My JAD : A sneak peek in my everyday schedule

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Hello friends,hope you all r doing good..festive season was around and it kept me quite occupied…but here I m back to share my everyday schedule with all of u..would like to hear from u guys too !!!!

(This is my current schedule however which will change soon as I will be done with my tarot and numero course in next 15 days..also I am planning to admit Aaditya in playschool  after I finish my course…so morning schedule will change. however as for now here I go !!!! )

I strt my day at 7am and get ready for Tarot and numerology class (before tht I use to go for power yoga classess but since I started with tarot classess i hve taken a break from  them as timings were not getting adjusted)

7:30 to 9 am tarot class (while I m in class my huby gives milk to Aaditya once he wakes up by 8am)

9:15 – back home ghupshup with hubby and Aaditya

After some time I prepare breakfast and lunch and then we all finish bathing turn by turn and meanwhile I feed Aaditya and have breakfast too.

11 am-hubby leaves and I take Aaditya down for walk as he cries a lot when Abhisshek leaves for office

Back home by 11:30 then we play and I simultaneously clean house, then its feeding time for Aaditya and By  12:30 pm I put him to sleep ..while putting Aaditya to sleep I take a small nap for 30 minutes..i don’t prefer long naps as then I find it difficult to sleep in night…… since I m a late sleeper in night so its always best for me to avoid  naps all together..However this 30 minutes works magical to match up with Aadityas energetic activities once he wakes up :-)

I get up by 1pm and this is basically my time in which  I study or do reading for clients or write for blog or simply talk to friends over phone!!!!

After some time Aaditya wakes up I feed him and we play or sometimes I take him to my friend Mamta home as even she has a daughter who is Aaditya age, or she comes over…so basically all  4 of us gets company.

I then take tuitions from 4pm to 6pm

My maid comes at 6:15pm she takes Aaditya downstairs for half an hour and later do maalish and feeds him..i meanwhile go for walk for half an hour , meet friends and  finish making dinner by 8pm.

Maid leaves by 8pm ..meanwhile my hubby comes by 8:30 -9 pm and we have dinner by 9:30pm and I put Aaditya to sleep by 10 pm …attimes if he is very sleepy he sleeps anytime btwn 9 to 10 pm

After Aaditya sleeps, its mine and hubby time.

From 11pm I sit to study again /do readings for clients/ or do some writing work for blog and sleep by 12:30 or 1 am

So here u have a rough idea how my day goes on weekdays..basically I love being engaged completely and it bores the hell out of me if I m sitting ideal…I see myself getting more engaged once I start full time consultations in Tarot and numero in near future and with my dear Aaditya :-)




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Anjjali is a Tarot Card reader and is a proud mother of two lovely kids.
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  1. admin says:

    Tough day just like mine :) god knows when we are going to rest :) Jaishri

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