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With today’s stressful life conception has become a very difficult and challenging issue. I know a lot of friends facing issues with conception. A healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet plays a major role in conceiving a baby. So for all of you who are taking this for granted, I would say take a minute to analyze your lifestyle and make necessary changes before its too late.

See our weightloss section for more tips on losing weight. For now let us discuss the super-foods for conception:

Natural fats and Oils: Switch to more natural oils like peanut oil and coconut oil. You can use butter for cooking, remember our grandparents with so many kids? they did not use refined oil in cooking

Omega 3- Fish and flax seeds are some great sources of omega 3, or simple start on cod liver oil capsules.

Whole grains: They are high in fiber, iron, vitamin b and folic acids. So consume only whole wheat bread and preferable brown rice.

Fruits and Veggies; Include fruits and veggies of atleast 3 colors throughout the day.

Vitamin C: it plays a major role in iron absorption by the body. So have lots of citrus fruits, kiwi and juices, along with spinach and broccoli.

Diary: Have a lot of cottage cheese but reduce the intake of too much milk as it increases the acidity of the body.

Lots of warm water: water helps in developing the follicles and movement of sperms.

Nuts and seeds: again high source of protein and vitamin B, So atleast one serving of nuts per day.

Start prenatal vitamins as prescribed by doctor and folic acid capsules daily.

For the men:

Food high in zinc, selenium, folic acid, and vitamin B is essential. So a bite of dark chocolate a day really helps.

Vitamin C and E. So all the above foods are applicable to men also.

I found this video by my favorite chef of a special drink for men which increases fertility.


  • Alcohol and smoking: it dehydrates the body.
  • caffeine: excess caffeine dehydrates the body and increases acidity
  • Food high in vitamin A such as liver and raw or uncooked meat and eggs.
  • After ovulation dont eat ice-creams and cold food, keep the body warm.

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