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By- Varda Agrawal


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After completion of higher secondary education, many students aspire to study abroad in the elite universities like Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge, to name a few.

The process of admission in these universities is very complicated or say it seems very complicated.  It can be made simple for the students, with the assistance of team of people, who have gone through this process before.

Yes, IvyAchievement, has come to India to assist you, through its services to get admission in the university you have dreamt of…


IvyAchievement is expert admissions consulting company helping students get into the best universities. It provides services such as essay reviews, application strategy, and advice on school selection.

IvyAchievement makes sure that, your application is free from spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation errors.

The team is familiar with the differences between American, Canadian, U.K., and Indian English, and can help tailor your essays and application materials for the appropriate audience.

The consultants of the team are those who are graduated from and/or worked in the admissions offices of prestigious institutions in the United States. They’re familiar with the process and know what it takes to get in.

The team consists of alumni and former admissions offices at MIT, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, and UCLA, who are giving presentations and meeting with students and their families all over India.

They have come to India with the main goal to understand the particular needs of students applying to universities abroad from India, especially those applying to schools in the United States and Canada. The various curricula and grading systems used by high schools in India (CBSE, ISCE, ISC, IB, etc.) make for a more complicated process than that found in many other countries.


Essay Editing

The team consists of Ivy league graduates with publishing experience, who will give feedback & revision suggestions.

It offers 4 Point evaluation  for up to two essays.

Application Assistance 

It helps you at every step of the application, including short answers and extracurricular descriptions.

Resume Editing

It helps you develop & format the content of your resume, as to highlight your experience & strengths.


The professional proofreaders in the team catch any spelling, usage, grammar, or punctuation errors you may have missed.

School Selection 

The team consists of advisors , who have degrees from Harvard , Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Penn, MIT, Berkeley, Oxford & Cambridge. Hence they can help the students to decide , which university to take admission in to.

Student Visa Assistance

If you are coming from outside the United States or applying to another school in the United States,

IvyAchievement can introduce you to the network of vetted, experienced immigration attorneys who can help you with your specific needs.

Packages Offered

New customers have the option of getting a free four-point review or 10 minutes of consulting time via Skype, phone, or messaging service.

If customer decides to pay for the Services, he can either buy a package or “pay as you go” for individual services like essay reviews or consulting time.

It has two payment modes


It is perfect for students and parents who want to be assisted throughout the admission process.


It is for the students, who want the benefits of specific services.

So if you are planning to take admission in universities abroad, may be for law, business, medical … & need assistance for the admission process, IvyAchievement, will give you solution for everything.

They will be in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Patna, Kolkata, and Hyderabad from May until July holding college admissions seminars.

They will be in New Delhi on June 12th at the Lalit Hotel.

You can buy the tickets for the event here.

The schedule for consultations with students/parents is as following

  • Mumbai: 31st  May  – 8th June
  • Delhi: 8th June – 16th June & Conference on 12th June.
  • Lucknow: 16th June -  20th June
  • Jaipur : 21st June  – 24th June
  • Kolkata : 25th June – 28th June

For parents and students to sign up for meetings in India


For more information please go to the following link


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