Food Chart for all First Time Expecting Mothers

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By Aafreen Mudassir


“Wow!! You’re carrying…CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!!…B Careful….Take Care of your health…Eat healthy stuffs…….”That’s what everyone started wishing once I spilled out the news that I am pregnant. Loads & Loads of advices poured in but I didn’t know what to take in and what not. Some said have lots of green vegetables and some milk. Being a working lady with my busy schedule I didn’t know how to go about.

With the help of ma hubby penned down all the essential food stuffs required on the basis of the vitamins & minerals and derived on a chart. Here are some of the tips I would want to share so that would be mommys sailing with me can benefit.

Daily do’s

  1. Don’t forget to take in your tablets prescribed by your doc
  2. At least 2 glasses of milk is required for the calcium requirement for the baby’s bones which could be drunk with any protein supplement like pro-pl, mother’s horlicks etc. Request your doc to prescribe you one.
  3. Natures gift- Tender Coconut, daily would keep you energetic
  4. 1 cup Green veggie in the form of curry or salad has to be a part of your one meal, preferably spinach, fenugreek etc.
  5. Have loads of fruit juice without sugar and fruits.
  6. Brush your teeth twice a day as in later stages of your pregnancy you are prone to gum infections.
  7. Chocolates should be replaced by dry fruits J
  8. Applying a stretch marks removal cream twice a day is a must after the 3rd month
  9. Daily 2 ltr water intake is a must in every pregnancy for both the mommy & baby and also to avoid urine infection which is quiet common in pregnancy.
  10. Include dal, cereals in your menu list with a proportionate amount of non – vegetarian items to balance the protein supplement.
  11. Fish once in a while is essential as it is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA).
  12. Little kesar should be included with you milk potion after your 6thmonth.
  13. Gain weight gradually
  14. Eat frequent, smaller meals if you like
  15. And the last one is to go on regular 30 to 45 mins walk with your hubby which would ease out all the stress J


  1. All body heating stuffs should be avoided in the 1st trimester like mango, papaya, sugar cane juice, green tea etc.
  2. Sweets and salty food stuffs intake should be minimized from the 6th month.
  3. Skip sushi, alcohol, aerated drinks and soft cheeses.
  4. Don’t diet while you’re pregnant

 I know the list is a bit long one but I am sure that once you get started it would become a routine and a self-satisfying task, and don’t forget to advise all the would be mommy’s around you ;)

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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4 Responses to Food Chart for all First Time Expecting Mothers

  1. Aafreen Muddasir says:

    Thanks all…:)…Chicken can be eaten after 3 months of preg, but I would suggest you prefer all home made food to junk ;)

  2. Nehal says:

    Can we eat chicken during pregnancy? I love KFC fried chicken.

  3. Arathi says:

    Thanks aafreen, I am carrying 5 months, so same pinch.. thanks for the info babes..

  4. Jaishri says:

    Thanks for the article Aafreen.. many expecting moms are going to benefit from this..
    Making a list with your hubby is so sweet..

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