Monthwise Baby Breastfeeding Schedule/Timetable

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I think one of the biggest worries for a mom is feeding her child. Although the whole world will tell you that healthy/average weight gain and the number of wet diapers is enough to know if ur baby is well fed. Even then the worry continues. I was looking for answers on how many times in a day people feed their baby, if they really see the clock, and so much more. But I didnt find what I was looking for, hence this post.

Today Im in a better position, my daughter feeds on solid food. I too suffered from latching issues and positioning the baby properly was another big concern. It definitely takes time for both you and the baby to sync. Its not picture perfect like you see everywhere in magazines or images.

This is purely based on my experience for more issues please contact a la leche league leader. They will be more than happy to help you. You can see the interview of a LLL leader here.

Please note: during growth spurts which last for 1-2 weeks, babies are especially cranky and they feed very often.

0-3 months

First 1-2 days its terrible with all the aches and pains and insufficient milk. It was crazy, so I had to call the nurse for some top feed so that I could rest atleast for an hour. We used to give her some formula feed for 1-2 weeks after she came home too. Eventually it stopped.

I used to feed every 3 hours round the clock. For around 20 mins average time. Only one breast at a time. But they can stick around for 40 mins during the night. Feed especially during evenings to avoid colic.

Be sure that you are not supplying a lot of fore-milk, the baby also need the hindmilk. If the supply is too much just pump out a little milk before feeding.

3-6 months

You will still face  latching and positioning issues, till your baby’s head gets stiff. Do buy a feeding pillow. Again the feeding was once in 3-4 hours.  Their feeding time reduces to around 10-15 mins in the day and longer during the night. Towards the end of this phase you will be in a good space to feed on demand.

6 months plus

I was totally relaxed once my baby stated on solids. So the guilt of not feeding too much reduced. Your milk supply will decrease gradually so try to feed on both sides till the baby is full.

One thing assured your worries wont end, my mom still calls me everyday and asks me if I ate on time, ate enough etc. Lol

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