Origami Tulip Flowers- DIY Art n Craft

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Hola!How is it going? The vacations are almost on to us and I am going bonkers thinking about different ways to occupy the kiddos during the ample time they will throughout the holidays.So there will be some excursions to Nature Park, zoo, library and to the malls too, some creative writing and story reading exercising and then a lot of art and craft.
What best to start giving them some gyan on life skills than Origami? Origami says be simple, be systematic and don’t give up. Origami says simple is beautiful.
Thus, looking at various projects, I zeroed down to these beautiful tulip bouquet. Origami flowers are something that many of us would have made during our childhood days. Why to devoid the kids of something so simple yet beautiful?  This is a perfect Origami for kids ideas and here is the simplest way to make them.



I took some patterned origami paper for this but plain paper works just fine too, a few barbecue sticks for the stem, fevicol, green card paper, pencil and scissors.


Here are the steps-

tulip2Fold the paper into half and open it.
Fold again from the opposite side, open it once more.


Fold from one corner to the other opposite corner by creasing it firmly with your nails. Open it.  Fold the top half backwards, and then unfold.

tulip5Bring the left and right creases to the center and the paper should collapse into a triangle.


Fold the left and right corners to the top corner.
Repeat the step for the other side.


Using only the top layers, insert the right flap all the way into the left flap.
Make sure the folded creases at the bottom of the flaps are at the same height and not uneven.


Turn the figure over and repeat.


Now blow into the bottom of the tulip and it should puff up. Peel the top of the petals down but ensure that the tucks are not disturbed.
Insert colored barbecue sticks with random paper leaves stuck to it and we are done.





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Udita is a full time working mom based out of Delhi. She is an IT professional and loves travelling and blogging. Udita is also the founder of http://withlovezuzu.com/ blog.
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