Natural Mold Cleaning Tips

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By- Heather Roberts

Natural Mold Cleaning Tips1

One of the most important problems you may face in a home is the very persistent mold you can find in humid environments. Mold and mildew can seriously annoying to work on during house cleaning, so you need to ensure you get rid of them as quickly as you can. Humid climates can make this a real challenge, especially if you have issues with hoarding around your home. Let’s get started on figuring out the most commonly used ways you can clean mold safely with eco-friendly cleaning supplies:

  • You can begin by using tea tree oil to kill mold. You can find it in most stores and health food markets around. You can eliminate the mold infestation quite quickly with this natural mold killer. You can get rid of mold present in the rugs, on ceilings, in showers and many other areas all around that have been plagued by it. Mix water and a few drops of tea tree oil and you can use that as a spray that would allow you to take care of cleaning all areas. You won’t have to worry about any smells left behind as the mix will dry off and it will help eliminate all mold spores on said surfaces. The pure oil may have a strong smell, but the mix will dissipate it and it will disappear in time.
  • Another similar alternative you can use is grapefruit seed extract that acts in much the same way as tea tree oil but it will be a fairly expensive solution as well. Unlike things are with the use of tea tree oil, this will leave no lasting scent behind at all. Just use 20 or so drops into two cups worth of water and you can use it the exact same way as you would tea tree oil. You can use this for daily cleaning and disinfection routines as you see fit in your kitchen, bathroom and other high moisture areas as time goes by.
  • The next thing on the list is the use of distilled white vinegar. It will allow you a cheap and useful, eco-friendly solution to cleaning with no toxicity involved. It will be able to kill more than 70% of the most common types of mold that bother our homes everywhere. Distilled white vinegar will give you a non staining alternative when mixed in equal parts water. You can kill mold spores by using it on your walls, carpet cleaning and even upholstery cleaning work.
  • Plastic shower curtains around your bathroom will often grow mildew on them directly due to the high moisture levels inside your bathroom. You can stop that by washing and cleaning them with two bath towels inside your washing machine. The curtains will then me washed quite well and freshened up for future use. You won’t need too much work to make this happen, so make sure you are aware of the smaller details of the job as you go forward.

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