Make Your Garden Friendlier for Your Dog

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By Heather Roberts

Make Your Garden Friendlier for Your Dog1.3

What can be funnier and more enjoyable than spending an entire day in the garden together with your husband and kids? The answer is simple – getting your beloved dog involved in all the joyful outdoor plays too. Both your kids and your pet will be more than happy to run and chase each-other in the garden, unless of course somebody gets hurt. You have probably taken the precautions required to make sure that your garden is a safe place for your children, but have you done this for your dog as well? The tips provided will help you both make your garden dog-friendly and protect it from the sometimes pixy paws of your hairy friend:

Equip the Place with Dog Facilities

Your dog will truly appreciate a comfortable and cool place to rest after the long and exhausting play. It will be a good idea to provide a cup with fresh and cold water and arrange a space where your pet will be able to rest and recover its energy. For this purpose you can use the room under a tree where the garden soil is with lower temperature and there are no flowers or other greenery planted. In case your dog loves playing Fetch games, consider leaving a part of your garden without any plants to harm. Instead of covering your entire outdoor space with various herbs, vegetables or flowers, plant a small lawn and let your kids and the dog enjoy their own playground in the garden.

Provide Suitable Terrain

You will have to learn that if you want to have the dog in the garden with the entire family, he or she will inevitably go and inspect every corner. This is why you will probably have to consider including in your garden design materials and surfaces which will be comfortable and harmless for the pet to run and walk onto. There is no doubt that you cannot cover the whole garden ground with pea gravel for instance, but you can certainly make a couple of dog-friendly pathways. This way you will protect your pet’s paws from sharp edges or too hot summer temperatures. Go the extra mile and buy garden mulch that will also be soft enough to avoid injuries of your dog’s paw pads. Mini chips, for instance is a great idea for the times when your dog will decide that the space between the plants is so funny and interesting.

Show Them the Right Way

As true home guards, dogs love patrolling the area as much as they like playing. A little bit of help and guidance however, will always be good.  Give your dog a suggestion where you want them to walk by establishing paths around the house. A clever idea is to fence your whole yard in order to limit the possibility of your dog going in the street without your knowing. Use smaller fences for your garden beds as well. They will let the pets run and amuse themselves without allowing them to cause damages to the plants and your garden landscape.

Do not make the mistake to think that your dog will not mark their territory or dig a hole or two in the garden once in a while. This is dogs’ nature and you cannot fight it. Yet, with plenty of attention and good care for your dog, you will be able to expect much less mischief to be done to your garden.  Take your pets outside often and allow them to take part in both the family’s entertainment and work. Spending much time playing with your dog means that they will have less energy and will to damage your favorite plants. Being true family members, pets deserve to feel not only restricted, but shielded and welcome in our homes as well.  By making your garden a better place for your dog, you will again prove them how caring and loving pet owners you and the rest of your family are.

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