Mom and me feeding pillow

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By Jaishri


Everyone around me knew how I felt breastfeeding was touger than rocket science. I suffered a lot with my C section belly and found it very difficult to feed my baby on a pillow. I tried everything sitting, sleeping etc etc.

For some people things just work and its very easy for them to be in sync with their baby, especially if she is born after the due date. With a premie babies they don’t know how to feed and latch on properly which makes it worse.

So my friend who is a doctor suggested me the mom and me feeding pillow. It has to be strapped around the waist and you can place your baby on it and feed. It really made breastfeeding easy.

Only after I got this one, I realzied that there are so many many brands which make these pillows and there is one that has a nice cover in front. Its better to get that one.

This one is a must for people who are finding breastfeeding very difficult and want to give up..


Comes in bright colors so it wont get dirty easily

The cloth on top can be removed and washed

Quite light but large, you can make it travel friendly

Was very useful for me and it kept my baby in place


Not very useful after 4 months baby just jumps off

Quite expensive its around 2000 I guess

The strap broke once and I had to stitch it up

Rating: ***

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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3 Responses to Mom and me feeding pillow

  1. Anjjali says:

    Hi Jashri ,

    Even i used exaclty same feeding pillow….i just dont how i would hve managed without this pillow…first 3 days after delivery i was using normal pillow to hold my baby and feed him…it was damn difficult and gave me backache too…then during one of the visit my friend sugested me this and bas tht was all!!!!!

    Highly recomended product from me to every momwho are breastfeeding their baby…also will add one more pros to the list which Jashri added tht it has a small pocket hanging in front so u can keep small things like hanky,wipes etc so tht its handy…i use to keep my mobile along with baby hanky ;-)

    Thts true tht if once the belt breaks u hve to stitch it but it was nt difficult to stitch..other than tht i dont find any con in it…So pregnant ladies here do add this product in ur shopping list !!!!

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