Exercise with a Baby – Losing Weight Post Delivery

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Mommies planning to head to the gym post-delivery, have you taken time to realize that you have a little dumbbell with you, who is going to make you run around and move all those muscles which have never shaken a bit. Something to think of, right?

Anyways, most moms get frustrated post-delivery when the weight sticks around and people around keep convincing you that breastfeeding will make you lose the weight. But then you might get anxious and restless and finally hit the gym, I’m not saying its wrong to hit the gym, but excessive exercise during breastfeeding will reduce the milk supply and also make you more tired and hence you will eat more.

The key to weightloss is both exercise and diet. If ever you thought that gymming gives you a license to eat what you like you are totally wrong. After years at the gym I have seen people with the same weight. Weightloss is a task, it does not happen if you don’t take it seriously. But then mommies with babies, I know how frustrating it can get when everyone around is reminding you about weight gain. I too used to get so irritated.

But then from my own experience I can tell you that you will lose weight after the baby is around 7 months. The baby’s intake will be more and you will lend to lose weight naturally. Once the baby starts moving then you have more activity to do. Working moms should atleast take a walk with your baby once a day, preferably carry your baby and walk, it is the best weight training you can get.

Weight training is another key to weightloss, most people think cardio is the only way to lose weight, but cardio does not build muscles, muscles are the engine which breaks fat, so for an ideal weight loss, pick up weights with cardio. So your little one can serve as your ideal weight trainer and walking is your cardio. So no more frowns to carry your baby around.

Here are some ways you can exercise:

  • Always make your baby play on the floor mat, Im sure you may get up many many times, there goes your squats, so your lower body done.
  • Carrying your baby is great for your arms, back.
  • Carrying your baby on your hips will reduce the sides.
  • Walking with your baby is great for your legs.
  • I also hand wash my baby clothes. Massaging and Bathing your baby is another exercise. DIY is the only mantra.

*Please note you need to do separate workouts for your tummy.*

Here are some useful images and videos:

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  1. Anjana Jins says:

    Awesome Post…..
    I agree to the core since I have experienced weight loss almost the same way.

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