Don’t Forget About Mom: How To Keep Fit Postpartum

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By Sally Writes,

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The Times Of India reported in March 2016 that for the first time in the country’s history, more than half of the nation’s families had less than two kids. Families are getting smaller, allowing Moms to have more time to themselves for some much needed ‘me time.’ Particularly in the postpartum period, mothers need to be in peak physical condition to be able to keep up with the strenuous task of looking after a baby all day and night, but they often feel guilty about putting themselves first.

A Mom Needs To Take Care Of Herself Too

With the excitement of meeting the new baby for the first time, the well-being of the no-longer pregnant mother quickly gets pushed to the back of everybody’s minds. A mother’s health and fitness is of paramount importance during the first few weeks after birth. It’s a time for healing which is why putting together a gentle, restorative fitness regime is one of the best ways a new mother can take care of herself and give her body some much needed care and attention. There are plenty of workout programs suitable for new Moms that will help her to heal and to gain strength for the parenting journey that lies ahead of her.

Exercises A Busy Mom Can Fit Into Her Schedule

The best exercises for a new mother are low impact such as walking, yoga and pilates that are easy for mum and baby to do together. These activities will be a great way for the mother to get fit while bonding with her baby at the same time. It’s a good idea for a new mom to get out the house regularly to add some routine to her life and enable her to make friends with other parents.

Eating Right In The Postpartum Period

Nutrition is also key to repairing the mother’s body after childbirth, but what are the best foods to eat for postpartum recovery? In the days after delivery, the body needs to repair itself, restore depleted iron stores and take on enough fibre to keep the mother’s digestive system running smoothly. Protein, iron and fibre are essential nutrients in the postpartum diet. Foods such as dates and jaggery are packed full of both iron and fibre and are a great source of some much needed energy. Drinking as much milk as possible is another vital component of the postpartum diet as it is high in protein and calcium.

During pregnancy most of the nutrients from the mother’s diet goes straight to her unborn child and her bones in particular will weaken over the 40 weeks as a result. Following a healthy fitness and nutrition plan after birth will make a Mom happier, fitter and more full of life as she enters this exciting new chapter of her life.

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