How To Keep Your Child Away From Bad Habits

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By James Martin,

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Being a parent is not easy, and I realized this only when I became a parent myself. It’s a responsibility that takes a toll on you. Raising kids requires effort, patience and observation, oh and some perseverance. Anyway, children can always fall into bad habits and that is what parents are mostly scared of; it’s the hardest aspect of parenting.

As a dad, I have always wanted to be the best father I could be and I was never quite strict towards my children. I thought that giving them their space would be fine because as a child I didn’t like how strict my mother was; don’t get me wrong, she is a wonderful woman. One day I had to use my daughter’s computer and in her search history, I found ‘online dispensary Canada’, Jump over to this page. It made me curious and I started paying attention to her. Before long, I got to know that my child was smoking pot. That’s when I started focusing on her a lot more, which she resisted in the beginning but with my efforts, she is not an addict anymore and she performs great at school. Now, let me give you a few tips on how to keep your child away from adopting bad habits at all.

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Don’t Be Too Strict

I still abide by this rule that no parent has to be too strict towards their kids. It scares them off. And most importantly, they start perceiving you as unapproachable. While my mother’s excessive strictness didn’t bring a negative change in me, I did start looking for friends around instead of befriending her, simply because she was quite unapproachable. On the other hand, if you are not strict at all this can lead you to being too lenient and even forgetful towards your child. They might start behaving in a bad way or throw tantrums just to get attention.

Be More Observant

A lot of problems that our kids suffer from exist because we let things happen to them. I knew a young teen who habitually cut herself on her thighs and she had scars up to her knees. Her parents never noticed why she didn’t buy shorts or short skirts ever. Kids, especially those who are introverted and depressed do not draw attention towards their problems. Instead, they keep bothering themselves alone in their heads and parents need to be aware of it. There is so much that your child could be hiding from you, which anyone can discover with the help of little attention and observation but apparently parents these days do not have the time to do that.

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Maintain Your Own Behaviour

More often than not, kids are spoiled because of the behavior of their parents. A lot of kids found in the rehab had fathers who were always drunk. They have seen violence at home, and using swear words is an ordinary part of the conversation for them. Kids mostly come with a blank mind that learns from its surroundings, and what you do is the most important lesson for your child because you are their parent; their reason for existing in this world in the first place. If you don’t want your kid to fall in a bad habit, try quitting your bad habits first. My wife stopped smoking when Daniel was born because she knew she didn’t want to be a bad example for her kid. I quit occasional drinking because I didn’t want liquor bottles in my kitchen fridge.

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Talk To Your Children

I cannot guarantee that any amount of care will stop your kids from developing bad habits but as a last resort, if you do see your kids falling into something wrong you ought to have them sit next to you and talk to them.

Sometimes, children need attention and they do not how to express their need for attention, especially in the adolescent years of their life. I recommend that you spend time with your kids and talk to them about life as they grow. They will feel connected to you and would want to share what they feel, think and plan of their life with you. When you feel like your children are stuck in something bad, have them sit next to you and then talk to them. I promise everything would sort out in its own.

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Set Some Rules

Lastly, always have some rules for your home. Like no WiFi past 9 PM because kids ought to sleep. You should especially keep their use of electronic devices in check because it is worse of all the vices. There must be curfew timing for at least the adolescent kids. Rules ensure that your kids know you are friendly but at the same time stern enough when it comes to discipline. And discipline raises the best kids ever.

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