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Anamika is one of the most noted bloggers we have in India. We feel so honored to feature Anamika in this little blog of ours. I have been following Anamika’s makeup and beauty blog ( from a long time. Im sure any makeup and beauty lover in India will know wiseshe (can you beat 70000+ facebook likes uff!!!).

Thankyou so much Anamika for answering all our interview questions so patiently. Anamika is the loving mother of a little princess Anvika. So without further ado, presenting to you the interview of the wiseshe herself, Anamika:

Can you tell us about your business? What is it about?

I’m a professional blogger and run multiple websites under the domain WiseShe which are as follows:-

We have a dedicated team of talented writers who work with us and constantly try to introduce new products and launches and share their experiences with our readers. Women of every age and interest will surely find something for them on Wise She. We earn through Social media promotion, advertising and event management through these websites.

Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a mompreneur?

I became a mother (and a Mompreneur) two years later after I started my business and with baby, each day is very challenging. Being an entrepreneur, you can’t avoid the responsibility of owning and taking care of your business. However, biggest problem is that a new born does not have a fixed schedule and you often have to mold your work-routine as per child’s requirement. Simple things like a client meeting also needs a lot of planning and execution detail. There is not enough time for anything and still you’re coping with deadlines that need to be met. So being a mompreneur is certainly not easy but yes! It’s not impossible as well.

What are three traits that you think a mompreneur should have when starting their own business?

Never say die attitude

Desire to learnTime management.

You must be efficient in these for sure to succeed.

Any unforgettable lesson that you learned as a Mompreneur?

What I learnt is that one should always keep going as tough times never last but tough people do. When I started I knew nothing about the business, when I became a mom, it was extremely difficult to continue and very tempting to quit, but if I would have given it up I wouldn’t have been where I stand today.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was assisting one of my friends on a website, who has made it quite big right now. He asked me to start a blog of my own. As I always wanted to do something challenging, I jumped into it without much of expectations.

What will readers find when they go there?

As I said before, we have a team of experienced writers who are constantly coming up with something new for the readers. If you visit WiseShe, you will find lots of product reviews related to makeup, baby products, online shopping suggestions, weight loss experiences, travel experiences, fashion looks etc etc. In short, a complete female package catering to all modern women.

What’s your most popular feature?

Our online shopping suggestion, website reviews and recommendations is one of the most popular feature. People also look forward to lot of makeup tutorials. On our baby blog, weekly pregnancy updates by one of our writers Shef is quite popular.

What do you love best about your job?

I love the fact that I am my own boss .I don’t have to be away from my daughter for too long. I love the adulation I receive and people trust in my work. It was such a touching moment when I announced my pregnancy on the blog and how everyone got so excited. In few hours we had about 500 comments on our blog, good wishes coming from everyone. I also enjoy being featured regularly on famous internationalmagazines such as Cosmopolitan. I love how i keep throwing challenges on myself every year and also keep improving financially. I love my job and consider myself really lucky doing this.

Is entrepreneurship for everyone?

It’s definitely not for everyone.If you can work 24/7 and can multi task and have lots of patience and intelligence to make things work, then only go ahead with it. Don’t think entrepreneurship is easy at all.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a mompreneur?

My biggest challenge was running my website even when I had undergone a caesarian during birth of my baby. There has never been a single day when we have not worked since five years. It’s tough putting up a good face even when you are not in a good mood – because no one wants to come over to the site to get more depressed.

As a mompreneur, how does being a mom influence your work?

Previously I could take some liberties with my work schedule, was not that organised and didn’t use to plan that well in advance. Now, being a mom,I always run in advance and am more patient now. Also, previously I could never do without completing my 8 hours of daily sleep. Thanks to the sleepless nights with my daughter, I have now learned to manage with as little sleep as possible as well.

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