9 Benefits of Fruits and Green Vegetables to help you in Weight Loss

By Michael Morelli,

9 Benefits of Fruits and Green Vegetables to help you in Weight Loss

Losing weight may be challenging and at times difficult. It requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Good thing there are numerous weight loss plans that can help achieve this goal. The use of natural means is probably one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight. This allows you to consume fruits and vegetables that are readily available. Each of them has their own beneficial effects on health. Read on and learn some of the outstanding produces that you can try in your home.

Avocado to burn fat quickly

Avocados are known to be the best fruit for weight loss. This fruit is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is essential in losing weight. It helps speed up your body’s metabolism by burning the fats and enhancing energy, especially when eaten on a regular basis. Other than weight loss, avocado offers other health benefits such as maintaining a healthy heart, supporting bone health, improving digestion, and reducing risk to depression and even cancer. You can directly eat avocado with added sugar and milk or make it into delicious salad or guacamole.

Eggs for protein

Eggs are rich in high-quality proteins making it a weight loss friendly food. It is also rich in healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body to grow strong and energized. This food is incredibly satisfying and nutrient dense due to its protein content. Eating eggs will allow you to experience a reduced appetite as well as an increased fullness. Also, eggs contain right amounts of amino acids which aid in proper metabolism and maintenance of the body. Preparing dishes with eggs are so easy plus it is a lot cheaper than any other weight loss foods.

Green beans for fiber

Green beans are rich in fiber. This essential nutrient helps in slowing down the rate of food digestion allowing better weight loss. It can either keep you satiated or allow your body to release gradual and constant energy. Eating green beans will also help in keeping a regular bowel movement. This will allow cleaning of the intestines to prevent fat absorption and storage in your body. You can blend green beans with any available fruits or vegetables are they are fairly mild and sweet. Continue reading

Dandelion greens to lower your cholesterol

Dandelion greens help lower your cholesterol. Eating too much cholesterol, a form of fat can most likely store fat cells in your stomach or around your hips. These fats present in your body as well as in your bloodstream are burned down by eating dandelion greens. This vegetable can also dump excess water from your body. Since it is a diuretic, it can help you remove the unnecessary water present that oftentimes gives you that puffy appearance. You can blend dandelion greens with sweet vegetables to mask its bitter taste.

Chinese cabbage to remove fat from your body

Chinese cabbage helps remove fats by increasing the good cholesterol and decreasing the bad fats present in your blood. Consuming enough amounts of this green leafy vegetable can help in losing the excess fats present in your body. This is due to its high amount of omega 3 and potassium. You can include Chinese cabbage in different dishes or blend it with other vegetables to make a good tasting salad.

Blueberries to detoxify your body

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants allowing your body to stay clean from free radicals. This fruit is an amazing treat that can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and age-related illness. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber which help boost your cardiovascular health. You can eat frozen or dried blueberry in a smoothie or even as a snack.

Zucchini to tell your body to stop eating

Zucchini is rich in zinc. It will help your body especially the stomach and intestines to absorb more nutrients. This absorption will keep the body satiated for a longer period of time allowing it to stop eating. You can include zucchini in salads as it tastes beautifully sweet and subtle and will inherit the flavour of the taste you mix it with.

Mustard greens for essential antioxidants

Mustard greens provide essential antioxidants in your body. They are relatively high in vitamin A and vitamin E. It prevents the free radicals from harming the vitals tissues as well as the functions in the body. You can simply add other green leafy vegetables such as spinach and beet greens as mustard greens are already sweet.

Apple to keep fat away

Apples are amazing snacks that can help keep your fat away. This is a good treat for controlling your food intake, especially between meals. It is generally rich in vitamin A, fiber, as well as water content making you feel full and satiated. You can munch on an apple or make it into unique and appetizing dishes.

Your eagerness to lose weight naturally is now highly attainable. With the presence of nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables, with their corresponding benefits, it is a lot easier to combine those that you need the most. However, it should be clear that losing weight should not only involve proper diet but also regular exercise,

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Why Meditation Is Good For Moms


Having a child born is wonderful, which is a biggest challenge that every mom has to be best prepared for it. Many of us know that parenting is not easy, especially for new moms who encounter significant changes mentally and physically. Continue reading

The question is how to cope with problems during the prenatal and postpartum recovery. In this case, consider meditation as priority thanks to the countless benefits it brings for the body and mind. Meditation, along with proper diet and regular exercises, helps mothers stay healthier and stronger.

Improve Sleep

What makes most moms’ problem is the chronic lack of sleep after bearing a baby. New moms are usually disturbed several times midnight by their child’s crying, and they can’t tolerate the sleepless for many days that they are enforced to suffer from. As severe as it may prolong, moms can get insomnia with exhaustion and distress. Fortunately, practicing meditation, especially mindful awareness practices, is indicated to reduce fatigue and stress and provide a better sleep with surplus energy. As a result, this will help moms take care of their babies better.

Reduce Risk of Depression

It might be a sensitive question for this unnoticeable sign; however, nearly 20 percent of new moms can hardly resist perinatal mental disorders related to depression, melancholy, anxiety and even obsessive-compulsive, according to a study. It is also concluded in the end of the study that the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy can diminish the risk of getting those symptoms in many future-moms. This also encourages the chances of having a healthy born baby.

Have More Patience

Patience is one of the biggest benefits of meditating. You will no longer get angry with your kids’ annoyance, be happier to take care of them, and have restful breath for the new days. As a bonus, you will have deep understanding to your children, learn how to control temper and be nice to accept the motherhood reality. There are stages that your children need to go through, so nurturing well and giving them all the best from the beginning stage is what make moms happier and more energetic.

Give Happier Babies

For pregnant women, researches have shown that the newborn babies have a better health if their mom has practiced meditation during pregnancy period. They are more active, smile more and can regulate themselves away from negativity affects. Smiley babies always give their parents blissfulness of being new moms and dads.

Reduce Labor Pain And Enhance Immune System

It is studied that labor intensity may be harmful for women in the fragile period. A group of pregnant women, when attended 20-minute instructional session program of mindfulness meditation, admitted that their pain was eased efficiently and some proved that it was even better for their postpartum recovery. They also got relieved from some discomfort such as breast tenderness and body aches after childbirth.

Meditation is also proved to enhance immune function for both the mom and the newborn child and reduce the risk of getting immune-related disorders after birth.

Increase Milk Production

Suffering from low milk supply for new born child is always stressful for new moms. Moreover, stress can influence negatively on the breastfeeding quality. Indeed, meditation during post-pregnancy helps a lot in enhancing milk supply and quality for moms.

Limit Risk Of Premature Birth

Stress and anxiety are two enemies that result in premature birth during pregnancy. Reducing stress levels through antenatal meditation assures better condition for you and your baby to grow healthier.

Decrease Childbirth Nervousness

It’s always better for every mom to prepare a solid mind before experiencing an important transition in women’s lives. Research has shown that pregnant women experiencing mindfulness education know how to lessen anxiety towards childbirth process. This practice even supports them to be physically healthy when the childbirth date is nearby.

Better Motherhood Compassion

Compassion plays an important role for every mom as they prefer to have a permanent close-knit connection with kids. Parenthood isn’t easy; especially it is a real struggling for newbies. Even though you get sick of your kids’ crying and want to give up, compassion is a good remedy to help you get through it. Meditating can help you live in the moment, giving you more joy and creating a strong bond with your baby. Take a deep breath and let mindfulness meditation process relieve yourself. You will experience a greater self-compassion and a gentle mind, no more complaining about your kid’s mess up and be more positive about parenting life.


There are different forms of meditation that pregnant women can practice, let’s get started by fitting these meditation advices into your schedule:

1.    Do Short Sessions Daily

You don’t have to take hours for meditation techniques, if it is rather difficult to fit in your busy schedule. Instead, you can take about five minutes each day and still reap the benefits. Before nap or after your kids’ bedtime is the perfect time to start these short sessions.

2.    Do Long Session Weekly

When you get meditation into the daily habit completely and find no problem with it, try to increase the process to one hour in length, at least once per week. Let the world be shut off and enjoy your inner thoughts, exhale and inhale gently and deeply. You are rewarded by stress relief and self-energy boost for the day.

3.    Deep Breath Meditation

This technique is to only focus on your breath and harmonize your breath pattern. What you need for this practice is to lie down with your feet and shoulder to be wide apart. Close your mouth and inhale slowly through the nose. You can feel your stomach swell as the air flows into the lungs and diaphragm. Hold a second and then exhale through the nose. Take at least 10 slow breaths daily.

It helps relieve muscle tension and decrease heart rate, connect you with your innermost feelings and quickly bring you to a deep sleep.

4.    Concept Meditation

This requires imagining an object that make you feel peaceful and comfortable, such as a blue sky, a sea wave, a beauty bouquet, a crystal, a leaf or your own baby sleeping. Learn how to concentrate in quietness for long periods, with all stress and anxiety wiped out from your mind. These tranquil images make you more sophisticated observant. As a result, you can visualize their colors and shapes, thereby building a sharp focus and silence mind with full of patience.

5.    Walking Meditation

Doing morning meditation by walking help you calm your mindfulness and relax your body. For moms who cannot stick to the status quo, they can change the practicing environment by choosing a natural, tranquil place to walk and focus on their breathing and pace.

About the author:

John Hughes is a Health and Beauty expert who has more than 5 years of experience in Health Care industry. For more health care tips on healthy living, visit him at the website TrueRemedies.com. There, you will find posts on natural treatments, recipes, healthy foods, and so much more.




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10 Baby Hygiene Rules Every Mom Should Follow

Baby bath-BBBeing a mom means 24*7 hours duty where you look for rest when baby sleeps. No wonder looking after a baby is not any child’s play and you need to be careful about handling this bundle of joys. In the series of taking care the very first thing involved is personal cleaning. You may not be aware that by performing small chores for your baby you strengthen your relationship with them. To look after the newborn you need useful baby products like creams and lotions apart from oils, clothes and wipes. Here are a few things one must ensure for a healthy and happy baby:-

  • A refreshing bath- Some babies love to bathe and some are scared of water. Handling and bathing a newborn requires a lot of care and expertise , and being a new mother this can stressful . Giving an oil massage before bath will strengthen the baby’s bones and help him sleep soundly. Hold babies gently with your hands support and give him a bath carefully. After a bath don’t forget to apply baby cream to keep his skin soft and supple.
  • Trim the nails regularly- Baby’s nails need extra caution. Slowly peel them after a bath as the water makes them soft and easy to remove. If you are using a nail cutter be extra careful to not hurt his skin underneath.
  • Clean the head-  Clean the head regularly and comb the hair afterwards to keep dirt away from it. Improper cleaning can trigger problems like cradle cap.
  • Clean nose and ears- Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime in the nose and ears. The best way is to take luke warm water in a dropper and put 1 or 2 drops of water in each nostril one at a time. This will soften the crust and make it leave its place easily. Remove this crust with a damp cloth, leaving baby breathe effortlessly.
  • Remove dirt from eyes carefully- When the baby is bathed with water, it brings out any dirt present in the eyes. Clean eyes with a soft muslin cloth. Don’t force any activity on the baby. Continue reading
  • Clean all folds and joints- Usually babies love to fold their legs and hence the joints accumulate dirt. Carefully and gently clean the joints and wash area properly. Use baby diaper or nappies to help then stay dry and ensure complete hygiene.
  • His first tooth-The habit of brushing teeth is taught with the first tooth. Take a damp cloth and clean the mouth after every feed so that a child develops the habit of regular cleaning afterwards.
  • Don’t compromise with milk bottles- The feeding bottles that are given to babies should be of excellent quality otherwise it will upset his stomach. Boiling bottles after every feed is certainly a wise decision.
  • Sterilize all toys- Children are born with the tendency of putting everything in their mouth. Make sure their toys are washed and sterilized before being given for playing.
  • Don’t forget to help baby with burping- Ensure that baby burps up after every feed otherwise he will split off some milk every now and then. This may also make him feel restless.

Happy Parenting !  

Happy Parenting BB

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Health Care Tips For First Time Mom

first-time moms we tend to take numerous advises from elders in the families to our far away friends who have had babies. We are pretty sure the numerous questions revolve around the baby’s well-being only. But have you realized that even as a woman, you underwent major body process and that your body changes after giving birth to your little one? Motherhood to me is birth of a baby and a new woman. A woman experiences massive changes in her body post-delivery. Hence it is important to take care of one’s own self also along with the baby.

mom and baby

We tend to take care of ourselves in the best possible way during those precious nine months. The same should go post-delivery also at least for a few months. They say a Happy Mom makes a Happy Baby. So how can you expect the little one to be his cheerful self if you are tired and deprived of sleep most of the time? Thus, it is extremely vital to keep our body in the best of health post-delivery.

Let us look at some of the tips for all the new mommies out there:


mom sleeping
While this may sound like a distant dream to all new mommies, trust us nothing can replace a good sleep. Sleep deprivation often hits new moms as the newborn is still trying to figure out the new sleeping schedule once out of the womb. A new mom also finds herself sleep deprived as there is suddenly a new routine in place which involves breastfeeding after every two hours and diaper changing as well. Thus, it leaves little or no time for herself. It is always said that ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’, but most moms don’t find themselves resonating with that advice. When I became a new mom, I followed this rule quite strictly, even if that meant a dirty home. Because if I have slept well, I can still go ahead and clean the room, right? Continue reading

As new moms, we get so engrossed in feeding our baby that our own diet could go for a toss. Since you are breastfeeding, you need to take care of what’s going on your meal plate. Taking a balanced diet is vital at this point because the child is deriving nutrition from the mother’s milk only. Always keep a jar to nibble onto something near your bed so you don’t have to rush to the kitchen every time you feel hungry. Also, try incorporating green leafy vegetables and other foods which increase the supply of breast milk.

Hold on – if you are thinking we are asking you to work out to get that perfect beach body. We do not gain weight overnight and so we can’t lose it overnight. Our bodies took months to nurture the lives inside us. So, it is but natural that we give it ample time to get back to its previous shape. Since most of the hours during the day, we are only on the bed feeding our newborn and therefore it is necessary either to do some stretching or brisk walking within the house only.


If you have a had a C-sec, then you need to take care of the stitches for the next few days. It is normal to feel pain around the abdomen area post a C-Sec. Your doctor will give you some painkillers to suppress the pain and the pain will subside in a few days. But you need to always watch out for signs and symptoms of infections if any and consult your doctor immediately.

We need not wear the cape of a supermom soon after giving birth-right? We totally agree women of all age can manage things on their own, but ladies let us give ourselves a break post-delivery. Ask around for help from family members, and take turns in taking care of the newborn. While most of us would attribute this to the inbuilt guilt gene that we are asking family members to take care of the newborn, in my opinion, it is just the right thing to do. It only helps in keeping calm and sane in this journey of motherhood which has just started.

If you are a new mom you need to take one step ahead and ensure you don’t fall prey to the diseases caused by pesky mosquito bites. So whether it is indoors or outdoors, Goodknight products have got you covered:

This product is made using 100% natural active ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus oils and comes in two fragrances – citrus and bubblegum. All you must do is apply just 4 dots on clothes that provide protection from those nasty mosquitoes for a good 8 hours.


Fabric Roll-On

Electric repellents such as the Goodknight Power Activ+ provide in-home protection by allowing you to choose between the normal and activ modes, depending on the mosquito-infestation around you.

Goodknight Power Activ+

So make sure to protect yourself and your new born from the disease-causing mosquitoes by regularly using Goodknight mosquito repellents.



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Top Benefits of Online Shopping


The technology has changed the way we shop… in fact the way we live as a whole.

Nowadays, more & more people prefer to shop online rather than shopping conventionally… and there is certainly a reason behind it.

Online shopping has it’s own benefits… and here I have listed them just for you… Continue reading


Do you know, why most of the products available online are cheaper than those available in shops & markets?

It is because, these products are directly offered to the customers by manufacturers of the product.

Many online shopping sites also offers cash back. And there are other few sites which offer discount coupons like Amazon Coupons etc.

This together gives us best price of the product, and helps us to save a good amount of money.


Online shopping allows us to shop 24/7. We don’t need to travel to places to purchase the desired thing. Especially for us mothers! We really do enjoy shopping, but you will agree with me that, shopping with kids is altogether a different experience.


You can purchase any big or small thing online through cashless transactions, by using credit cards, debit cards or net banking. However if you do not wish to use these modes, cash on delivery option is always available.


Suppose you wish to buy a t shirt online … you have thousands & thousands of options available… from which you can very easily select by applying various filters like size, color, material, style etc.


While buying something online, you can very easily compare different products available of the same category… and also the same product available on different websites.

Whereas, while buying products conventionally, you have to roam around in the markets in different shops, which is a very tedious job.


Distance is no more an excuse… You can make any occasion special, as gifts can be delivered to your friend & family at the exact date & time specified by you.


When we visit markets & malls for shopping, we knowingly or unknowingly end up spending a little more, than the bill amount.

The conveyance, eating out & impulse buying all adds up in the expenses.


By online shopping you cannot only buy brand new products, but also used products. There are various websites on which used products are available for purchase.


Now for purchasing international trends and products, you don’t need to travel across country. You can buy it online, and it will be delivered at your doorsteps. Sometimes you have to pay import fees. One can also use different discount coupon codes like Amazon Promo Code to save some money.

These are all the reasons why I prefer online shopping, in this busy phase of my life.

Do let me know in the comments below, why you like online shopping…

Happy Shopping!

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Your Kid’s Birthday Decoration

Have you ever wondered why we parents are so excited for our kid’s birthday?

It is because, we love to relive those beautiful moments, when our little angel was placed in our arms…. We want to relive that special day!!!

That is probably why we put in so much of effort in making the day extra special for our little one.


Preparations for birthday parties, begins almost a month before the actual birthday. There are lots of things to do… guest list, venue, menu, decorations, cake, return gifts… and what not… Continue reading

We don’t wish to miss out even small thing possible to us, for this big day.

Well, my oldest son’s birthday is just around the corner and I am in a very similar situation…. Making plans for his birthday party.

Today I am here to share with you how you can do the decorations for your kid’s birthday party.

Buy Decorations Online

This is the easiest way available to do the decorations by yourself. All you have to do is hop onto some of the online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart , Firstcry… compare the products. Make the purchase And you are done.

Before the birthday you will only need to put the things together.

You can always search for coupons that can save you some money. For example just google for Amazon India Coupons. And there you have access to various coupon codes for amazon India, so that you can enjoy shopping while saving a little bit of money too.

My experience says, when you visit this sites… everything looks beautiful & it is hard to control yourself.

So you should always keep your budget in mind. Deciding beforehand, how much you wish to spend on the decorations, will help you in buying the right things & prevent over splurging.

Hire A Birthday Planner/ Decorator

This is the easiest but little expensive way of decorating.

All you have to do, is hire a professional Birthday Planner/ Decorator… and rest assured that the task will be done.

Do note, that you should have a detailed discussion with the professional birthday planner hired…. So that you communicate with them exactly what you are expecting.

Do It Yourself

For giving that extra personal touch to the decorations you can do some DIY.

This will surely consume your time & energy… but trust me you will enjoy the process.

Get on pinterest & google. Search for birthday printables. There are colored ones as well as black & white ones available. You can print them… Or get the template & do it yourself.

This is how I will do the decorations…

We are having a PAW PATROL theme party!!!

Being creative at heart, I love to do the decorations myself. But it is not possible this time.

This time around, I have a little naughty toddler, who keeps me on my toes 24/7 along with his big brother.

So this time I will mix up the things, buy some decorations online & make some personalized ones at home.

I bought some decorations from Amazon India. There is long list of products available for Paw patrol theme party… but keeping in mind the budget… I bought some things.

For saving some money I used Amazon coupons.

For giving that personal touch, this is what I did.

I first saw on pinterest Paw Patrol Birthday Decoration Ideas. I took note of how things are done, what colors are used.

Then, I googled for Paw Patrol Colouring Pages. I printed, cut & is in process of coloring them!!

I will make them into danglers for birthday decorations.

So enjoy the process of decoration for your kid’s child party and have a gala time!!

Happy Decorating!


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Buy iCandy Orange to Beautify Your Baby’s Early Days

By Diana Perkins


Your baby’s early days are most important for you. Until the age of 3 years, they completely depend on you only. Even till 1 and a half year, they can not speak what they want. Your bundle of wonder cannot tell you that he wants to go out to explore the wonderful world. So, if you want to give him the best rides in his best time, you should buy iCandy Orange prams.

iCandy Orange prams are made with the brilliant engineered mind. Thus, it has so many features that will mesmerize you. Plus, it will really charm yours and your baby’s wonderful days. The features are as below.

  •  Design
  •  Facility
  •  Ease
  •  Safety
  •  Flexibility
  •  A special feature


iCandy prams are known for their beautifully crafted design. That is because iCandy’s team of designers is bold in style and unrivaled in ambition. Thus, the new iCandy Orange pushchair offers incomparable functionality, which is ignited with flawless style and rich textures.

The iCandy Orange features high attention on crafting the best facilities. The orange pushchairs look more decent with the minimal ornament on display, and a sleek and desirable design.


It has the lightweight chassis which makes it easily accessible. It also has the gigantic basket to put all the needed things during the ride in it. Moreover, you can upgrade the orange pushchair to double pushchair or twin pushchair. With all these facilities the orange pushchair can cater any parent’s all need.

The orange pushchair has thirty unique configurations and combinations, which no other pushchair on the market can currently match. These configurations provide the orange pushchair with unlimited flexibility.


The pushchair is unbelievably easy to use. The designers of iCandy have woven two fabric materials together. This is to create a unique two-tone fabric. The two-tone fabric made a smoother pad for your kid. Plus it is a reflection of a modern trend.

The Orange also swagger a soft touch leatherette handle and bumper bar. This bumper bar rotates to provide easy access to your child.


iCandy has given proper attention to all the safety features. They have one push breaks and enough safety harnesses to ensure that your kiddie is safe and sound. Plus, the mechanism is done with such accuracy that there are no chances for your kid to get caught his little fingers anywhere. Continue reading

Flexible seating arrangement

Another ground-breaking feature invented for the iCandy Orange pushchair is the addition of unique iCandy riser adapters. The iCandy risers can be used to create the first iCandy ‘cinema’ seating design. That means a parent can maintain all important eye contact with both of their children when in double mode.

Reversing the seats is also possible with the iCandy prams. With this feature, it is possible to put children into any desired position. You can make them look at you or at the world.

A special feature

Key to the design of the Orange is its length of service. iCandy Orange allows adopting a double travel system in your pushchair to grow with your family. Furthermore, iCandy have added a unified strong and stylish ride on board to the Orange pushchair’s frame. This feature will surely surprise and delight you if you are having an infant and an older kid.

The integrated ride onboard holds an impressive 20KG and provides total ease of use. It eliminates the need for the separate ride. Plus, it can be pocket-friendly too. It also adds incredible flexibility to the use of the product.


The iCandy Orange pushchair is a gem to gift your kiddie and yourself. It is a perfect bundle of style, safety, and ease to charm the early days of your little wonder. You just need to make sure that you are buying it from a promising store. Well, you do need to worry about finding a proper store, just pick your phone and visit the site of Baby Direct. This is one of the most promising stores available online.


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5 Powerful Ways to Relieve Stress during Your Pregnancy

By Andrea Leal 


Image Source

If you are pregnant and find yourself worried over small things all the time, don’t worry. Almost all moms to be go through stress and it is very much normal. But if you are having feelings of stress and anxiety all the time, it can affect your health and your baby’s development.

Your mental health during pregnancy directly influences the cognitive growth of your baby. It’s supremely important for you to take care of yourself physically and mentally to deliver a healthy baby. To help you remain happy and avoid stress during these months, we have brought you a list of 5 really powerful and effective ways to relieve stress. Check out this list below:

1. Focus on your breathing and meditate.

Stress always affects our breathing. When we are stressed we are not breathing properly which causes a decrease in oxygen supply to our mind and body. This increased stress and anxiety. What can you do to get rid of stress quickly? The first one here is the most common and reliable stress relieving technique. Breathe for some minutes and focus on inhaling and exhaling with full concentration. Practice meditation with an expert or simply put a meditation track and try it on your own. Breathing regulates the flow of oxygen in your body and helps you relax. Make sure you are away from any kind of noise and clutter while doing this.

2. De-stress with a prenatal massage.

When you are pregnant, your stomach gets bigger and your back sometimes hurt. It’s very important to relax your muscles and stretch. A prenatal massage with a registered massage therapist is a perfect idea to release stress during pregnancy time period. As the massage will begin you will start feeling relaxed. The impact of a massage is so strong that it not only refreshes you it also helps you to sleep better. If you are too lazy to go to a spa, hire a massage therapist to come to your place. Make sure to have a nice massage chair at your home. You can check out some portable massage chairs here. Continue reading

3. Stretching helps to release stress fast.

In pregnancy, certain hormone releases makes your muscles tighten and tensed. Stretching helps in getting rid of tensed muscles, back and neck pain. If you feel that you are not getting time to relax and you are doing something important, make sure you take a break and stretch for some minutes. Stretch your neck from right to left and left to right, stretch your arms, back and legs as well. Breathe deep and help yourself relax your body. Return to the normal position after repeating this for at least 3-4 minutes.

4. Getting rest is important.

The health problems are very much associated with the rest we get daily. Our bodies can’t function properly without rest in usual days. Pregnancy requires more rest and sound sleep for best health. You must sleep on time and get rested so that your mind is relaxed during the day. When you don’t sleep properly, it gets hard to control on your nerves and mood swings. To avoid stress and negative feelings of stress, make sure you don’t compromise your sleeping hours for any activity. If you are exhausted and unable to stay awake, make sure to take a nap.

5. Give yourself a positive pep talk.

This is one simple mantra to avoid stress. Trust me, it helps a lot. All it takes is some time with yourself alone. Talk to yourself and tell yourself all the positive things that you want to hear from another person. Sometimes the way you can comfort your own self is much better than the way any other person would do it for you. People who talk to themselves are less stressed out. This helps in keeping our mind focused and our energies alive.

You can make up some nice positive things to tell yourself daily in the mirror or when you go to sleep. It really pushes you towards happiness and good vibes.

Author Bio:

Andrea Leal is a blogger who loves writing health tips. She is a coffee lover and in her free time, she likes being with her family and friends. Read more posts at https://bestmassagechairspros.com/



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Summer Camp with Google

Google has launched its Summer Camp Kits based on different age groups. Do check it out at:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 5.39.11 PM


The kit had:

  • Sunscreen and hat to help kids have the fun time in the sun.
  • Fun card game to help kids learn, remember and practice new languages.
  • Lego bricks to make indoor safe.
  • Seeds for the indoor garden
  • Report card with stickers for every assignment completed

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 5.39.07 PM

Do check it out on the site.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 5.39.03 PM



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Top 5 Online Tools To Ease Parental Woes!

guruq picTechnology has influenced every single aspect of modern life in the 21st century. It is almost impossible to think of life without technology in a device-driven world where the screen holds infinite power.

While parents may not entirely be happy with navigating the tricky by-products of technology like managing their childs’ screen time, most also acknowledge the way technology has positvely impacted their lives.

From helping with their child’s education to aiding parents to seek advice about the quandaries of parenting, technology is there for everything. It has helped organise things and schedules, save time, and answer essentially any question related to parenting (or otherwise). In moderation, the right tech tools can arm parents with crucial information, save time and money and, of course, give them a well-deserved break.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the best tech tools that have made life much easier for parents and have almost managed to change the parenting game. Continue reading

1.  For safe online usage

YouTube Kids: If there is one place where kids universally love watching videos, it is YouTube. YouTube launched the app YouTube Kids three years ago to give kids around the world a platform to access videos that are enriching, engaging and entertaining while teaching new things. In a bid to give parents more control, YouTube Kids recently announced three new features around the content available in the app. The new features include ‘Collections’ that will allow parents to choose only the channel collection and subjects they want their kids to view. The ‘Parent Approved Content’ feature empowers parents to handpick every video and channel available to their child in the app while an improved ‘Search-off’ control ensures more contained experience. This way, parents can monitor what the children are watching in their absence.

2.  For Finding reliable tutors & keeping a tab on children’s study schedules

GuruQ.in: Ed-tech or technology in education has created a major evolution in the field of education. One such tool is GuruQ.in that has created tutoring space by facilitating parents’ search for a reliable tutor. GuruQ stands out as India’s largest tutor community platform where one can pick quality-certified and user-rated tutors. It is a one of its kind digital integrated platform connecting tutors and students and addresses the need for a single, simplified and cohesive ed-tech solution that provides online and offline tutoring. Parents can use the platform to pick reliable ‘GuruQ Certified’ tutor options for primary, secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate courses. GuruQ’s unique dashboard reassures parents as it allows their wards to save valuable study time by managing timetables, schedule classes and assess self-progress. Its biggest plus is that students have the convenience of choosing whether they want to take the customised package sessions online or offline. Parents can also get a complete report on how the child is coping academically with just a click.

3. For child health and managing immunization schedules

Immunize India: While everything else follows, it is the health of children that always bothers and worries parents. Often, it’s a tough task to keep a track of immunisation schedules for children. This is where platforms that tell parents when a vaccine is scheduled, give information on its efficacy etc and indicate the mandatory and optional ones are welcome. The Immunize India app is a straight forward app from the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) that follows the IAP’s vaccination calendar. All parents need to do is feed in the name of the child and date of birth after which they will receive three sets of email and push notifications in the week that the vaccination is due. The app is available in 12 languages and takes the child through from 0-12 years.

4.  For managing kids mobile screen time

DinnerTime: It’s a routine scene in most households where children are stuck to mobile devices even if it’s time to eat a meal. An app called the DinnerTime app is a simple solution that helps parents who want to give their kids time-outs from their phones and tablets especially during meals or sleep hours. This is a parental-only app which lets parents connect the mobile device which the child is using to their own device. Once that is done, it allows parents to lock the child’s device from their own for a 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour break for dinner. The Bed Time break lets parents set a start and an end time when the device is locked for lights out. Lastly, the Take a Break feature lets parents start and stop a break without a predetermined time limit.

5.  For keeping a tab on your child’s whereabouts

Find My Kids – Footprints: For parents worried about their children’s safety, location tracking devices can be of help. Find My Kids uses GPS in real time to help parents keep track of and automatically locate where the child goes with his phone. Location info is never shared with anyone else beyond those who have permission to see it, and data is saved for later review. But giving a child a smartphone isn’t always an option. Even then, technology can still come to the rescue with options such as Letstrack by a UK-based startup that sells location tracking based devices.

Source: www.GuruQ.in


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Cloversoft Baby Wipes- Review

We received the Cloversoft in our mail almost 4 weeks back and they have been in constant use since then. Cloversoft wipes are 100 % natural and organic, and I am glad that I started using these for my toddler girl. Now when the Cloversoft team got in touch with me, I went into thinking mode as to what is unique is there in these wipes. Well when I finally got the wipes, I realized that there was definitely something missing and by using these wipe I could certainly help in a clean and green environment.

Moisturizer 1

With so much advancement in technology and science, humans are moving at an unprecedented rate.However in this race, we have been so harsh on the environment and are harming it and wrecking havoc with mother nature. Governments, UN, and various countries have now realized this and there are certain corrective measures being taken. Why I am talking about this- because it is in context to Cloversoft Wipes, is because they are made of bamboo.
Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants of the 21st century. Since it is a plant, so if it is used in any of the FMCG things, then it becomes biodegradable and does not do any harm to nature. It is one of the most environment -friendly plants and is used in various walks of life such as construction, medicines, foods, and shelter. So when CloverSoft came with bamboo wipes, I couldn’t be anything but happy.

The first question which will come in any mom’s mind is ‘WHY CLOVERSOFT WIPE’? My prompt answer to that question would be because they are made of bamboo. Yes, these are bamboo cloth wipes. At a time when I was using wipes for my baby, I was in a constant guilt mode. That is because many wipes available in the market contain a form of plastic which is harmful to nature. Since baby wipes were the need of the hour then, there was no way I could get rid of the guilt of harming nature by using millions of baby wipes to clean my baby’s poop:). There were times, when I literally had dreams, where are tonnes of baby wipes getting washed to? Are they ending up in some waste bin or in oceans damaging the precious aquatic habitat?

Pure Water 1

Cloversoft baby wipes are unique in the sense, also because they are unbleached. Frankly speaking, I rely more on plain water for cleaning the diaper area of my little one. I mean, what can be more clean and pure than our good old water? The clovesroft baby wipes contain 99% pure water thus making it completely safe for both hands and face. Another key feature to be noticed here is that they are fragrance-free.


  • Alcohol free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Paraben & Phenoxyethanol Free
  • Natural & Organic
  • 99% Pure Water

Bamboo Baby 1


I can say, that I was pleasantly surprised, with the Cloversoft baby wipes. There are many reasons for that . Prime being that they are made from bamboo , which means that it is as good as the cloth which I prefer for cleaning my little one’s diaper area. Since these are made of bamboo, that certainly indicates its chances of being closest to nature and also non-toxic and environment friendly. I also loved the fact that these are unscented . We all know higher a product is on fragrance parameter, higher are the chances of chemicals being used in that. Thus full brownie points to Clovesroft wipes for being close to nature as far as the texture and fragrance are concerned. The fragrance of the wipes is almost nil, except I found it to be those leafy kinds smells. The wipes are a lot more thicker than the traditional wipes available in the market. A lot wipes and sanitizer generally have some quantity of alcohol in them and that is one thing which just puts me off. These wipes are completely alcohol free and safe to use both hands and face .

Another thing I got to know after I read the entire package of the wipes is that a portion of the total amount you spend on the wipes goes in a fund which manages an entire community of protecting polar bears. So in this case, I am going one step further in saving the environment. Win-Win situation for both – Mommy and the Environment.

1.   Cloversoft Pure Water Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
2.  Cloversoft Extra Moisturizing Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
3.   Cloversoft Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes

Cloversoft organic bamboo wipes are now available in India at Amazon ,FlipKart and Firstcry as well.

I don’t see any reason which prevents me from giving Cloversoft wipes a 10/10.

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5 Ways to Help your Child Sleep Better

By June,

Adequate sleep is important for a healthy body and mind. A healthy sleeping pattern is particularly important to infants whose growth and development depends directly on the quality of sleep they get. Adequate sleep for the baby is not only beneficial to the child but also to the whole family. A child that is sleep deprived results in the mother or whoever is taking care of the child also being sleep deprived. A well-rested child is a much happier person and a much more pleasant person to be around. This applies even for adults. When is anyone sleep-deprived ever pleasant to be around? This article looks at the best way to make sure that your child gets the adequate quality sleep that the child needs. The techniques shown here will work for anyone not only for children.

sleepy child

Sleep deprivation is known to contribute to different health problems, inability to focus and also causes difficulty in learning. Sleep is key to our mental health which is very important in children as that is when the most mental development happens. Studies show that individuals who did not enjoy adequate sleep in their childhood went on to experience problems with sleep in their adult years. This shows that it is extremely important for a child to get consistent good night’s sleep every night, for the sake of their health and happiness later in life. It cannot be overstated how important getting adequate quality sleep is for a child.

A peaceful night is important for a good night’s sleep to be possible. Noise is one of the leading causes of poor sleep especially in children. Every mother knows how horrible it is to have your child wake up in the middle of the night. Soundproofing the nursery is a great way of making sure your child gets that great night’s sleep. Most hospitals have their nurseries fitted with soundproof windows and doors and this is to help the children sleep. Continue reading

It may not be possible to provide a completely quiet environment for your child but you will still need to shield them from the noises of the outside world. The use of white noise which sounds like whooshing air, is ideal to create that peaceful environment. The relaxing sounds slowly rock the child to a deep relaxing sleep while at the same time shielding them from disruptive sounds in the environment. They are the best also when it comes to soothing a crying baby. Infants seem to love these sounds. They react almost immediately they hear the sounds by calming down, even if they were crying, the sounds seem to instantly calm them down and put them in a relaxed mood that usually leads to them enjoying a peaceful relaxing healthy sleep.

Best Baby White Noise Machines

In this time of technology and social media, electronic devices have become a big part of our children’s lives. Being always around these devices has been shown to have negative effects on one’s health. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted by the electronic device’s screens interrupts sleep patterns by affecting the production of the sleeping hormone in the brain. Having these electronic devices in their rooms is detrimental to their sleep because they will spend more time on these devices, time which the child should have been spending asleep. The devices also cause interruptions as the child sleeps leading to poor sleep quality.

Physical exercise during the day is not only good for keeping fit and maintaining good health but it is also known through studies that a child that is physically active during the day, falls asleep faster and sleeps longer than the child that remains idle all day. Physical activity is beneficial to the overall health and well-being of the child as it makes the heart healthy and maintains fitness.

Another way of helping your child get adequate sleep is by making sure that before going to sleep, they have a calming routine involving quiet relaxing activities like taking a bath, or reading. This will allow them to unplug from their screens and the online world and allow them to unwind before going to bed. This has been shown to reduce anxiety and cause people to be more calm and relaxed.

Meditation is a great tool and is very beneficial to one’s mental health. Simple meditation techniques like focusing on your breath, can have a great effect on your quality of sleep simply because you are more relaxed before you sleep. Guided meditation programs are the best for starters. Introducing your children to meditation will help your young ones to relax more and fall asleep faster and for longer. Becoming healthier and happier people.

It is important to note that children emulate their parents’ behaviour and that the best way to have your children take up these healthy habits is by taking them up yourselves and why not? Following these rules and routines will improve your mental and physical health and make you a happier and consequently better person.

Images Sourced from Pixabay

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