Naming ceremony – Part 1

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Naming ceremony or Namkarana as they call it here in Karnataka is a very important event after the child’s birth.

A name is one thing which remains with a person for the rest of their life. So a lot of importance is given to the naming ceremony here in India.
As my baby turns 6 months we decided to club her naming ceremony and Annaprasana. Annaprasana is a pooja which has to be done before feeding solid food for babies.

We have been working hard for this occasion from the venue, food, invitations, return gifts and so on.

I will be writing about all this in the posts to come. Will cover details of how we chose the venue, food and the event in detail.

According to Hindu customs, a girl will be given 4 names, one her birth star or nakshatra name, second a month name, third a god’s name and finally the name that she will use in her daily life.

Since my baby’s birth star is Magha or Magham, the alphabets corresponding to the star were MA, ME, MEE and MO. Also they see the padham or stage of the nakshatra, there are 4 stages of the stars transit and my baby was born in the second padham. So her nakshatra name is MEENAKSHI.

Then her month name is KAMALA.

Then gods name we still have not decided, I might name her Anagha as its MA parvathis name.

Ok then finally it came down to her official name, according to me this is the most important of all, as she will use this name every single day of her life. It was confusing as we had no restrictions in naming her.
We had loads of suggestions, I first wanted to name her Ananya and my husband wanted to name her Druvi, then others told us that Ananya is very common and Druvi sounds like a pet name. Urgggh

Then my mom suggested that we use the same alphabet from her birth star so that it brings luck to her.
This made it a little simple for us, but M is a little difficult alphabet. We liked Mihika but it did not sound very south Indian and did not match her surname. So finally my husband came up with Maanvi.

We all liked the name. Then I looked up for the meaning of her name.
Maanvi means ruler of the mind and soul, wife of Manu a saint, or multi talented person. These are some meanings I found.

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