Kids Return Gifts Ideas

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plastic bag

Hello Ladies!!

People following this blog know that recently we had a naming ceremony function for my daughter. Since it’s a very formal and traditional occasion we first thought of only giving the ladies tambulya, guess again it’s a very south Indian thing, where women are given coconut, a blouse piece, pooja thali, beetle leaf etc.

During my count we realized that around 25 to 30 kids would be attending the function and I need to give them something. But I did not want to spend a lot as very soon as I will conduct Maanvis first birthday and I will have to again come up with ideas agin. So you know how we don’t want to strain our brain again, right?..

But one thing when it comes to kids, they are so happy with any little gift they receive. The exitement and smile on their face is worth seeing.

So finally I came up with some goodies, my list below:

Please forgive me for not using the original pics, its my bad that I forgot to click pictures L But the images here are the exact gifts that we gave the kids. Do share your list with our ladies here..

I picked up nice colorful plastic bags similar to the image above, as that’s the first thing that kids get attracted to. I got a nice angry birds one. Sorry I don’t have the image L

Later I wanted two different gifts one for boys and one for girls. Girls I have seen are the ones who take the gifts home and use, so I decided to give them a nice fancy color pencil set, like the one below.

color pencil

Boys generally are very curious with gifts and I wanted to give something that they will meddle with there only and give their moms a break, so gifted a kaleidoscope. I saw all the boys busy seeing through the lens. Both the gifts were below 100, one around 85 another 90 I guess.


Most kids were school going so I added an eraser and sharpener teddy. It was so cute. Costed me 35 RS.


Later for the candies, I did not want to add the common dairy milks or candies that you get in India. Wanted something imported as it will give some variation to the kids.

In the imported range, I think kids are fed up of kisses and the usual snickers, bounty etc.

So I chose foxes, jellies, the burger one was a big hit and tiffanys. All fast to eat and it’s not very expensive too. Do let me know your ideas.. Il need it for sure..




Another top choice was foldable water bottles, but my cover landed up being too small for it.

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12 Responses to Kids Return Gifts Ideas

  1. Thanks for sharing this nice information here. it’s really informative for me.

  2. Excellent information with unique content and it is very useful to know about the information based on blogs.

  3. Saudagar says:

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  4. Amrapali says:

    HI jaishi ,

    Thanks for the nice ideas for return gifts .. I am searching the whole blore for the Smiley Pencils like the Image Above . I am not able to find it anywhere .. If you have any idea Can you please let me know where Can I get those Pencils .

    Thanks In Advance .

  5. Megha says:

    Wow jaish.. I remember when i was i kid how i use to get happy on getting a return gft after the that time everbdy use to get curious to knw wat is inside it and parenta use to say u r nt suppose to open it right now and we had to wait till we reached back home.. :-P . gr8 write up..

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