Interview with La Leche League Leader – Effath Yasmin

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Hello Ladies,

Here is our much awaited interview with Effath Yasmin. She has been very kind to answer all our queries on Breastfeeding.
A big thank-you Yasmin, this comes straight from the hearts of all the mommys on mommyswall.

yasmin newEffath Yasmin MA, HDSE, CLEC(USA), IBCLC is International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, some words from her website:

She is very passionate about her role as an accredited La Leche League Leader ( providing support and counselling to hundreds of mothers over the past years. She has set up a LLL Pan-India group & LLL Pan-India Library offering over 50 titles to mothers across many cities in India. She is also very enthusiastic about her affiliation with International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN ASIA – and applaud the work of IBFAN to promoting better standards of food for infants and young children. Yasmin supports and volunteer a significant amount of her time for the mission of Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI – and Birth India ( for the cause of educating women of their childbirth choices and the direct impact it has on breastfeeding.

Yasmin also advocates compliance to the law of International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes & Infant Milk Substitute (IMS) Act. This framework of law ensures protection and promotion of breastfeeding worldwide and ensures regulation of the marketing of breastmilk substitutes, bottles and teats.

Q & A section:

Is LLL Creating awareness in the BPL group and rural areas?

LLLI is a international not-for-profit organisation that is run by several accredited and trained volunteers around the world. These volunteers are mothers who have families and also some of them are professionals in various field of work and do need to find a balance of work and life. Therefore they work may not always reach the rural areas. However if any mothers reaches out to LLL leader she is sure to be provided help and support.

Most nurses in big and well to do hospitals teach young mothers the techniques of BF, but what about the govt hospitals ? Are there any plans on training the nursing staff in hospitals to adopt the right method?

La Leche League International does not carry an agenda to provide training. It is a mother to mother support group and primarily provides support to mothers who reach out to LLL.

 Can a mother BF her baby immediately after a C section?

LLL encourages a mother to choose gentle birth options to reduce the impact of birth trauma. However, there are births which are surgical. It is highly recommended to initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of birth even after a surgical birth. This will help initiate the second stage of milk production which may be at risk for delayed onset due to a surgical birth.

Is there a Right posture that needs to be maintained during BF?

There is no right posture for breastfeeding as long as baby and mother are comfortable and baby is positioned in a way that helps transfer of adequate milk from mother’s breast.

Ive heard that lying down and BF is not a healthy practice , is it true? we heard of one Case where the baby is not able to feed properly so the mother’s breast got engorged and had to undergo a surgery.

This is not completely false either since many births are surgical and are heavily medicated and therefore a mother’s natural awareness and responsiveness to her baby may be impaired while she is under medications therefore bed sharing and breastfeeding in a lying down position may not be very safe unless adequate care is taken for safety and good transfer of milk. In normal circumstances breastfeeding in a lying down position is safe and recommended for it provides rest for the mother as well.

How should an expecting mother prepare herself for BF?

It is imperative for a expectant mother and her family to prepare for a safe and gentle birth. This will set the stage for a gentle and great beginning for breastfeeding as well. Additionally it will help to prepare emotionally to support exclusive breastfeeding along with baby care which often overwhelms the new mothers in the currently times where we have little social support structure for increasing urban and nuclear lives.

How many years is it advised for a mother feed her child?

World Health Organisation (WHO) and all other breastfeeding associations worldwide recommends exclusive breastfeeding for first six months of life and continued minimum of two years of breastfeeding with appropriate solids introduction at six months.

 Do you really lose weight during BF?

Breastfeeding utilizes the stored fat during pregnancy for providing nutrition for baby during the exclusive breastfeeding period and beyond and therefore it is natural to get back to normal weight for mother’s during breastfeeding. However, when other factors such as inflammatory health conditions and inappropriate diet then it may seem masked.

 Do you believe in creating a schedule or “feed on demand”?

This is a question that cannot be answered if out of context. If a birth has been instrumental and surgical then you may expect groggy, uninterested and sleepy baby trying to cope with birth interventions. This baby needs to be breastfed at regular and frequent scheduled intervals to help prevent dehydration, increases levels of Jaundice and inadequate weight gain after birth. However, when baby has crossed weights and is known to transfer adequate amounts of mother’s milk then feeding cue will then be appropriate and desirable. Feeding on baby cues is more appropriate term to use than demand feed since feeding must not entail force or demand at any age.

Your final word for all breastfeeding moms.

My final word to breastfeeding moms will be to trust their own instincts. After all the world has be thriving on mother’s instincts for millions of years.

Following this post Im creating a separate page for breastfeeding to continue our support to BF and all BF moms.


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  1. Jaishri says:

    Thanks Reks for your questions to Yasmin. It surely has helped a lot of new moms.

  2. reks says:

    Thanks a ton effath yasmin for all the valuable info. Great job Jaish for sharing this with all the young mothers …

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