Review of Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

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Hi Moms,

Today Im going to review a great product that is going to be very useful to all those moms who keep asking me tips on handling blocked nose in kids. I had recommended aspirators as they remove mucous from the kids nose and help them feed and breathe easily. But only now I know that they come in many varieties.

I tried the usual bulb type nasal aspirator on my daughter and she felt very uncomfortable. After a lot of research I got to know that the conventional nasal aspirator is not designed for Indian kids, the nose structure of kids is based on their nationality.

So I got the product called Nasobuddy and it worked quite well with the stubborn mucous. Its pretty easy to use and kids are totally comfortable as they think that you are playing some kinda game with them. For the product to be effective use Nasobuddy Saline Drops before using the aspirator.

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The aspirator is very easy to use, you just need to suck out the mucous, I know it sound a little weird, but you just need to pull out some air to remove mucous, and the product comes with disposable filters. Its BPA free and its very easy to clean the product.

You can use the aspirator till your child turns 5 years. So I think its totally worth the money you pay

A snippet from their site:


  • Infant nasal congestion is common and often occurs in newborn babies, or later due to colds or allergies such as hay fever. Your baby may have around 6 colds in their first year. Babies are “obligate nasal breathers”, which means that they naturally breathe through their nose and when their tiny nasal passages are blocked they find breathing a problem, this is particularly an issue for newborns when they catch a cold. In fact, the only time babies breathe naturally through their mouths is when they cry!

  • When your baby’s nose is blocked she finds it very difficult to feed which can make feeding very stressful, upsetting your routine. The most likely reason for a baby crying when feeding is due to a blocked nose. It can be especially difficult when breastfeeding as a congested baby can have real problems latching on.


Price is around 359
Where do I buy nasobuddy?
You can also buy from ebay and Amazon


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