Review of Well’s Almond Oil

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Ladies this is another product review. I have been a big fan of almond oil for my baby massage. Just because it’s a fragrance free oil and it absorbs very quickly into the skin.

I have tried all Indian brands from Hamdard Rogan to Dabur. This time I saw an Almond oil tin in a Baby shop that sells imported products. So I saw the tins around the Figaro olive oil tins (very popular for baby massage). I really wanted to try it out but was skeptical so started viewing other stuff.

After my entry to the store I saw two people picking it up, it added to my curiosity, so I asked the two ladies about the product and they gave me a go ahead. So I picked it up and have been using it for a week now.

Best part about the oil is that its very runny unlike the almond oils that we get here. So a little oil is more than enough for massage.

Its moisturizing and I used it on my baby’s scaly scalp and it works wonders on the hair and cradle cap.

Update: I think it works better as a hair oil for body Hamdard Rogan Shirin is the best if your looking for almond oil.

Its totally fragrance free which I like.

The product comes from Spain and belongs to the sweet almond oil category. Don’t use bitter almond oil for massage; it is used as a carrier for fragrances.


Availability can be an issue, I’m sure the shop that I visit stacks it up. You might find it in the medical store.

Price is same as the oils we get here around Rs 250 for 200 ml.

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17 Responses to Review of Well’s Almond Oil

  1. hiral says:

    Hi all,
    You all mean to say that this oli can you for baby body massage and for hair massage?

  2. Joyce Benne says:

    Can you advice me how to use this oil for whitening my body.

  3. meegha says:

    well’s almond oil is good for adults also am using it :wink: :)

  4. anthony quek says:

    bought 3 cans wells almond oil, took 1 tsp tdy, quite tasty. is’t safe to take 1 tsp evyday?

  5. Catherine says:

    is this oil good for drinking with milk???

    • admin says:

      I dont suggest drinking almond oil, as the bitter almond oil can be quite dangerous. Unless the manufacturer has suggested you can drink the almond oil, I dont suggest.

  6. joshy says:

    pls ur baharain dealer adress

  7. prabhjot says:

    Can we use well’s almond oil for acne

  8. i have tried other almond oils for my baby but you’re right Jaishri, baby products are far more different and good for babies specifically. i would love to try this one too. thanks for the post :) keep it up

  9. Annie Murali says:

    Hi where to buy wells almond oil…. please tell me…

  10. fiza says:

    hi i just bought a can of well’s almond oil and when i searched its reviews yours came up , i just wanted to know could this be safely used on the face as a moisturizer?? i mean if you’ve used it on you baby’s scalp it would be safe enough to be be used on face

    • admin says:

      Hi Fiza, I have mixed views on this Almond oil. It is very different from the almond oils we get in the market. It has the texture of refined vegetable oils and does not get absorbed into the skin. First it did not suit my daughters skin but later it did not do any harm but did not do anything good too. Im not sure as a face moisturizer as its too greasy, other almond oils like Hamdard will get absorbed in no time. It might suit you if your skin is too dry.

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