Moving With Babies In Tow

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By – Roberts Heather

There are many ways movers handle relocation each year and as data shows about 20% of the people moving are actually at the age of 5 or less. For these kids the changes of moving can be very stressful at the least, so we would do well to make the experience as free of trouble as it can be. The advice up ahead will give you a chance to pull off the job without tantrums:

Moving with Babies in Tow

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Keeping Things Calm With Babies

When it comes down to moving, infants will be least affected as long as their routines are not disturbed and things are kept quiet around them. Make sure that is so and you will have an easier time overall.

Discussing The Move

Breaking the news about the move to your family should be done together, focusing on the when and where as well as other important questions who need to be covered. Be sure your family and children understand the move is a positive event for the family and do your best to paint it in such a light. There is no sense in feeling down and dragging everyone under if you can help it. Helping toddlers understand that they are important to the move will help calm their fear of being left behind. Child logic can sometimes surprise even the best of us, so make sure you reassure them everything will be alright. As moving day draws closer and closer you will need to answer the questions your young ones may have. Do your best to reinforce the timetable set aside and you will help include them into the moving process instead of feeling left out.

Involving The Kids In The Moving Process

Keeping the kids around you for as long as you can during preparations would be a really good idea, allowing you to keep them engaged in the tasks ahead. Let the child have its own pack of their own treasures and help assist them in any way you can from importance to belongings.

Making New Friends And Keeping The Old

Before you move you should give the kids a chance to spend time with their friends so they can say goodbye. You can make some fun cards for kids to exchange address information on a paper medium. Even though we live in the digital age you can still make use of such older ways of keeping useful information due to being more special than a simple e-mail or IM message.

Taking The Drive

If you plan on driving by car, allow for enough time to make a fairly leisurely trip from your old home to your new one. Just as you will need to stretch your legs on a long trip, babies and toddlers will need to move around too. Taking regular breaks will also let you remain on schedule for feedings, as well as letting your kids routine stay as close to normal as possible.

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