The Lunch Box movie review

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Thanks Anjj again for suggesting an excellent movie. The simple salt and sugar which is much ignored, but in reality is the main ingredient of the dish.

Retired people and homemakers are the most ignored people in the society, the movie brings together two people one a homemaker and another a soon to be retired person. The story is of their loneliness, their small joys, their hope, and their love.

Very few “food for though “movies are made in India, and this one is definitely going to keep you thinking. It’s scary too as we too might get into situations like the two characters, loneliness is one of the most scary parts of life.

The trailer says it all its about a wrong lunchbox that lands up in the table of a soon to be retired person who is a widower. The lunchbox is sent by a housewife who is trying hard to gain her husband’s attention. Her life just revolves around her family and a neighbor aunty who she mostly communicates through the balcony. That’s all.

So these two characters text each other through the lunchbox and you can see some excitement and hope entering their life. The story is cute, well woven but again as I said lost to think.

In reality the female character is very young, she is a mom to a small school going girl. As the man says, your still young and you have hope, you can dream. Women who are at home definitely need a hobby and should never give the trigger of their happiness to their husbands. It’s sad that most women do it, if  they are sad they owe it to their husbands and if they are happy, yea you know from where it  came.

Im not going to do a detailed review here, as I want you to go watch the film. But the best part of it all is that they left the movie open ended and did not patch up the couple Bollywood style. Just loneliness cannot bring two people together right.

Also the female character walking out of her marriage just because her husband is having an affair and she found a partner to talk to, would make her so vulnerable. The director has created the two characters with so much care, due respect to that. And a big salute for leaving it open ended.

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4 Responses to The Lunch Box movie review

  1. Anjjali says:

    Jaishri such a nice review…well written.and m glad u liked the movie..though my husband says since u r a mumbaikar u liked it :-P

  2. Jaishri says:

    Yes, I would love to know your perspective too.

  3. Heyy I watched it on 28th Sep and was about to write a review too :) :) Must say the movie was awesome

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