Normal Baby Development Milestones

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By Megha,

baby milestones

Hello all lovely young moms. In this article of mine I would describe the basic milestones of development in a child at different ages from birth to 1 year. You can easily recognize them and feel blessed by having one of the best gift of god, your baby, with you.

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1-4 weeks:

  • Baby usually lies in either prone or supine position i.e. either his chest towards the bed or his back towards the bed respectively.
  • Baby turns head from side to side
  • Grasp reflex active i.e. he is able to hold your finger lightly
  • Face is round and the lower jaw is small


12 weeks (3mnths)

  • The baby would now be able to lift his or her head and chest
  • Makes defensive movements
  • Listens to music
  • 16 weeks (4mnths):
  • Laughs out loud
  • Excited at the sight of food
  • Has a symmetric posture, hands in midline


28 weeks (7mnths)

  • Rolls over
  • Sits briefly
  • Reaches out for and grasps large objects
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand
  • Enjoys mirror


40 weeks (10 mnths):

  • Sits up alone
  • Pulls to standing position
  • Grasps objects with thumb and fore fingers
  • Responds to sound of name
  • Waves bye- bye
  • Repetitive consonant sounds(mam ,dada)


50 – 52 weeks (at around 1 year):

  • Walks with one hand held
  • Release object to the other person request
  • Make postural adjustments to dressing
  •  Increase in vocabulary by a few words, beside mam dada


So mommies at which stage is your baby right now?? Do share your story..

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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4 Responses to Normal Baby Development Milestones

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  2. Megha says:

    Tnku jaish.. Observe and enjoy every moment of your doll’s growth.. Mothers cherish this experience life long :-)

  3. Jaishri says:

    Nice article Megha, its going to help a lot of moms.. My baby is going to turn 6 months shortly and she rolls over already..

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