Home remedy for cradle cap in babies

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cradle cap

Cradle cap occurs due to many reasons; please read wiki for more, I’m not a medical expert so I won’t comment much on this.

But they say it occurs because of some leftover hormones in the baby’s body. I also felt weather was playing a major role in increasing the cradle cap.
Ok let me add some background here. My baby was born with beautiful hair or rather a head full of hair. We hired a massage lady to massage my baby and bathe her.

One thing the lady used to do was, put loads of powder on my baby’s head after bath. She felt that it absorbed all the water and help in drying soon. I would like to tell anyone doing this a big NO. Don’t apply anything on the baby’s head after bath. You can apply oil on the next day.

Some people also use turmeric on the soft spots of the head to prevent infection, which is also a myth.
All this blocks the pores in the scalp and worsens cradle cap.

My baby’s scalp started flaking and she lost lots of hair in the process.
Cradle cap is usually not itchy.
So what I did was I applied coconut oil on her hair and would let it soak for a while. Then I used to brush off the flakes and hair that would come off with the flakes.

Later wash her hair and after drying, I would apply Cutisoft ointment. It’s a hydrocortisone acetate cream which costs about 20-30 RS. I stopped using any hair oil during this process. In one week cradle cap vanished.

After cradle cap has gone, do apply oil daily or every alternate days like before else the scalp will dry, this is not necessary during summers.

P.S : Consult your doctor before using the ointment.

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