How to Tackle Kids’ Bedroom Design

By Diana Smith,

If you have kids, the living room isn’t the most important area of your home. In terms of décor, it is the kids’ room that needs the most sprucing up –a fresh, creative feel will greatly benefit your kid. Keep in mind, however, that your child should definitely play a large part in the design process, unless we’re talking about newborns and 5-or-below-year-olds. The tips that follow will help you come up with an awesome modern kid’s bedroom.

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Shared kids’ room for boys and girls

If your home is large enough, giving separate rooms to your son and daughter goes without saying. Unfortunately, not everyone is this lucky and creating a shared room is sometimes unavoidable.
This can easily turn out problematic, as boys and girls tend to age quite differently and you don’t want to overemphasize your kid’s bedroom as a predominantly boys’ or predominantly girls’ room.
It all starts with colors, the underlying palette for elements such as walls, rugs and furniture, in particular. If they are old enough, you need to make sure that color is a unanimous decision between the siblings.
The next part is furniture selection and your aim should be furniture with clean lines and without a particular theme, as a boyish or a girlish theme doesn’t play well with shared rooms. Continue reading

Everything else is up to you – customize the design elements to match their personalities and discuss everything with your children, if they’re old enough. Most importantly, ask each of your kids whether they’re okay with their sibling’s choice – you don’t want excessive conflict with sibling rivalry.

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Age difference

One of the biggest issues with kids’ bedrooms is the age difference – if one of the siblings happens to be more than 5 years older than the other one, you’re going to have to find a perfect compromise. This is especially true if you have a baby; paying attention to furniture layout is crucial here. If possible, place the beds in opposite wall corners and make the crib accessible to the door. The design objective here is giving each child a comfortable night’s sleep – they shouldn’t be waking one another.
Additionally, creating a play area that is enjoyable for both siblings, preferably simultaneously, is extremely helpful, especially for you, the parents, as having your kids playing with each other will take the edge off. A play area should contain floor mats, cushions and other neat ideas, which include getting a rocking horse or a teepee for kids (really cool for bonding, seeing how all kids love the idea of forts and tents).

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Emphasize what your kid loves

Having a kid that’s found what they really love doing is a pillar of their future success. This takes really hearing your kid, rather than merely listening to them. Settling for the good-old “my son’s going to be a baseball player” or “my daughter is going to be a designer” is the worst thing that you can do (unless this is something that they truly find appealing). In truth, once your child has shown interest in something, you should think past his or her gender and your own preferences. Even if you are absolutely uncomfortable with an idea of your kid taking too much interest in music, you should emphasize their preferences. If your young one is a sports lover, go for a football-shaped toy box, for example. If the kid loves drawing, equip the room with drawing paraphernalia. Keep in mind, you’re using the room to shape your children towards their aspirations, definitely not to your expectations.

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Even if you’re dealing with a small amount of space, you can do great things for your youngest. The key to designing your kids’ bedroom is compromise, whether it’s between the two of them or in terms of physical décor and your budget.



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Review of Umbrella Stroller (Cosco) – The must have for any travel with a toddler

unbrella stroller

Hi Moms,

Its been a while since I have written. But please expect a lot of exciting blog posts in the coming days. Especially related to travel.

Travelling with a toddler is definately not very easy but at the same time it is not very hard when you travel is planned. You can easily move them around with an Umbrella stroller.

Its perfect for international travels, and can easily pass through the scanners in the airports. When your child wants to walk simply fold it like an umbrella and hang it on your hand. Continue reading

We have a basic one from Cosco and it could hold it easily. I know there are many fancy ones available in the market. But I preferred a light one as its easy to fold and keep it away when we dont require it. We switched trains many times and it was very easy to keep it in the overhead luggage storage area.


Image Source

When it comes to durability it lasted an entire trip with different terrains. I will surely give you my feedback once I use it on Indian roads.

Cost wise it is very reasonable, I guess we got it at 20$ from the US. So if your travelling to the US you surely know what to buy. Also dont compare it with a regular stroller as this one just helps moving kids around especially in large airports, and helps us with the pain of carrying those heavy strollers when kids want to walk. This is how it looks when folded:

Image Source

Overall a good investment.

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7 Things a Mom Needs to Shop Before the Baby’s Arrival

Hi Mom’s,

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Being a mother is magical, right? And with the birth of a new- born life, a new- born mother is also brought to life. We know that taking care of your babies are much more difficult than it actually seems. It is almost like taking care of that little plant you bought home for your garden. So, to help you with the “take care” process, here are 7 most important things that would be of real use when the baby is born and it’s a great idea to keep all these products handy before your baby arrives. You know? It is better to be ready beforehand for anything than being clumsy afterwards.

Nappies, Diaper Bag and Wet Wipes

Earlier, people used to get those cloth pockets into action to cover the baby. But with the realization and cautiousness about the baby care, we have grown into a generation of diaper babies and diapers are a boon to motherhood. Keeping the wetness and rashes away from the baby is a necessity for the delicate skin of the baby.

So just ensure that you have your pack handy along with some gentle wet wipes. You will need it as soon as you leave hospital. A diaper bag is a complete must have as you can sort all your stuff. And with some awesome brands like Johnson&Johnson, Mamy Poko Pants, Himalaya Diapers and Pampers, it becomes easy to give the best to your new-born. Continue reading

Nursing Accessories

Nursing accessories is another important point which should be kept in mind to have a pleasing baby love experience. Usually, the newly born mom’s suffer severe back pains as a result of delivering the baby. And this calls for special care of the mother as well as of the child.

Ensure that you buy nursing gowns, nursing pads and feeding pillows if you have back problems. Some moms don’t have the luxury to go out shopping after birth due some or the other reason. That is when websites like Firstcry are helpful. Visit the website and have a look at the wide range of baby products and mother’s care products. Moreover, one can apply firstcry offers and avail up to 80% off on their purchase.

Grab this little treat for your little angels. Wouldn’t you?

Baby Bath

It is scientifically proved that a baby’s skin is the most delicate thing ever. So, you will need to keep a track while you clean up your baby. Keep your towels, baby wash, shampoos and everything ready before the baby comes to life.

Obviously, when it comes to a baby, you can never compromise. You can also visit exclusive baby stores like Mom&Me or buy efficient products online from different baby care sites like Firstcry, Himalaya and many more.

Baby Sleeping

Baby bed, Cradle nests, Baby nests, carry baby rocker etc. there are so many products for you to give your baby a deep and comfortable sleep. You can decide on whether you want to buy a baby bed or co-sleep with your baby.

If you decide to co-sleep with the baby, do ensure that you buy a small baby mattress with side pillows to protect your baby from falling. Else if you are buying a baby bed, decide whether you need baby monitors and other accessories for the bed or not?

From small beds to take along carriers, you can buy whatever you wish for as per your convenience. Or, if you want to have double protection and efficiency, you want get both of the beds for your little one.

Baby Clothes

Babies are such cute, little fur balls, amazingly adorable. And our fashion portal is not at all lacking behind in providing the cutest baby dresses, suits, rompers, dungarees and many more irresistible clothes. Not just the casual wear, there is a whole lot of formals and even little animal suits in numerous sizes according to the age.

Buy clothes according to the season in which your baby will be born. Always check the outside temperature, easy test will be your own clothing, your baby will need an extra layer of cover more than you. Why? Because a baby’s skin is 10times more soft, delicate and under-nourished than a normal human skin. Hence, appropriate clothes and even more cautious care is a necessary.

Travelling Kit

Your first travel will start right from when you leave that hospital bed. Then there are so many outings, trips and meetings with family where you will have to take the baby along. So, just to be on a safe side and for convenience, carry the baby soothers, baby wraps, carriers, milk bottles, disposable baby wipes, extra diapers, baby care powder, soft cotton towels handy and other much needed travelling essentials.

Ensure that your move from one place to another is smooth. Get a baby wrap which will be able to handle the bumpy road. Moreover, you can easily buy travelling kits and all the required accessories for the baby from online baby care stores.


This should have been the first point to be mentioned isn’t it? But last is not always the least. Living in a socially active world, you would obviously love to capture and flaunt each and every movement and profile of your baby. Camera is a must have to capture all the special moments which will unfold when your bundle of joy arrives. Babies are the best gift to flaunt. Those cute little hands, teeny tiny baby feet, makes your life a living gallery. And saving some precious moments to the gallery of life is mandatory.

We know that becoming mother is a privilege but it is also a huge responsibility for life these are some points and things to have with you for your baby care time. Of course there are numerous things to keep in mind with a new born life in your hands but still, we are here with a little help. All the very best for this hard but magical roller-coaster ahead. Have a happy motherly adventure!

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Protecting Children from the Sun

By Diana Smith

Summer is upon us! The season of beach life, picnics, and just enjoying the outdoor life in general. Kids particularly love summer. It is a time of fun, freedom, and adventure. However, too much sunshine could be harmful to your tots’ gentle skin, and you should know how to properly protect them from the sun.

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Do my kids really need sun protection?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes! We used to believe that sun was actually good for us. There is some truth to that claim. Sunshine does play a vital part in vitamin D production – or UVB rays do, to be precise. Vitamin D is important for strong bones and teeth, mental health, and as cancer prevention. However, unfortunately, the sunshine has become so harmful that risks of sun exposure far outweigh the benefits. Therefore, it is much wiser to use Vitamin D supplements and avoid spending too much time without shade. Kids are even more sensitive than adults, so it’s that much more vital to shield them as much as possible. Bear in mind though, that a whopping 75 percent of both children and adult have a vitamin D deficiency, so supplements are a must. Continue reading

Everyday precautions

image 3

Too much sun exposure can cause multiple short- and long-term problems, such as heat stroke, sunburn, eye damage and skin cancer. Your first measures should be based on common sense. Avoid taking your kids outside when the sun is in its peak – from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you have your own yard, create a safe play space by creating a deep shade. You can do this by covering an area of your yard with a parasol or commercial shade sails, or make the best out of the natural shade provided by trees and plants. If you do need to leave the shade, wear loose fitting, light-colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses should complete the look. The best fabric to wear in very hot weather is cotton, as it absorbs sweat which will help you avoid unpleasant rashes. The places that get sunburnt most often are the shoulders and the back of the neck, so try your best to protect them.

Sun exposure

image 2

If you know your kids are going to be exposed to the sun, be sure to use sunscreen. Use special formulas for younger children as their skin tends to be particularly sensitive. Not only do children under the age of one have very sensitive skin, their cooling mechanism isn’t properly developed yet, so always keep them out of the sun. For older kids and adults, it’s recommended that you use SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum, waterproof sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply it every two hours and every time you’ve been in the water (even if it’s waterproof). Always apply sunscreen at least half an hour before leaving the house.

Proper aftercare

image 4

In general, the lighter your child’s skin is, the higher their chances of getting sunburn. Sunburn is unpleasant, even painful, and causes long-term damage as well. If your child has sunburn, always consult their doctor first. Cool the skin gently with lukewarm water while monitoring the child’s temperature. Your doctor or pharmacist might recommend calamine lotion, an aloe vera ointment, or products containing panthenol. The purpose of these products is to promote healing and rehydrate the skin. Just as with sunscreen, always use aftercare products designed specifically with kids’ skin in mind. The adult formula could be too harsh and might end up doing more harm than good.

You will feel much better knowing that your kids are well protected. Enjoy your summer without the sunburn, heatstroke, and other nasty consequences.


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Easy And Simple Fashion Tips For Busy Moms

luthr jacobs

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When we talk about a family, the role played by mom is really incredible. Each and every person in the home is dependent on her. In short, she is the backbone of the family. The number of roles she play, keeps her super busy. So for the same reason, she deserves to treat herself with some perks. So why not start with a wardrobe upgrade? Continue reading

Here in this post, I have shared some fashion tips that will help her to look good even during her busy hours.


You are home this doesn’t mean that your wardrobe should look dowdy and old-fashioned. If you are wearing something that is tattered and oversized, you will start to feel bad about your appearance and will lose confidence. So better leave those oversized tops and opt for tunics. Tunics will make you look in shape and give you a flattered look. Most of the fashion brands have a good collection of tunics. So better get yourself some short tunics and wear them instead of sweatshirts and baggy t-shirts. If you are planning to buy one and if money is stopping you, don’t worry as you can find them at a low price by using Buy colourful tunics and pair them with jeans or shorts.


If you are looking for a dress which is casual and equally comfortable, then there is no option other than shirtdresses. The dress is best in style yet simple and can look good on women with any body type. If you are planning to wear them daily or on a regular basis, better buy a dress made with jersey knit or cotton fabric, so that they can be easily washed in washing machine. Match your shirtdress with ballet flats and you are ready for shopping.

Ruffled tanks

With the starting of spring-summer, many moms begin to search their wardrobe for shorts and tanks. Most of them have some tanks that are plain and look boring. So why not try something new this season? Get a top with embellishments or go for some ruffled tops.

Simple shoes

Yes, most of you out there will be having a pair of rubber flip flops or simple tennis shoes. So this time, try out something that is more comfortable and simple like shoes. Just try out skimmers for sneakers this time. Nowadays, skimmers are available in a number of colours and prints. You can find them in plaids to floral designs. The best part is that you can have them with anything and yet look comfortable. In case you want things to be simple, try out Mahabis collection. They come at discounted rate too, all you have to do is to use voucher code.

In case you are not headed towards the beach, better avoid wearing rubber flip flops. Try out sandals for most of the occasions. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of slip-on sandals in the market. This means you have a number of options to choose from. Better go for sandals that are low-heeled or flat. Avoid going for high heels as you need to be quick to chase your kids.

So all the moms out there, leave your boring look behind and style up with time following these fashion tips.

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Dog and Baby Bond: How to Encourage and Nurture It

By – Diana Smith

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Children who grow up with a furry pal are generally more open and less prone to allergies. That is why so many families choose to get a pet dog. When a dog and a child grow up together, proper parental guidance can ensure the deepest dog and baby bond. Health and emotional benefits that come with this can be of immense value for a child. Continue reading

Introducing your dog to your baby

You have to be a bit careful when the moment of introduction comes. In general, it’s recommended that you bring the dog home first. This will help relax the dog and allow it to get familiar with the environment. Before you introduce your baby and the dog to each other, give your dog a piece of your baby’s clothing so that it can sniff it and get used to the baby’s smell beforehand. When introducing your dog to your baby, you should put your dog on a leash and hold it firmly. Of course, make sure that the dog isn’t uncomfortable in any way. The dog should be cuddled all the time so that it can relax. As someone holds the dog, the mother should sit with a baby on her lap. Never put the baby on the floor or hold the child above the dog’s head. Even if the dog isn’t aggressive, it may want to play and start jumping. So, if there are no aggressive signs, let the dog come closer to the baby so that it can sniff the child. Licking should be avoided at first. Keep your dog on a leash at all times and be prepared to pull it back if necessary. You should repeat this for around three weeks. Essentially, you shouldn’t leave your baby alone with the dog during this period until you’re completely sure that the dog knows how to behave.

Things to pay attention to

Clear signs that something is wrong and that your dog doesn’t approve of the new family member are attempts of biting as well as the acts of growling and pawing. Also, pay attention to its body language. If the hair on the dog’s back is raised, its ears pinned back and its tail curled between its legs, you should keep it away from the baby. Soiling accidents as well as refusing to eat are also clear signs that the new family member is making the dog uncomfortable. You should always reprimand the dog with a strict “No!”. If it retreats and calms down on its own, you should reward your pet. It’s essential that you monitor your dog’s behavior for at least three weeks and take this time to properly train it. Puppies may be energetic but they can get used to the baby a lot easier. If you have an older dog that’s used to getting all of the attention, you should be a bit more careful and attentive. Positive reassurance is a must if you want your dog to accept the child completely.

Building the friendship bond

Once the three weeks are over and everything is going smoothly, it’s time to include the dog in your everyday routine. This means that you can spend time with your pet while you’re taking care of your baby. Stroke and cuddle the dog while holding your baby or while the baby is resting in the crib. When feeding the baby, give your dog a treat as well. You can also go for walks together. To make sure that your dog is at a safe distance from the baby when you lounge around or do some chores, get comfy dog beds that will show your pet where its own personal space is. You can get one of these for every room in your house. You still have to be very attentive since the baby can startle the dog or your canine friend can get too excited and playful at some point. Over time, you should teach your child to respect the animal as well. Teach your child how to approach and cuddle the dog without hurting it. Put some effort into showing the kid that your family pet is a living being that needs its space and comfort as well. As your baby becomes a toddler, feel free to give them some pet-related responsibilities such as giving food and water to your dog.

Don’t fear the process of dog and baby bonding. If you take the right approach and show your pet that it’s still going to receive plenty of love and care while at the same time teaching your child how to respect the pet, you’ll encourage and nurture a very special friendship.



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Himalaya Pure Hands – Hand Sanitizer

All the diseases ranging from common cold to swine flu spreads due to the contact with the germs. From ancient times washing hands is considered to be most simple yet most effective method to keep contagious diseases at bay. In modern times also health experts agree that a simple measure like frequent hand washing can be very effective in protecting against all types of infections. But Soap & water are not always available to us for doing so… Hand Sanitizer resolves this problem for us. Continue reading

Hand Sanitizer makes it easy for us to clean our hands when we are out & about.  Hence it is the easiest, effective way of preventing germ infection by maintaining our hand hygiene.

Hand Sanitizer is a must have for everyone in this fast world, in which infections & diseases spread in equally fast speed.

I always had a hand sanitizer in my purse, but ever since I had kids … it’s a must have for me in my diaper bag when I am out of the house for running some errands. I use it before breastfeeding my baby, before feeding my toddler… after changing diapers etc.

So Hand Sanitizer is something I buy very frequently…. And when I received this package of Himalaya Pure Hands… I was taken by surprise …to find not one or two but good 5 bottles of Himalaya Pure Hands in it… that too of different varients. I was more than excited to try all these flavours & share the review with you girls.

Himalaya Pure Hands

The first of its kind, Himalaya’s Pure Hands is an effective, herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.

What I Received


I recieved 5 variants of Himalaya Pure Hands 100 ml containers.

  • Himalaya PureHands Litchi
  • Himalaya PureHands Orange
  • Himalaya PureHands Green Apple
  • Himalaya PureHands Strawberry
  • Himalaya  PureHands Original


Coriander:-Antimicrobial properties

Lime:- Natural bactericidal.

Néem:- Antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral.

Company Claims

Company claims that Himalaya Pure Hands kills 99.9% of germs & protects the hands.

 What I like about Himalaya Pure Hands

  • The skin can be sanitized without the use of soap & water.
  • It causes no irritation on the skin & keeps the hands soft.
  • The container is of appropriate shape & size which makes it easy to hold in the palm of the hand.
  • The consistency of the sanitizer is such that, the container squeezes out enough quantity needed for single use.
  • It spreads well on the hands; hence little quantity is enough for single application.
  • It does not leave the hands sticky.
  • It gives cooling sensation on the hands after application.
  • The best thing I liked about Himalaya Pure Hands is that it is now available in variety.

How to Use

Squeeze little quantity of the gel on your palms. Rub well over the palms, back of hands, fingernails and grooves briskly, until dry. No water is required after use.

My Recommendations

I will surely recommend Himalaya Pure Hands, for your daily use. It can be easily carried in your office bags, ladies handbags, kid’s school backpack & diaper bags.

So next time when you buy a hand Sanitizer…. You must give Himalaya Pure Hands a try… pick the flavour you want… & rest assured that it will make your experience of hand sanitizing all the more exciting!!

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Nursery Essentials Every Parent Should Have

By- Diana Smith

image 5 (2)

Image source

If your due date is approaching, you probably have a lot of things on your mind – amongst those: the nursery. We all imagine the nursery as a picture-perfect pastel paradise, with a rocking chair next to your baby’s crib so that you can watch over them while they peacefully sleep. However, as you will soon learn, your nursery can be the prettiest room in the house, but above that, it has to be extremely practical. If this is your first baby and you’re not sure what all the things you are going to need are – here is a rundown: Continue reading

Sleeping station

image 2

Image Source

You might want your baby to sleep in the same bed as you for a while, but they will eventually need their own bed, and experts say that it is good for children to learn that their parents aren’t next to them every moment of every day. So you are going to need a crib or a bassinet. People usually opt for cribs, because they are larger, so your child can sleep in it for many years. But just buying the crib isn’t the end of it: you will need a mattress and a mattress protector, because accidents happen with babies, sheets and blankets. Another thing that is included in the sleeping equipment, which people often overlook, are curtains. Thick curtains that block out the sunlight are imperative, especially when the baby is very young. After a while, you might want to replace them with lighter curtains, so that your baby can sync up with the natural day cycle, and make sure you add a dim night light so that you can see what you are doing after the baby is asleep.

Changing station

Sure, changing tables have a place in this world, but that place just isn’t in most nurseries. You can change your baby on any flat surface, as long as you have a changing mat. A lot of people prefer to buy children’s desks and transform them into changing tables, because they will have a use even after the child grows up. But, since you will be changing your baby a lot, your back will thank you if you set up your changing station a bit higher. Many people will actually tweak their wardrobe a bit by removing a shelf and using the one below it as the changing table. It’s practical because babies have a lot of clothes and accessories, and you will also need space to put down all of the changing supplies, so keeping it all in one place is a good idea. Make sure you have a laundry bag or trash can with a lid, but don’t keep it in the nursery.

All the details

When thinking about what you need, don’t think about what looks pretty – think about what will make your life easier, and then find something that you like. You should have a comfortable chair for nursing or taking a nap alongside your baby, plenty of outfits, baby wipes, linen cloths and popular dummy clips so that you don’t lose them all in the first week. Also, a baby monitor so you can be at peace, latches for all the doors and drawers, corner guards for when the baby starts walking around, cotton bibs and nursing equipment are also a must.

Your baby will bring you a lot of joy, but there will be a lot of work, so make sure you make it as easy as possible for you to take care of all of the tasks at hand once the baby arrives and take some load off the back of future you. And remember – you are not alone and you can always ask for help if things get a bit too overwhelming.



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Origami TigerCub Bookmarks

Hi Crafters!

Do you like this 6th century old art of folding papers and subsequent creation of cute models?  Origami it is and I am just awed by the fact that a single piece of paper can be folded into so many different things. With just a single square of Origami paper you can let your imagination run wild.

No, no it is not as simple as it sounds; one wrong fold and you will be back to square one, literally. Dexterity and concentration, the duo, are the foremost requirements, for Origami. This is the reason Origami is so popular with Kindergarten teachers as it helps in developing systematic approach and discipline in young kids.

Before this teacher in me, start telling you more benefits of Origami let me get straight back to the point. I did some Origami yesterday with a precocious little 6 going on 16. We made some tiger cub bookmarks and incidentally the little one’s name also means a cub. I just love it when art and craft ideas lead to these tiny moments of joy!


What we need for this is an origami paper, 8 by 8 inches in any colour of your preference, black sketch pens or black paint, a brush, Fevicol and googly eyes.

Let’s begin:

Take the paper and fold it into half twice to make creases and then fold it back. Fold the two end to meet the centre line.


Fold the flaps up as shown in the image.


Fold the two triangles at the two horizontal ends, inside.


Turnover and the fold one half of the bottom edge into a triangle outside and one on the reverse side. Fold the top edge inside. Fold the edge of the triangle at the bottom backwards.



The base is ready and now we need some colour to paint the stripes, the nose and the mouth.


Stick 2 googly eyes with Fevicol on top of the nose and we are done.


Here is the cute twosome! Ain’t they super easy to make? I am sure kids would love making some Origami bookmarks like this for their new text books and notebooks. Do try and post a pic!


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Minions Delight Shoppers on their First visit to DLF Promenade

We recently visited the DLF Mall of India to see the minions come alive.This is the first time ever that minions were coming to Delhi , NCR.So as luck would have it , both me and my little daughter were pretty excited to see the minions.

My little one has a huge collection of Minion toys and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity for her to have fun and see larger than life characters.So we were invited for this event on a Saturday!Yay thank god for that .In spite of the venue being a bit far off from my place , I decided to cover this -Well because Minions for my little one, and my first event covering experience! So a debut of sorts.

Coming back to the event details.
the Minions visited DLF Promenade in New Delhi today, to delight the mall regulars. Kids, youth and adults across age groups were super excited to meet their favorite cartoon characters in person. The enthusiastic crowd danced, clicked pictures and enjoyed the multiple meet and greet sessions with the Minions, scheduled throughout the day. After the amazing response today, the Minions were there again on June 4, Sunday.


The visit is a part of the ongoing, month-long Summer Fiesta, by DLF Promenade and DLF Mall of India. The fiesta aims to engage and educate children with enjoyable fun activities, keeping them engrossed during their summer vacation. It offers an exciting line-up of vocational and educational engagements on weekdays, along with entertaining cartoon meets over the weekends.


To add to the whole experience, both DLF Promenade and DLF Mall of India, have also announced summer ‘Shop & Win’ offers. It extends a chance to win a trip to Universal Studios, for any family that shops for minimum Rs. 10,000/- at the respective malls and enter the lucky draw via simple registration at the concierge.

Speaking about the Summer Fiesta, Pushpa Bector, Executive Vice-President & Head, DLF Premium Malls said, “We are excited to host these summer carnivals for kids and their families at the DLF Premium Malls. The Summer Fiesta kick-started at DLF Promenade and DLF Mall of India last weekend, and we are happy to see the positive response from our customers. We all enjoy watching Minions and are pleased to offer this unique experience, specially to our young patrons.”


Minions were back at DLF Mall of India on June 10&11. They will revisit DLF Promenade on June 17-18

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Start Talking and Build a Toolkit: How to Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety

By Noah Smith,

Image Source

Chances are children and teens don’t recognize their anxiety for what it is, so it’s up to you to teach your child about anxiety and how to recognize it. Your child may display symptoms of nervousness, being worried, or feeling like they are out of control, but they may not know exactly how to express what it is or why they feel that way. Catching an anxiety disorder in its early stages can save them from a life of isolation, frustration, and even drug and alcohol abuse. Here are a few tips to help your child learn how to cope with and manage their anxiety so they may be able to lead a healthy and happy life.

Talk it out

Start by explaining to them that they are not alone when it comes to their anxiety. Your child may think that something is wrong with them, however, there are millions of children in the very same boat. As their parent and confidant, you must express optimism in their ability to face their worries and overcome them, one by one. Teach your child exactly how worry works so that they can develop the ability to challenge and outsmart it. Continue reading

Chances are, your child already knows that worrying isn’t a great feeling, but they don’t know where it stems from or how to control it. Avoid the temptation to explain it away with comments like, “There’s nothing to worry about.” Although your intentions are good, it isn’t a magic cure and may leave your child feeling even more confused. If there is nothing to worry about then why do they feel this way? Explain to your child that everyone has a fight or flight survival response that is designed to help them deal with stressful or dangerous situations. Anxiety is a natural response, but sometimes their brain gets confused and mistakes a normal situation for a stressful one.

Introduce anti-anxiety tools

For younger children, it can be helpful to turn your child’s anxiety into something they can actively fight. Teach your child to label their fears as the “Worry Monster,” a bully that is responsible for making them think scary thoughts. The monster’s job is to keep them from having fun and he gets joy from picking on children and adults and making them feel anxious. Explain that the best way to beat the Worry Monster is to write down a list of everything your child worries about. Starting with the biggest fear, choose a fear from the list and break it down into baby steps so that they have a solid plan to vanquish the monster.

The Worry Monster is a great tool for small children, but older children and teens might feel a little too mature for this technique. Introduce other coping strategies such as calm breathing exercises or yoga. Most teens have a smartphone in hand, and if not, they have some form of access to technology whether it is a tablet or a laptop. While you may have exhausted every method possible to unglue them from their phone, turn it into something positive by introducing them to anxiety apps. They are already plugged in, so why not show them how to get a handle on their anxiety while they are at it?

If you or your partner also struggles with anxiety, make sure your child knows it’s never OK to take any medication you’ve been prescribed. Explain that prescription medications are much stronger, and that yours was prescribed only after your doctor considered your specific situation carefully. Talk to them about the dangers of using another person’s prescription—not only is it hazardous to their own health, it could land you in serious legal trouble. Finally, explain that prescription medications have a higher chance of leading to addiction, and even you must be mindful of their powerful effects.

Learning to manage adolescent anxiety will be challenging for you and your child. However, it will be rewarding as you see your child begin to adapt and flourish in situations that used to make them anxious. Progress won’t happen overnight, but with the right toolkit, you’ll start to see positive changes.

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TrunkWorkLLP Learning Based Education Games for Kids


How many times have you found yourself at a loss of creativity while teaching your little ones?Personally speaking, since I am a working woman, I find myself at such situations many times!In today’s era, where technology is growing at a very quick rate, and we often find kids either hooked onto television or tablets.As much as the importance is on tablets and computers as learning aids, it’s also essential to keep in mind the good old traditional learning methods like mats and picture cards.The best way to teach kids is through educative learning tools.This is because kids learn best when they are having fun.


We all know the importance of flash cards and pictionary cards in honing a child’s development in the early stages of life.Flash cards are ideal for infant and toddler stimulation.They are also a hit with kids because of attractive pictures which make learning a fun activity.What makes flash cards an important learning tool is their visual appeal.It is a well-known fact that visual learning acts hundred times better than normal lettered learning-Flash cards are built on this particular thinking only.Flash cards are bright and colored which make a very nice impact on infants and toddlers.Flashcards/Pictionary Cards are also a great way of engaging kids during long flights.Engaging kids in different kinds of activities ensures that their development is right on track and also prepared their mind and body for a holistic development.It has been observed that kids who engage themselves in learning based activity are said to have increased motivation, enhanced problem-solving skills and a greater sense of responsibility.I am sure parents who travel frequently are on a constant lookout for different ways to engage their kids by different means and ways.And we found the perfect solutions to those queries.Introducing TrunkworksLLP learning-based games for kids.


Trunkworks are a start up which focus on delivering learning-based games for kids.The games are designed to stimulate a child’s growth through engagement and curiosity.The idea and content behind each game are personally created by them.The very motto of Trunk Works is “Do, Enjoy, Learn”.


WHAT GAMES Did WE receive?
This is a two-sided and hence two level card game which aims to reinforce letter recognition, matching(level one) and phonics(level two).Each card has a center letter and four other letters(side one).Five cards are dealt to each player.Remaining cards are placed face down in a center pile with the first card flipped.Players have to match a center letter on top card in the discard pile to another letter (level one) or match the center letter phonetically to the beginning sound of the picture: to discard the card.The first player to discard all the cards wins. Continue reading


The double sided mats are to be used with clay dough.We all know how kids love getting messy with play dough.They love making different shapes with them.Clay activity helps in sensory development, motor skills, self-esteem and self-expression, problem-solving skills and much more.The best part about these mats is that they come with pictorial prompts which encourage open-ended play along with imagination and creativity.For eg, these are pictorial mats with certain figurines on, which kids can put on their thinking caps and imagination to good use (Decorate your birthday cake with strawberries and candy, make a person into a fairy or a pirate).


These are a pack of cards, which have pictorial representations on them.The images on the card are such that kids can easily identify them and can also relate to them in their day-to-day life.The aim of this game is holistic language development via developing oral expression and imagination.There are four different kinds of cards-Object cards, speech cards which reinforce good manners, scene cards, and character cards.The aim of this game is to weave a story using different cards by drawing them from the deck of cards.So there can be as many stories as far as the kid’s imagination goes!! And there’s no controlling that!


Trunk Works was started by Manini and Saloni who are moms to a six-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son respectively. They saw the lack of fun high-quality games and activities which prevent a fear of math and science from seeping in, and which foster holistic language development during childhood. Trunk Works seeks to fill this gap.The founders strongly believe that all children are highly capable, but just need the information to be disseminated in an age-appropriate and fun-inducing way. To achieve this they decided to teach concepts using a hands-on, inquiry-based fun method. Their underlying goal is to foster exploration, creativity, and curiosity. Children will be empowered and encouraged to approach math, science, and language with confidence.


What we loved most about TrunkWorkLLP is the very thought process which has gone into the making of this product.So like we always say, a product or anything of that sorts always comes up in good shape if the need to create it is well identified.That is exactly how TrunkworksLLP came up with fun based learning games for kids.The games developed by them are a great way to stimulate a child’s growth through engagement and curiosity.Making learning a fun activity is so very important in order to keep the kids engaged.The TrunkWorksLLP Education based games help in:
1.increased motivation
2.buoyed creativity
3.enhanced problem-solving skills
4.a greater sense of personal responsibility
5.the joy of autonomy and independence

We would definitely recommend these learning games for kids.Also as its, the brainchild of two lovely mothers Saloni and Manini this product has our heart!We would give a rating of 4.5/5.We would want to see them come up with more such lovely and educative games for kids.

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