Tips to Help Beat Your Aging Mom’s Loneliness


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Loneliness poses a significant concern among elderly people. Aging seniors sometimes suffer emotional distress due to a feeling of disconnection and protracted bouts of depression. Ill health, the loss of important family or workplace responsibilities, and the deaths of close family members, friends, or pets may all take a heavy health toll on people in the over-65 age demographic.

 Additionally, seniors often feel confused by technological and social changes within society. They frequently lack the ability to cope with rapid changes as effectively and nimbly as younger people. Do you hold concern about the well-being of a lonely aging parent or other relative? Consider taking these four steps to help brighten someone’s life:

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 One: Schedule Some Time to Spend With Mom or Dad

 To really bolster the well-being of a senior struggling with loneliness, it makes sense to spend time with that person. Even if they maintain a frenetic schedule of daily activities, most people have an opportunity to set aside a block of quality hours to become better acquainted with a beloved senior. For example, take your elderly Mom or Dad out to lunch and a movie once or twice a month; or visit them in an assisted living center for a few hours every week. Nothing trumps your personal investment of time and interest.

 Two: Teach Your Elderly Loved One to Use a Cell Phone

 Although some seniors resist exploring high tech gadgets, most of them can learn to use a cell phone with large, easily-located keys. Companies such as Opel Mobile manufacture excellent specialized lines of mobile devices specifically designed for seniors. Consider teaching your loved one to use this technology. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing they’ll have a better opportunity to summon assistance during an emergency. Plus, you’ll help your senior stay connected with friends and family members on a daily basis.

 Three: Encourage Lifelong Learning

 Today, many educational institutions offering courses in a variety of subjects allow seniors to audit the classes. By encouraging a lonely senior to attend regular classes, you’ll help this individual meet people, interact with others on a regular basis, and develop new and stimulating interests. Loneliness as an emotion usually involves a high degree of self-absorption; you need to encourage a more outward focus for your loved one. Participating in the educational process may help dispel a senior’s loneliness and negativity.

 Four: Promote a Healthy Level of Physical Activity

 Although you should not ask an infirm senior to exercise too strenuously, consider speaking with your loved one’s physician about a reasonable level of physical activity. Check whether you can enroll your aging parent in a dance class or a yoga class. Supervised regular physical exercise often provides a way for seniors to keep in shape and feel better about themselves in the process. For example, a walking program designed for older people provides the participants with a chance to remain limber while also meeting and interacting with peers.

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Must-Know Do’s and Don’ts to Defy the Signs of Ageing

By- Ross Geller


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As our skin ages, our skincare habits and routine need to adapt. Mature skin has different needs as our body’s experience metabolic, hormonal, dietary & lifestyle changes. To help guide you through what you need to change and do to keep your skin youthful and healthy, we’ve supplied this handy set of do’s and don’ts for mature skin. Follow our advice to not only be rewarded with fantastic anti-ageing benefits but reap wonderful skin repair benefits as well.

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Do use a good anti-ageing serum. Anyone with mature skin needs to apply a serum straight after cleansing. The anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant effects of an anti-ageing solution such as SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum is essential. It is perfect for all skin types and gives guaranteed results. As a multiple award-winning serum the results are astounding. Its combination of antioxidants gives you eight times your skin’s natural protection against photoaging. Dry skin rejuvenation antioxidants help to protect the skin against free radicals. They steadily improve density, elasticity and protect you from the sun while promoting glowing healthy complexion. Don’t think that you can replace your moisturizer with a serum. You need both. Your serum needs to be applied directly after cleansing or toning and always before applying a moisturizer. A good serum will boost the hydration benefits of your moisturizer. SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum works synergistically, supplying deep hydration and anti-ageing benefits.




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Do choose a foundation for mature skin. You need to pick a foundation which matches not only your skin tone but the undertones as well. This is essential to ensure that all inconsistencies are covered. Look for a foundation that contains moisturizing components and incorporates SPF protection. As your skin ages, it needs all the hydration it can get. Most products like this have a light finish which is exactly what you need for blending. Don’t buy a powder foundation or foundation which lays on thickly. Throughout the day, the foundation will end up settling into creases as your face moves. Cracks and lines show up amid your makeup which actually makes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles worse.

Anti-ageing Cream


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Do apply an anti-ageing cream which prevents and corrects. The best products for ageing skin will assist lipid loss. Lipid depletion happens when the skin starts running low on ceramides, cholesterol, and essential fatty acids. When this happens, the signs of ageing are accelerated and the skin’s natural repair process is hindered. Try SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 for outstanding aging correction effects. It’ll restore your skin’s elasticity and reduces pore size. Its deep hydration is perfect for aging skin while this cream also provides a barrier locking in moisture. Don’t buy any anti-aging cream which contains sodium lauryl sulfate, BHA, triclosan, parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, or any synthetic colours or fragrances. These harsh chemical additives will do nothing other than strip your skin’s natural beauty over time. Extended use will accelerate your skin’s aging and bring out lines and wrinkles rather than hiding them. Your facial skin is extremely sensitive and it becomes more sensitive as you age. Only go for products specifically designed to match your mature, delicate skin.



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Do use lipsticks which feature moisturizing agents. They’ll give you the colour that you need while keeping your lips full and smooth. There is no better way to mask the thinning of lips which typically comes with age. Remember to apply a light lip liner to help fill out your lips as well. Your lip liner needs to be a match to your skin tone and the shade of your lipstick. Nothing more than a light over-line is needed. Pencil in lightly just on the outside. It gives a great volume boost. Don’t use bold, gaudy lipsticks or anything that leaves a matte finish. As with all matte-finish products, they’ll settle into cracks making your lips look far thinner and much more wrinkled. As you age, you’re looking for a lip colour which is free from gloss, shimmer or excessive shine. Aging lips mustn’t look wet and you don’t want over-line too much either.

Eye Makeup


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Do apply neutral tones to your eyelids. This emphasizes the shape and colour of your eyes. You’re looking for a shadow which brightens without being too bold. It must match your skin tone and skin colour while leaving a smooth, satin finish. Don’t use any eye makeup which glitters or leaves a matte finish. As the day progresses, you’ll be shocked at just how quickly these products settle into creases. Dark eye makeup should generally be avoided. It often emphasizes any inconsistencies of your skin, while creating a slightly hollow facial appearance.

Eye Balm


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Do use an eye balm to help correct any signs of aging and age-related damage. The delicate mature skin around your eyes needs dedicated treatment. A rehabilitative emollient for aging skin like SkinCeuticals Eye Balm protects and heals the skin. Suited to all skin types, it’ll firm up the area around your eyes by gently stimulating collagen and hyaluronate production. You’ll love the way that SkinCeuticals eye cream calms irritated skin while even reducing puffiness and correcting any pre-existing skin conditions. Whether your skin is too dry or too oily, this balm with help. Don’t apply eye balm or any eye cream on your top eyelid or directly below your bottom lashes. Try applying SkinCeuticals eye cream or your chosen product using your ring finger. Stick to the orbital bone only. The only place that needs treatment is the eye socket itself.

Stick to Anti-Aging Solutions for Mature Skin


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Ideally, you want a full selection of skincare products designed for mature skin. Look towards good brands such as Medik8 and Jan Marini for a total selection of the best products for mature skin available. When you use a specifically formulated solution to time-old problems such as smile lines & wrinkles, you’re guaranteed results. Mature skin needs a total range of care which supports the body’s own natural health. Keep our advice in mind, and you can rest assured that your skin is always receiving the best treatment.

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How To Save Money On Baby Products

adorable-baby-bag-1695066By admin


It must be heartening news to know that you are expecting a baby. But it is also a wakeup call to you to start saving more proactively. By saving smartly, you can have enough to spend on the future of your child. Here are some clever and effective ways on how you can save money on baby products.

Don’t Always Shop Online

When looking for baby products like toys and clothes, you need not always hit the e-commerce websites for deals. The truth is that you can get these for cheap from local shops and supermarkets. So, when buying things for your child, you can save a lot by visiting the nearest supermarket where you can buy them at a low price.

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Buy Nappies at Sales

When shopping for baby essentials it’s always a good idea to stock up on products when they are on offer.So when you see there is a sale on nappies in your local supermarket I would stock up on them while they are cheap. In supermarket sales, you can get not only nappies but also stuffed toys at very reasonable prices.

You should make an effort to find one-time expenses on sale too, such as a backpack diaper bag, reclining umbrella stroller or carrier wrap, which are must-haves on the baby checklist for first-time moms

Purchase Second Hand Products

Yes, that is not really a bad idea, when you think hard about it. Many baby products like dolls, stuffed toys can be reused again without any worry. As long as they are cleaned and washed regularly, there will be fine to use. You can pick up second hand baby products for a fraction of the price. I would recommend having a look around some local second hand shops or even the facebook market place. You can pick up some great deals if you shop around the marketplace.


You can always find vouchers or coupons online to save you money on products. When you are shopping for things like nappies, or baby clothing I would recommend going to somewhere which offers you loyalty points. For example boots, they offer points on each purchase. This is great as the points will add up and you will be able to spend these points on other items you may need.

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How To Improve Your Night’s Sleep


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Let’s admit it, with the kind of schedules everyone has these days, and the exhaustion of working extra hours really disturbs sleep. Have you been having trouble sleeping at night? Are you on the edge of insomnia? Are all the recommended tricks and tips on improving your sleep failing you? Look no further because here are some of the best ways to improve your night’s sleep.

Room’s Environment

Starting with the basics, make sure you’re using the right bedding for your body’s maximum comfort. Experiment with varied mattress firmness etc. Also make sure your pillows are the right firmness because sometimes, extra firm mattresses and pillows can give you severe back and neck pain. Moreover, make sure your room is cool and dark with good ventilation.

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Bedtime Relaxation Rituals

The entire day’s work over-stimulates the mind which in turn makes it difficult for the mind and body to unwind and settle down during bedtime. The best way to relax after a long day’s work is to set aside some time for a routine you can practice just before bed. Deep breathing, light meditation, and or muscle relaxing exercise are some good routines you can imply.

Schedule your sleep time

Another great way to improve your night’s sleep is to schedule it. Yes, sticking to it is not always impossible, but you can try to as much as you can. With that, also make sure to follow the routine through the weekend too. Along with sleeping on time, if you’re having troubles waking up or getting out of bed, the best possible way is to try the new wake-up light therapy by using a wake-up alarm clock. They’re the best and most comforting ways to wake up. You won’t need to keep 10 alarms to wake you up anymore. These sunrise clocks work like the literal sun. It starts emitting gradual light 30 minutes before your set wake-up time and replicates the dawn to give you a natural feeling of waking up with the sunrise.

If you try to implicate this, you’re surely going to improve your night’s sleep.

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By Cindy



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● 使用低敏性產品 – 不論保濕霜、沐浴護理還是洗髮精。由於新生嬰兒的肌膚相當幼嫩,醫生建議使用無香料添加的溫和配方,防止痕癢及避免觸發致敏源。
● 使用溫水 – 太熱或太冷的水均會刺激嬰兒的敏感神經末端,因此使用溫水最為適當。在為嬰兒沐浴前,首要原則是先用自己的手肘測試水溫,並謹記洗澡時間不能過長,否則嬰兒的天然皮膚油份或會被沖洗掉。
● 添置加濕器 – 由於增加空氣濕度可防止皮膚變得乾燥痕癢,因此可選擇購買便攜的加濕器讓空氣保持和暖濕潤。
● 讓嬰兒處於舒適狀態 – 除以不含香味的溫和柔順劑沖洗嬰兒衣物外,也需要為嬰兒購買通爽舒適的衣服,同時不要讓小孩久待在冷空氣的環境中,因寒冷或會引致乾燥肌膚。
● 讓嬰兒保持充足水份 – 脫水會令皮膚脫屑問題更加嚴重,因此不但建議母親餵哺母乳, 並應在餵哺時間提供足夠的室溫水。
● 定期清潔嬰兒房 – 掃除塵埃令嬰兒房保持潔淨,亦應在其他容易推積灰塵的地方去除污垢。謹記要帶嬰兒遠離將要打掃的房間,並避免在空氣中噴灑含有害成份的香氣。


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alone-black-and-white-casual-1487956By Paulina

Most women fail to track their ovulation and so do not know when they have developed anovulation.  If you are to detect an anovulatory cycle in order to get pregnant, you have to keep track of your ovulation cycle and know what symptoms to look out for. The general symptom which every woman looks out for is the absence of their period which most of the times can be deceptive as women who are victims of anovulation still see blood that makes it seem like they are having a real period.

This is so because heavy bleeding might occur for a woman with an anovulatory cycle because of a fall in estrogen levels. It can also be due to an insufficient production of progesterone; a hormone which maintains regular periods in a woman’s body. It could also be as a result of the shedding of a build-up in the uterine lining which could no longer hold. Therefore, a woman should study her ovulation cycle as well as her menstrual cycle very well in order to spot the difference between her normal menstrual cycle and an abnormal one. Some of the obvious symptoms of anovulatory cycle might include:

  • Absence of ovulation
  • Sometimes, absence of periods can actually mean that an anovulatory cycle has occurred
  • Irregular periods which can be late for up to 10 days or more than 10 days
  • Short menstrual cycle of less than 25 days
  • Absence of the normal fluctuations in the body temperature which a woman experiences during ovulation.

Most times, an anovulatory cycle can be diagnosed by your doctor in hospital. Therefore, a visit to your doctor when you notice certain changes in your ovulation or menstrual cycle will go a long way to detect anovulation on time. Continue reading

Having an anovulatory cycle diagnosed is a lot easier when there is an absence of periods or when the periods are irregular. But you will need your doctor’s help in certain cases. Doctors are very helpful because with their help you can check certain things in your body that influences your ovulation. These things include:

  • Your uterine lining.
  • Your progesterone and estrogen levels
  • Your blood to look out for the presence of certain antibodies.

Your doctor might also carry out an ultrasound on you to scan your ovaries and uterus for any abnormalities or damage. Some other times your urine is used to test for when your next ovulation will be. This helps you find out whether you will be experiencing an anovulatory cycle or not.

The ultrasound which is carried out most times by an ob-gyn helps to take a closer look at follicle and confirm if it is ripening or not. It also looks at your endometrial lining, checks for abnormal characteristics and so on. These processes can be completely checked out under 2 to 3 days in 3 to 4 sessions.

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Why Cleansing is the Most Important Skin Care Step

By Cindy,


One of the most important products in any skin care regimen involves using the right kind of cleanser. Depending on the skin type, several cleansers with different ingredients are formulated to meet their specific needs like those in Dr Jart products. One example is that if your skin is relatively dry, you may benefit from products with hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid, milk, and creams.

Likewise, acne-prone skin may benefit from gentle and water-based cleansers that do not strip the skin of its natural oils. South Koreans have developed a technique called double-cleansing or cleansing with oil and water. This involves using two different kinds of cleansers and has been considered a staple in the world-famous Korean skincare routine.

Double Cleansing vs. Regular Cleansing

The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser to remove deep-seated dirt in the pores. After rinsing the product off, a water-based cleanser is then followed after to wash the remaining impurities away, leaving the skin soft and supple. The reason why double-cleansing remains popular to this very day is because it provides a thorough cleaning effect that helps remove stubborn makeup and dirt while also leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

This makes it perfect for those who generally wear makeup everyday during work hours. However, if you normally don’t wear makeup, you can skip the oil-based cleansing part, so long as you have a water-based cleanser. Continue reading

Here are some of the reasons why cleansing is a must before any skin care steps can be done:

1. Removing impurities

Aside from removing makeup, cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skin care regimen due to the fact that it serves to remove impurities. During the day, our skin is exposed to various elements that include dirt, pollution, and free radicals that can affect its appearance and overall health. To avoid incurring any of its side effects, using a cleanser twice a day keeps our skin safe by removing these elements while maintaining pore size.

2. Serving as the base of your skin care regimen

No matter how many skin care steps you may have, cleansing your face serves as the initial step and the base that ensures all the following products stay effective. If you have acne-prone skin, using an effective cleanser along with toners and blemish solutions provide a holistic skin care routine that addresses all your specific needs and problems. Without cleansing, the rest of your product will become less effective because it doesn’t have a clean base to work on.

3. Enhancing your moisturizer

Aside from toners and treatment solutions, using a cleanser first and foremost helps keep your skin clean and ready for hydration. Without cleansing, your moisturizer may fail to lock in the necessary hydration in keeping your skin soft and smooth, making it less effective in the long run.

There is no doubt that a proper cleanser can make all the difference when it comes to addressing skin health. Like most skin care products, there is no one-cleanser made for all since every person has different skin types. Before purchasing a cleanser, make sure to follow these guidelines to avoid making the wrong investment:

  • Determine your skin type. Use an oil blotting sheet for this test. Let it sit on your face for a few minutes then remove. If it’s mostly translucent, you have oily skin. If it remains unchanged, you may have dry skin. If it has relatively small traces of moisture in certain areas, you may have combination skin.
  • Narrow ingredients. Narrow your choices by selecting products with ingredients specifically catered to your skin. Certain ingredients that are mostly cream-based and focus on hydration like milk and creams suit those with dry skin while gentle but effective ingredients like green tea works best for oily skin.
  • Check for consistency. This includes checking whether it’s cream/oil-based or water-based. Foamy cleansers with a creamy texture work best for dry skin while gentle solutions work well for oily, combination, and normal skin types.
  • Visit a dermatologist. If you have sensitive skin, you may be better off seeking advice from a professional instead. While there are products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin like fermented cleansers, asking advice from a professional can help you find several other options.

Cleansing is an important step because it serves as a base of all other skin care products by removing deep-seated dirt and locking in essential nutrients. Since not all cleansers are created the same, users should make sure to research on different products and reviews to find out which works for them. This also includes carrying out a skin patch test before trying new products on you.

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How to Get More Sleep as a New Mom


Sleep deprivation is a common side effect of new motherhood. A colicky baby, discomfort and stress often disrupt sleep during this new phase. While there’s often little you can do to avoid being woken up in the middle of the night by an infant, poor sleep doesn’t have to be a staple of motherhood. With the proper preparation and steps, you can get the sleep your mind and body need in order to be the best mom you can be.

Eat more magnesium

Magnesium improves the sleep cycle in many ways. Not only does it support the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, it also helps muscles relax enough for you to drift off. Try eating magnesium-heavy snacks, like bananas and oatmeal, an hour before bed to reap the mineral’s sleep-related benefits.

Use pillows to your advantage

If soreness keeps you awake, invest in a more supportive pillow, but if long-term aches bother you, consider using pillows to switch up your sleeping positions. Try sleeping in the fetal position, knees pulled to chest and straddling a pillow, to alleviate back pain by aligning your spine. Alternatively, lie on your back and prop a pillow under your knees to neutralize your spine. These changes should help you wake up feeling energized and refreshed!

Turn off electronics

Electronics are the enemy of sleep. Not only do they tend to keep you too stimulated and stressed to fall asleep on time, the LED light from electronic screens can also seriously disrupt your sleep patterns. To maintain healthy circadian rhythms, be sure to turn your phone, television and computer off at least two hours before bed. Also consider installing adaptive light bulbs for the bedroom to cut back on LED exposure and keep your body on its natural schedule.

Say no to added responsibilities

Taking on too many commitments while learning how to be a mom can spread you very thin. It can sap your energy and stress you out, a combination that wreaks havoc on your mental health and sleep quality. Practice saying “no” to extra projects at work, unnecessary chores, or nights out that you just aren’t up for. While it’s important to maintain some semblance of your old life when adjusting to this new normal, be aware of when you’re taking on too much. This is a time when you should be focusing on yourself, your health and your new family.

In the end, it’s important to remember that sleep should be your priority in order to maintain a healthy mind and body as you adjust to this new life. Take these tips and adapt them to fit your new role as a mom so you have good enough health and energy to keep up with your baby.

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Styling Tips To Rock Your Postpartum Curves

By Rebecca Siggers,

With the correct styling tips and tricks, even new mothers can rock their beautiful bodies in the most fashionable outfits. What to wear and what not to, how to accessorize, and how to ‘look’ slimmer- just the correct advice is all you need. Read on to find out how to flaunt your curves-


This is the best time to rock long necklaces and scarves. Layer them vertically over your outfits to focus on your accessories rather than just your body. These vertical and elongates ‘tools’ make you look slimmer. You can even put on attractive earrings, hats or other types of headgear. Choose danglers or hoops instead of studs.

Opt for shapewear

Don’t shy away from wearing shapewear and corsets. Spandex and waist slimming shapewear can work efficiently in tucking your postpartum curves. You can opt for these on special occasions as they hold your hips and stomach. Several brands have introduced specialized clothing lines for new mothers. Just ensure that your shapewear does not have a high compression on your body as it can be harmful to your health. We also recommend you to consult your doctor. Continue reading

Layer up

You can layer up with drapes to make yourself look flattering. Gathers and layering clothing items can do the trick. Comfortable t-shirt dresses, tunics jackets, coats, capes or even empire cuts should be your wardrobe essentials.

Try balancing your outfit and avoid wearing oversized clothes all over. For instance, going baggy all over go for an oversized pullover with comfortable leggings.

Show the right skin

This is the time to wear v- necks, plunging cuts, boat necks off- shoulders. V- necks are vertical and can make you look elongated and slimmer. While you’re hiding most of your curves, you can show off the area around your neck. It’s all about balance!

Avoid mid-calf or calf length skirts as it can make you look shorter. Go for maxi skirts or above the knee lengths. Ditch low waist pants and say hello to high rise bottoms. These tuck in your stomach and can also make you look taller!

 Black works like magic

Your postpartum belly and hips can easily be disguised with black colored clothing items. An all-black outfit can also look flattering and hide what you must. Break the monotony by adding chunky accessories or a pop of bright colors. Scarves, belts and even trendy shoes can also help make your outfit look more attractive.

Layer up your outfit with dark pants or capes to make you look ‘longer’. There are a lot of dark shades to play around with.

 Focus on hems

Get the hemline of your bottoms trimmed just half an inch above the floor. Slip into pointy shoes like mules or low comfortable heels to elongate your length. Ensure that you trim neatly so that your pants don’t look shabby. Hence, a visit to the tailor is highly recommended!


We are sure everyone would accept that sneakers are the most comfortable footwear item ever! You can rock them with almost every outfit and look chic. You can also go for a little bit of heel to feel and look longer.

Opt for wedges, block heels, and platforms for height and comfort. The heels of these footwears are stable and comfortable.

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How To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy

By Jasmine Anderson


Being a parent is a tough job on its own. But when you also include our ambitious endeavours to help them become better students, teach them to be good people, to know right from wrong… it starts to seem incredibly difficult, if not almost impossible. The same goes for nurturing good habits, especially when it comes to food. While we can’t help with other difficult parenting tasks, we can share some advice on how to make healthy eating a little easier to teach and ingrain into your child’s every day.

Start them off right

From the moment they start with solid foods, expose your kids to fruits and veggies in their “purest” forms – no sugars, sweeteners, cheese dips or the like. The sooner they familiarize themselves with how food tastes without the added flavour, the lesser the chances of them growing up into fussy eaters. Besides, that is an experimental period for them, where their palate learns which flavours it favours over the others. Sugar is highly addictive and should be given in moderation, if at all.


Don’t become too strict

Simply because you have children doesn’t mean you suddenly have to become a food puritan. Keeping too strict a meal plan is bound to cause problems in your relationship with your child. In many cases, kids from such homes, as soon as they’re given their lunch money, spend it on an armful of potato chips, chocolates, hard candy and more. Your kids will start to feel like they’re missing out, so leave in those trips to McDonalds or Pizza Hut. You’ll do a better job that way, teaching them moderation. Continue reading

Gauge the portion size

A lot of parents overestimate the amount of food their children can eat. It’s easy to miscalculate when we see them run around all day, expending so much energy. The thing is, they don’t actually need to eat like a pack of wolves. Have a few experimental meals where you’ll eye the number of various food types your child eats. Then use that to plan for smaller meals, but more frequent snacking. Smaller meals are healthier for a developing metabolism anyway.


Do grocery shopping together

Children will hardly eat healthily just because you told them to. They want to know why something is good for them, which is great! That’s why shopping with your kids allows you to teach them how to choose healthily. Write out the shopping list together, and explain it as you go through the aisles. Talk about buying with four food groups in mind, teach them early on that simply because certain foods are pricier doesn’t make them healthier. When it comes to budgeting, teach them how to shop smart: fruit, vegetables, healthy grains and wheat prices can vary greatly, so show them it’s more about the brand than the price itself.

Involve them in the food prep

Believe it or not, kids LOVE being included in grown-up activities (so long as they don’t last forever). Whether it’s to pay the bills, walk the dog, or do grocery shopping – the thing they really enjoy is feeling like an adult and being treated like one. Which is why cooking with your kids can only improve their eating habits. They can learn how to cut up ingredients, properly measure and mix, and which spices make their meals taste so good. It’s not only a great way to nurture a healthy relationship with food but to bond with your child as well.


The last piece of advice…

.. is to just have fun with your kids, and your food! Yes, healthy eating can be stressful for parents, because we suddenly have all this weight on our shoulders to make sure our kids grow strong, active, healthy, with a lot of good habits. And that puts a lot of pressure and stress on something that should be enjoyable and fun. The one crucial thing you need to preach is that food is not punishment, nor is it a sinful indulgence. Food makes us happy, and it should be for them too. So, cut up their veggies in funny shapes, make funny breakfast plates with eggs for googly-eyes, and let them bathe their pancakes in chocolate. They’re still kids, not fitness bloggers, and you’re not their trainer, but a parent who loves them to death.

Author Bio:

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Australia.
She is an incurable daydreamer, who finds inspiration in little,
everyday moments. Spending time at her cozy home office with her two
cats, writing her blog, is her favorite thing in the world.

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3 Winter Ingredients for Your Dry Skin

After years of struggling with dry and flaky skin during winter, we found 3 magical ingredients that help in totally safeguarding the skin during winter. This is completely safe for moms babies and everyone.

Ingredient 1

Coconut Oil

Yes, you got it right, nothing fancy right? Yes during winter we replaced all our expensive moisturizers with the simple coconut oil. But the best way to use the oil is immediately after bath to lock in all the moisture within the skin. You can repeat it again after your night bath. Completely avoid any other moisturizer. We only use cold pressed coconut oil that is pure and does not have a strong odor.

Ingredients 2 and 3

Glycerine and Rose Water

Mix glycerine and rose water in the ratio 1:1 and store in a bottle. Apply all over your skin before bed. This helps the skin from drying during the night and both ingredients are easily available in all pharmacies. Continue reading

Avoid all other chemicals during the winter. Try to use a glycerine based soap. believe me these 3 ingredients are magical.

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7 Ways for a Healthy and Active Pregnancy

By Rebecca Siggers,


During the stages of pregnancy, the wellness and the health of the mother not only ensures her safety but also that of the child. It is imperative that you, as a pregnant mother, make conscious efforts to stay fit and take the necessary measures to attain so. Spending all the time sitting or lying in bed is not going to help either. Too much passivity can lead up to the onset of weight gain, back pain, and an increase in the likelihood of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Let us try to find out certain effective ways to ensure a healthy and active pregnancy.

Indulge in exercises

As much strange as it may sound, but partaking in some light exercises can prove to be healthy both for the mother and the child. It significantly lowers the stress levels in the body, promotes the peace of mind, improve the circulation of the blood, helps manage weight, and induces good night’s sleep. Since you can not possibly opt for intense exercises, some simple ones such as walking, swimming, yoga, and pilates can do wonders for your overall fitness.

You can also make room for pelvic floor exercises, which are known to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, vagina and the back passage. Make sure you perform all of these in cool areas and avoid the heat. It is equally necessary that you wear comfortable clothes while exercising. Explore a popular fitness apparel brand to let go of the constraints and remain in a state of physical ease. Continue reading

Ditch the risky chores

There is an ample number of activities you may easily take part in. However, pregnancy brings along the need to reconsider your daily set of chores. Some of the regular ones including heavy lifting, climbing on ladders, and standing near a heated equipment might sound completely normal, but can prove detrimental for the child. Thus, keep away from such tasks till you deliver your baby. Do not bend too much and keep your hands clean at all times to avoid the contact of harmful germs.

Focus on the diet

Since what you eat becomes the source of food for your child, it is important to be careful about what you eat. As per a study, you require 300-350 calories more on a daily basis during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy. A poor diet can become the reason for excess fat gain. Hence, you must indulge in a balanced diet, rich in all the necessary nutrients. Some of the healthy foods for pregnancy include dairy products, legumes, sweet potatoes, salmons, eggs, broccoli, and lean meat.

Besides these, foods high in folic acid play a vital role in the creation of red blood cells and the development of the neural tube of the baby. Oranges, lentils, and asparagus are some of the options you can choose from to get this nutrient.

Manage stress and anxiety

Your internal upheavals about the future and uncertainties can sometimes make you anxious. There is also a set of mood swings you may so commonly suffer from during pregnancy. You might even witness high levels of irritability, sleep disturbances, and a spur in the anger issues. Since the cat is out of the bag, it is very important to know certain tips to overcome these. Some of the effective ones you can perform daily include listening to your favorite music, going for movies, spending time with your partner, and meditation.

Prefer to walk and use your legs

If and when you have to travel short distances, try going there on foot. Walking is a highly underrated activity. It can help you elevate your mood and sharpen your mind. Those in the early stages of pregnancy who are working must take a break every hour from a quick stroll around.

Similarly, take the stairs instead of taking the lift wherever possible. The increase in weight during pregnancy can increase the load on the joints. Taking a few steps with regular intervals shall help keep them strong and agile, aside from keeping you active all-around.

Mind the hygiene

Having a dirty surrounding or eating in unclean utensils can harbor a number of germs and bacteria. Avoid them as much as you can. Keep your hands clean and wash them every now and then.

Always remember to use gloves while handling the daily tasks like gardening or your pet litter. Some infections like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis breed in the filthy environment. These can even become responsible for the miscarriage of the child. Hence, to maintain the optimal health of the baby throughout the pregnancy, make sure you exercise precaution and maintain cleanliness.

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol travels through the bloodstream and can reach your baby quite easily. It is detrimental to the health of the baby, especially in the first and third trimester. While there is no specific amount of alcohol you can drink to practice safety, the best case scenario would be to avoid it altogether. Aside from the alcohol, you should also get rid of the products containing caffeine. These include chocolates, coffee, tea, and packaged beverages.

A study also suggests that consuming these can be risky for the health of the baby. Cut back on them or simply remove them from your daily life. It shall ensure the proper development of the brain of the child, facilitate their weight management and decreases the chances of miscarriage drastically.

Some of the other important ways to have a healthy pregnancy include giving up on smoking, remaining hydrated and getting ample amount of rest. Pregnancy should be a period of happiness for you. Imbibe these tips in your daily schedule and experience this enjoyable phase of the life well.

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