How to Help Your Child Concentrate and Focus

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By Diana Smith,

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Sometimes it’s hard for grown-ups to concentrate and focus, let alone a child who would rather talk about their dog, a cartoon or even a nail on the wall than do their homework or some kind of a house chore. It’s a simple fact that children can get easily distracted, and for some, it’s even harder to focus on the task they’re doing. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult for kids to concentrate due to all the technology that surrounds them and this is quite unfortunate considering the fact that children today get more and more homework at school. Thankfully, there are some ways parents can help their children focus and finish their tasks.

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Use up the extra energy

It’s a simple fact that the brain works better if the body is moving. It’s also a simple fact that children can get super restless, so this is why it’s important that you make sure your youngster has a chance to run, play some sports or even walk every day before starting homework. This way, they won’t be restless and full of extra energy once it’s time to sit and do homework.

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Make a to-do list and divide big tasks into small ones

To-do lists make everyone’s lives easier and this is especially true when it comes to children. They can help your child organize better as they probably won’t memorize all the chores they have. Once a task is done, the child can simply cross it off the list; this will even give them a sense of accomplishment. You should also be aware that if a task seems too difficult to your child, it can overwhelm them. This is why it’s better to split that task into several easier ones. As each part of the task is completed, your child will be able to see their progress and feel closer to the finish line.

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Set tasks according to your child’s age

One of the factors that might affect concentration is the task’s difficulty. While it can be very difficult to do something that is boring, it’s important to teach children that sometimes we have to do things which are tedious and uninteresting. However, it’s recommended that a child works on an activity which is age-appropriate as well as suitable for their skill level. This way, the child will not feel overwhelmed with the task, nor will they finish it in a matter of minutes.

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Minimize the distractions

Unlike most adults, it’s much harder for children to concentrate if there is something interesting going on around them, so it’s recommended to find a quiet place for your child to do homework. Also, make sure there are no cell phones or TVs close to the child. Even if there is a TV in the next room, keep the tone down so it won’t distract the child. While it’s recommended that you eliminate these kinds of distractions, it’s not a bad idea to play some soothing music while the child is working on an activity as this will help them calm down and focus. If necessary, you can even give them headphones, like the ones AKG in Australia offers, so they’ll only hear the music playing and not the other sounds coming from outside.

Take breaks

You can’t expect a child to work for an entire hour, so it’s recommended that they take a break every ten or twenty minutes (depending on their age). During a break, let the child drink some water, eat a snack or simply walk around so that they can relax; but don’t let them start playing games because it will be difficult for them to get back to the task that is waiting for them.

It’s quite common for kids to have a problem with concentration and focus. However, if you’re patient and consistent, you’ll make things easier for them and eventually, your child will learn how to concentrate and finish the task at hand.




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  1. Thanks for giving ideas. I also add to you that if children are concentrate in their childhood, they will become the good observer in future and their knowledge levels are strong from childhood. There is less possibility of misguiding in future.

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