into your diet because they work to promote vibrant, glowing skin.

Milk and honey are both known for their ability to give off a lovely appearance. You can consume them orally or apply them topically. If you’d rather use a face mask that contains milk and honey, that’ll work, too. After some time, you’ll begin to notice a glow. Nothing says healthy skin like this.

Healthy skin isn’t that hard to obtain. It just takes a little self-control and discipline on your part. By making a few, simple adjustments to your regular routine, you’ll be well on your way to possessing clear, smooth, and radiant skin in no time.

Dr. Ruth L. Hillelson, a facial plastic surgeon in East Coast and professional on skin care, served as a research chemist associate at Harvard University. This helped prepare her for the research she made on skin rejuvenation creams that have become a popular choice among patients. You can find out more about her here: https://www.iridesseskincare.com/pages/dr-hillelson


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Go Green flying experience with the all new inflight toys by Turkish Airlines


Flying with little children has always been challenging and a nightmare for few.                                                We as parents always take extra precautions and of course the airlines staff also supports us in ensuring that our flight journey is as smooth as possible.

In yet another attempt in delighting its youngest travellers, Turkish Airlines introduces a new range of inflight toys completely made from natural materials. These innovative stuffed toys are exclusively designed for children between ages 3 and 12, by using cotton and wood that are in accordance to the sustainability rules set by the Forest Stewardship Council.

In this age of digital games, these aviation and animal themed toy sets is surely a good idea for imaginative play that foster creative thinking. And of course the purpose of keeping your kids busy for some part of the journey is also served!

As stated by Turkish Airlines “The toys provide children with additional inflight entertainment while simultaneously introducing them to the concept of endangered species. Through play, Turkish Airlines, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund of Turkey, hopes to instil an appreciation of animal protection among our children—those who will inherit the world and will be responsible for its care.”

Other useful resources Travelling with Kids- Checklist


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When are Allergies the Worst?

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Allergens are everywhere and always make people sneeze, get itchy eyes, and leave them feeling miserable. There is no specific time that your allergies might get worse as it all depends on where you live. This is why what might affect one person may have no effect on another. More than 50 million people in the US struggle with allergies at some time of the year. There are some months that are considered worst for allergies in the US.

The start of the year is usually the allergy season. This is during the winter and early spring seasons. It is the time grass starts to grow in length, releasing pollen all over. People who are allergic to pollen will suffer greatly during this period.

During the late spring and early summer, the tree pollen season is at its peak in some places like the US southern tier. This pollen heads north as the grass starts to flower. By Memorial Day, pollen tends to fill the air, leading to more allergies. As summer sets in, grass tends to go dry, giving a break to people with allergies. However, this is not the best season for those allergic to dust as the wind will pick up dirt from the dried fields spreading dust everywhere.

During the late summer and fall, a new and fresh allergen, ragweed, comes. This flowering plant is actually known as the leading allergen with most people being allergic to it. It starts to pop at the end of July and since it thrives in hot and humid areas, people living in such areas suffer greatly from allergies.

As fall frost comes, ragweed season comes to an end too as it cannot withstand the low temperatures. However, with cooler weathers comes the onset of another grass season. Since days tend to be shorter in this season, the length of the grass is limited, leading to a short dormancy just before November. The Christmas season is a blessing to all US citizens as there are few allergens outdoors. However, as the New Year comes in, the cycle repeats itself.

Preparing for Allergy Season

First, you need to know what triggers your allergies. Then, reduce your exposure to those triggers; remember they can also be found inside your home. If the allergens are found indoors, ensure you thoroughly clean your home. People who get symptoms throughout the year or whose allergies become severe while indoors may be allergic to pet dander and dust mites. Continue reading

If you have been suffering from seasonal allergies, you should figure out which kind of medicine helps you arrest them and have it at home to use whenever the allergies kick in. taking such medicine before the allergy season peaks will help mitigate symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes, as well as an itchy nose.

Allergies might leave you feeling like the outdoor exercises do more harm to your health than good. You are supposed to benefit from exercises not suffer as everyone needs to exercise regularly for good health.

Whether you have allergies or not, you should be able to enjoy the fresh outdoor as you exercise. What matters is that you get the correct medication for your allergies and take great precaution while outdoors. The key is to get prepared. Below are some useful tips.

Check your calendar

It is easy to predict pollen seasons though they may vary in few days. If you know what kind of allergen triggers your allergies, find out when its season starts. Knowing when a certain allergen will be in the season will help you get prepared beforehand. Before the pollen starts to fill the air, get yourself allergy medication, which you can even start taking.

Check the Weather

You can find all the information about pollen level in your area from the internet. Whenever you find out that pollen count will be high in your area, it is safe to stay indoors. Generally, the pollen count is high during warm and windy mornings and low on rainy and cool days. With this information, you can schedule when to exercise outdoors without the risk of getting allergies.

Do not forget to look out for levels of ozone, as well as other pollutants since they are also common allergens. Vehicle exhausts can also trigger allergies for those living in cities or exercise in busy roads.

Pollutants are not the only problem; pollen can also get attached to diesel particles that vehicles emit, making the allergens even more harmful and potent.

Sometimes, Go for Less Intense Activities

If you realize that pollution level or pollen count is high, forgo your usual jogging or biking and go for a less intense exercise. The logic behind this is that the faster you breathe, the more allergens you inhale. Go for stretching exercises, weight training, and yoga. These will yield the same effects as the more intense exercises without heightening your allergy symptoms.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Exercising early in the morning or late in the evening might be ideal as most pollen levels are at their peak around noon and early afternoon. However, during the pollen season, you will always find pollen in the air regardless of the time of day.

Bundle Up in the Cold

Cold weather tends to be the common trigger for people suffering from allergies and sensitive airways. If you are exercising outdoors while the weather is cold, ensure you cover your mouth and nose using a scarf to warm up the air before it gets into your lungs.

Protect Your Eyes and Lungs

Some people use a scarf to cover their noses and mouth to keep pollen from getting in their lungs. Another great way to keep allergens and irritants from getting into your eyes includes wearing goggles.

Change Your Clothes and Shower after Outdoor Exercises

During the pollen season, it is likely that your clothes and hair will be covered in pollen. This is the reason you should shower as soon as you get home. Throw your clothes in the laundry too. Showering will remove any pollen left on your skin as well as hair. Although being outside will have pollen all over your nasal membrane through breathing, showering and washing your clothes will protect your family members who might also have allergies.

Since allergies can get severe with exposure to allergens, following the above tips at all times will help you keep them at bay. Should you need assistance, Dr. Samuel S. Becker, allergy specialist located in Philadelphia is your best option. They can be contacted at https://www.beckerent.com.

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