What to Pack in Your Hospital Pregnancy Bag

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by Varda Agrawal

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From the day one of the pregnancy, we await that beautiful day of our life, which will fill our hearts with joy and happiness for the time ahead to come; the moment we will behold our bundle of joy our little baby.

The mixture of feelings is there in the hearts of both Mother to be and Father to be…. happiness, care, anxiety, eagerness and ….  But more it is in the mind of a soon to be mother… as she has to go through the process of giving birth … A great experience, a memory worth to be treasured.

Then is it not a good idea to do the preparations for The Big day of our life before hand, as it is said… “Early Planning And Preparation Is Essential For Staying Safe.

By the time you start your 9 the month all the preparations must be done and your Hospital bag Must be packed, as you baby may come anytime, I really mean Any Time … As I was rushed to the hospital 12 am and delivered few hours later … that too , just few days after I started my 9th month of Pregnancy. It was very easy for us to rush … at a very unexpected time and day as I had my Hospital Bag prepared and everything else planned before hand.

So let me have the pleasure of helping you to prepare for your big day. 

Bag :-

A very obvious thing isn’t it… Select the bag which is light, compact yet gives enough space. You may also pack different small bags for you, your Husband / partner and Baby.

File & Birth Plan :-

File which is updated with the papers of your gynaecologist visits. Also keep the Birth Plan if you have any.

Identity Proof :-

The ID Proof may be needed… so keep yours and husbands ID proof original and photocopy. You may also ask your doctor or the hospital where you will deliver as to what all documents may be needed to complete all the formalities.

Nursing Gown :-

A very comfortable, cotton, a larger size nursing gown is needed. A larger size is because post delivery the tummy doesn’t shrink all of a sudden as expected … you may look like a 6 months pregnant lady.  Nursing Night dress is also available… having a t shirt with horizontal zip for feeding…. You may select whatever you may feel comfortable in. In some hospitals clothes are provided and have to be worn strictly.

Nursing Bra :-

A well fitted comfortable Nursing Bra is needed. It is also available in lots of varieties… as a t-shirt Bra or a normal Bra with opening flap.

Breast pads: –

A good quantity of the breast pads may be needed to avoid embarrassment of getting your clothes wet due to leaking milk. It takes time for baby to learn to suck properly.

Sanitary Napkins:-

Though the sanitary napkins are provided by the hospital… using those which you use regularly, will give you comfort. The absorbency and size of those provided by the hospital is not good.


  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tongue cleaner
  • Soap, Shampoo
  • Lotion/Cream
  • Nipple cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Comb,  Hair Band
  • Specs and specs box

Flip flops & Socks:-

For your hygiene and cleanliness wearing flip-flops and socks in the hospital is very necessary.

Hand Sanitizer:-

To protect your little one from infection especially from visitors… it is always good to take precaution and request them to use hand sanitizer.

Hot water Bag & Pain Reliever ( Moov ):-

Keeping it with you will help you relive from severe back pain in early labour as well as after delivery.


Camera and its charger…. Is the needed thing to capture your most memorable moments of your life… your first pic with the baby… n the first family picture ever? But in the times of a smart phone and selfies and groupies…. Camera is not much needed.

Baby clothes:-

Mostly clothes for baby and all the other things are provided by the hospital itself… for the safety purpose… So know beforehand what all things you may need for the baby.

Going home outfits for Mom and Baby :-

The clothes you feel comfortable in are the most preferred ones. But keep in mind that you are a Mom now… So clothes should be feeding friendly and baby friendly.

For the baby it’s all your choice… as it is said Mom knows the best…

Keep in mind the weather and your travel time and keep some spare clothes for you and baby as well just incase the baby pees; does potty ; or vomits.





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