Looking forward to a peaceful mommy’s day out ??

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Hey Jaish, this post is for you…..

- What worked the best for me was to meet up with other mommy friends and their kids after my son turned a year and half. This way my son would have other kids for company and we mothers would also catch up. Go to a place where there is space for the kids to run around. There are many cafes and lounge areas in Blore. You can also meet up at any of your homes that way there is no worry of safety and food. I find the entertainment zones too noisy to catch up with friends, so go there only if its play time for kids..no chat sessions possible.

- Leaving your baby/kid at your parents/in laws is your safest bet. I did this for the first two years, after which I took him along to most places. I would plan any pleasure or serious work outings for the evening and try to get back after an early dinner as my son would never go to sleep without me. He loves his visits to his grandparents place because they keep him entertained in outdoor and indoor play or a short visit to the nearby temple( u know which one ;) )
The first few times may be difficult , but once they are used to the people and change in place it should get better.

- Most weekends are father and son bonding time at my place, so I plan my outings around this so that I am not really missed. But if I am away for more than 2-3 hours then there are repeated calls . Hubbies are the best baby sitters provided they have the patience for it.

- For those who have maids/nannies to assist, sometimes its just ok to leave your baby at home with them and step out to take a break. Try not to stay for long as your nanny may also get bored/tired with the baby and this may lead to her showing disinterest or getting fussy. Avoid this situation as far as possible.

- Its definitely not going to be a cake walk, there will be initial troubles which is why I always feel that following a routine always helps, so you can plan your short outings during your baby s naptime or playtime with other members of the extended family. It is always peaceful to plan outings around your baby schedule.

- After the weaning process, it was a daily practice for me to cook rice, dal and veggies for my son. Addition to it was based on the time at hand. So irrespective of us going out or not his meal was readily available.

I hope I was able to provide a few answers to your concerns. The rest you will figure out in course of time.

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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5 Responses to Looking forward to a peaceful mommy’s day out ??

  1. superb post Reks. you always give nice tips and suggestions. i leave my Kathy at home with nanny because of job, i better reduce job hours to spend more time with Kathy. thanks for the post. :)

  2. Nids says:

    Loved this article, so I know when is a good time to catch you ;)

  3. reks says:

    :lol: we l discuss that offline

  4. Jaishri says:

    Superlike Reks, this one will be bookmarked :lol: Oh Aby visits the same temple with your mom?? You know how we used to sit and gossip there.. hehe..

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