Get Yourself Back- How to Deal with Depression

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Most moms face mood swings because of hormonal changes which leads to depression and self pity. Incase your going through the same phase, make sure you help yourself get out of it. The whole family goes through a turmoil if mom’s are upset.

I was a person who could never take a bite at a restaurant when Im was alone, I preferred not eating. My whole life has been filled with a lot of great people, a beautiful family where I was never left alone or I never wanted to be alone. But after being a mom my life changed, my entire life is about my baby which I totally enjoy but at times I realize that I need my “ME” time to find myself back. So here are some tips to find your Sanity as we believe “happy moms raise happy kids”.

Spend time with your besties

No one can help you get back to the place you started and remind you of your innocence other than your old friends. The thing is, with watsapp, facebook and so much social media, we always think we have our network but we never try to meet. I am not a phone person, I love to meet people. Dont wait for someone to take the initiative, set up a get together and im sure a lot of people will join in. Seriously it is like a Soul spa, I did it some time back, and Im going to do it more.

Go back to your Old school, a coffee shop where you met your hubby or any of your favourite place all alone. Think of old times.

Go to a Holy Place and Meditate, build your inner strength before you deal with any problem. A confused mind will never find any solution.

Lose weight- Yes losing weight will remove all the toxins in your body. It will make you concentrate on yourself which again leads to caring for yourself. Swimming is a great way to reduce your stress

Fix your food: Hormonal changes play a major role in depression so if your having mood changes because of hormones, change your food pattern, eat food with coconut oil, try a low carb diet, you will find great changes in your mood and metabolism.

Pick up the camera and take a city tour. I know it sounds crazy but when you just dont know what to do, take a bus, a train go to some place, click pictures of nature, people and look around to know that your not alone. There are a million people suffering all around us, with major problems but still just go on with a smile.

Help someone in need, I know when we are suffering ourselfves its very difficult to help another person but its one of the most rewarding thing you can do to yourself.

I didnt add shopping as most moms know how shopping helps change our moods, but try changing your hairstyle, add a few streaks of color to your hair you will feel really good about yourself.

Change your home decor, de-clutter your home. Move furniture around and change the blinds and cushions, it will really change your living space and brighten up your day.

Visit the Spa but with no guilt, go in for a relaxed massage and steam. You will feel very good especially if you try some aroma therapy.

Dont expect anyone to understand you, love yourself and live your life for yourself and your loved ones.




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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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